Path to Nowhere: Potestas Guide (All Chief Skills)

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Postesas — also known as Chief Skills – are abilities that your Chief can use to either deal damage to enemies, heal your Sinners, or improve their performance via buffs during battle.

These skills can be cast anywhere on the map – but only as long as you meet the Skill Cost and have enough Postesa orbs to cast them.

You can get more of these orbs over time as the battle progresses and whenever you break enemy cores.

Postesas Skill Description Skill Cost
Dark Sound Deals Magic Damage and 1 Core Damage to a single enemy 2
Empower Restores Energy to one allied Sinner 1
Heal Restores a percentage of the selected ally’s Max HP 1
Ignite Deals True Damage to enemies within a cross area twice 2
Last Stand Until the end of the battle, all allied units deal more damage to enemies but also take more damage 2
Link Evenly distributes the damage taken by an allied Sinner among all party members 2
Shield Grants all allied Sinners in a 3×3 area a shield that absorbs incoming damage for the next few seconds 1

All Postesa Types & How To Use Them

Postesas / Path To Nowhere

Here are all seven types of Chief Skills, along with what exactly it is they can do and how you can best use them to your advantage during battles.


#1: Dark Sound

Dark Sound (Skill Description) / Path To Nowhere
Dark Sound (Skill Description)

Dark Sound is a single-target skill that not only deals damage to an enemy, but also breaks one Core per use.

The damage dealt by this skill also increases depending on the average level and phase of the Sinners in your party.

Save this skill for Cored enemies and try not to waste them on regular mobs. They become especially useful if you only have a few Sinners who can break enemy Cores in your party.


#2: Empower

Empower (Skill Description) / Path To Nowhere
Empower (Skill Description)

Empower is a single-target skill that restores Energy to the selected allied Sinner.

Once a Sinner’s Energy bar is full, they can then execute their Ultimate Skills which can drastically turn the tides of battle.

It is arguably the most versatile Chief Skill in the game, since you can use it with almost any team comp or in any situation.

If you’re unsure of what Chief Skill to equip before a battle, I recommend going with this one!


#3: Heal

Heal (Skill Description) / Path To Nowhere
Heal (Skill Description)

Heal restores a selected allied Sinner’s health by a percentage of their max HP.

If you want to go for a full-DPS team with no healers (which I rarely recommend), then this Chief skill can be a great fit for you!

It is a single-target skill best used on Tanks or bruisers during battle simply because the amount of HP healed is percentage-based. The tankier the Sinner is, the more health they recover with Heal.


#4: Ignite

Ignite (Skill Description) / Path To Nowhere
Ignite (Skill Description)

Ignite is a very unusual Chief Skill, since it can influence map elements for an added effect – making it a great situational Postesa.

In addition to it having a unique effect when used on a specific type of grid, Ignite, on its own, deals True Damage (meaning it cannot be mitigated by DEF or MDEF) within a cross area.

Some stages have a tagged “Recommended Skill” on their preview page. If you see Ignite being recommended, then I highly suggest you equip it.

Chances are, you can take advantage of Ignite’s unique effect when playing on that specific map!


#5: Last Stand

Last Stand (Skills Description) / Path To Nowhere
Last Stand (Skills Description)

Last Stand can be considered as a “high risk, high reward” Chief Skill that excels when used alongside high-DPS parties with a strong healer.

If you’re confident that you can clear a stage with minimal danger of getting wiped out using this Postesa, then feel free to use it.

I especially recommend using it if you want to clear a stage quickly. But only if that stage’s recommended level isn’t way above your current level.


#6: Link

Link (Skill Description) / Path To Nowhere
Link (Skill Description)

Link evenly distributes the damage taken by an allied Sinner among all the Sinners in your party.

This Chief Skill is best used in stages where your tanks can’t take the full brunt of the enemy damage.

Examples of this are boss stages where enemies can potentially one-shot your tanks or difficult stages where some mobs have enough damage to whittle down your tank’s HP too quickly.


#7: Shield

Shield (Skill Description) / Path To Nowhere
Shield (Skill Description)

The Shield Postesa gives units in a 3×3 area a shield that scales from their Max HP and protects them from most types of damage.

This skill is best utilized in mob-heavy stages, where some mobs may bypass your Tanks and attack your damage dealers or healers instead.

You can protect your backline units instead of swapping them around if you use Shield.


How To Level Up Chief Skills

Shield (Level 1 > Level 2 Preview) / Path To Nowhere”><figcaption class=Shield (Level 1 > Level 2 Preview)

If you want to increase a Postesa’s level and enhance its effects, you will need a material called Rein Core:

Rein Core (Item Description) / Path To Nowhere
Rein Core (Item Description)

Rein Cores can be farmed exclusively by clearing DisCity stages and completing the missions in the Operation Summary:

Operation Summary (Chapter 4) / Path To Nowhere
Operation Summary (Chapter 4)

Some Operation Summary missions that give you Rein Cores as rewards may require you to do unique tasks – such as using specific Chief Skills to clear a stage or a certain number of stages.

Watch out for these, and read the mission clear requirements carefully!

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