How To Get Rank-Up Materials in Path to Nowhere

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The best place to farm Rank-up Materials from are the DisCity stages, where they are featured as dropped items you can get as long as you have stamina.

Other great methods of acquiring Rank-up Materials include collecting Rank-up Material Chests, visiting the Supply Shop, Material Fusion, using the Dispatch feature, and requesting donations from your Secret Society.


How To Get Rank-Up Materials

Listed below are the six best methods of farming Rank-up Materials in Path To Nowhere.


Method #1: Farm DisCity Stages (Best Method)

DisCity Stage (The Dark Feast) / Path To Nowhere
DisCity Stage (The Dark Feast)

The best method you can use to get Rank-up Materials is to simply farm them from the DisCity stages that have them featured as drops.

Infected Bone Shard (Farmable DisCity Stages) / Path To Nowhere
Infected Bone Shard (Farmable DisCity Stages)

You can easily find what exact DisCity stages to farm for specific Rank-up Materials by clicking on their icon, then clicking “Raid More” to go straight to that stage without navigating manually.

From there, you can make use of the game’s Auto-Battle feature and farm the materials with a few simple clicks as long as you’ve already cleared the stage before – easy-peasy!


Method #2: Collect Rank-Up Material Chests

Resources Obtained (Mid-level Material Supply Chest x4) / Path To Nowhere
Resources Obtained (Mid-level Material Supply Chest x4)

Rank-up Material Chests give you Rank-up Materials when opened, and they can be farmed from a lot of different sources in the game:

  • Supply Shop
  • Core Crisis Special Missions (DisCity)
  • Beneath The Shadows Special Missions (DisShadow)
  • Events
  • Surveillance Missions (Dailies & Weeklies)
  • Surveillance Order
  • Minos System (Supervision Terminal)

There are also three different types of Rank-up Material Chests:

  • Low-level Rank-up Material Chest (Gray)
  • Mid-level Rank-up Material Chest (Green)
  • High-level Rank-up Material Chest (Blue)

Blue (High-level) chests are by far the hardest to farm, so always be on the lookout for them!


Method #3: Buy Them from the Supply Shop

Arrest Exchange Shop (Arrest Credit Standard) / Path To Nowhere
Arrest Exchange Shop (Arrest Credit Standard)

The next best method to farming DisCity stages and collecting Rank-up Material Chests is to just buy Rank-up Materials from the Supply Shop.

Three shops in total sell either Rank-up Materials or Rank-up Material Chests:

  • Secret Society (Best Shop)
  • Arrest Exchange
  • Friendship

The best shop out of all these is the Secret Society Shop because you can buy all three types of Rank-up Material chests here. Neato!


Method #4: Fuse Lower-tier Rank-Up Materials

Minos System - Fusion / Path To Nowhere
Minos System – Fusion

Fusing Rank-up materials is a great way to obtain rarer types of Rank-up materials, especially so if you want to farm the rarest type of them all – Purple Rank-up Materials.

Purple Rank-up Materials are incredibly rare, and the only way to get them reliably is by fusing lower-rarity Rank-up Materials.

This process takes a lot of time, which is why you should always think very carefully about which units you’d like to upgrade to Phase 3 first.


Method #5: Send Sinners Out on Dispatch Missions Regularly

Dispatch Missions (Daily) / Path To Nowhere
Dispatch Missions (Daily)

If you want to earn a decent amount of Rank-up Materials passively over time, all you have to do is send your units out on Dispatch Missions.

You can find this feature in the Bureau, where you can also earn a lot of different rewards other than Rank-up Materials such as Mania Essence, DisCoins, or even Hypercubes!

Sending Sinners out on Dispatch Missions doesn’t affect their deployment status. This means you can still use them in other game modes even when they’re out collecting materials for you via Dispatch.


Method #6: Request from Members of Your Secret Society

Request Materials (Infected Bone Shard) / Path To Nowhere
Request Materials (Infected Bone Shard)

You can request Rank-up Materials from your fellow Secret Society members via the “Mutual Aid” feature:

Requestable Rank-up Materials Maximum Requestable Quantity Per Day
Blue Rank-up Materials 5
Green Rank-up Materials 10
Gray Rank-up Materials 10

While I do not recommend you make it a habit to request for Blue or even Green Rank-up Materials because they’re harder to farm, feel free to ask your guildmates once in a while.

Just make sure you’re paying it forward by donating excess Rank-up Materials of your own.


What Are Rank-Up Materials Used For?

Rank-up Materials (Minos System - Items) / Path To Nowhere
Rank-up Materials (Minos System – Items)

There are four different types of Rank-up Materials according to their rarities:

  • Gray Rank-up Materials (Common)
  • Green Rank-up Materials (Uncommon)
  • Blue Rank-up Materials (Rare)
  • Purple Rank-up Materials (Rarest)

Alongside DisCoins and Elemental Fluids, Rank-up Materials like Bone Shards, Horns, Ores, Gels, Cysts, Elytras, and Crystals are required when upgrading a Sinner’s Phase.

Upgrading a Sinner’s Phase increases their maximum level limit. It also allows them to reach higher stat overalls and perform better during combat with their passive skills.

Promote (Langley) / Path To Nowhere
Promote (Langley)

You can rank up a Sinner up to three times as soon as they hit the following level requirements:

Rank-up Phases Level Requirement Level Limit Increase Additional Rank-up Effects
Phase 1 Level 20 Level 40
  • Basic Attributes Upgrade
  • Passive Effect 1 Unlocked
Phase 2 Level 40 Level 70
  • Basic Attributes Upgrade
  • Passive Effect 2 Unlocked
  • Crimebrand Column Unlocked
  • Mania Intensify Unlocked
Phase 3 Level 70 Level 100
  • Basic Attributes Upgrade
  • Phase Enhancement Attire Unlocked
  • Exclusive Crimebrand Slot Unlocked

If you’re a beginner with limited resources and Rank-up Materials, I highly suggest ranking up to 6-10 Sinners at most to Phase 2.

From there, prioritize the most useful Sinners when upgrading to Phase 3. P3-ing a unit not only consumes lots of DisCoins and Mania Essence, but also heaps of rare Rank-up Materials.

As veteran players say – P3 wisely!

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