Path to Nowhere Skills Guide (All Skill Types + How To Use Them)

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In Path To Nowhere, you can utilize a vast array of skills to help out your Chief and Sinners during battle.

There are three different types of skills in the game: Passive Skills, Ultimate Skills, and Chief Skills – otherwise called Postesas.

Knowing how all three skill types work in PtN is highly essential for strong gameplay, since they can make your battles go a whole lot smoother when used correctly.


All Skill Types in Path To Nowhere

Ariel (Skills Page) / Path To Nowhere
Ariel (Skills Page)

Here are the three skill types that you must be aware of while playing the game.


#1: Passive Skills

Ariel (Passive Skill 1) / Path To Nowhere
Ariel (Passive Skill 1)

Passive Skills cannot be used during battle.

Instead, they give your units additional stats or buffs that significantly improve their performance in combat.

All Sinners have two Passive Skills that can be unlocked by promoting them, and upgraded by either improving their Shackles or increasing their skill level directly.

The first Passive Skill is unlocked at the first promotion (Level 20), while the second passive skill is unlocked at the second promotion (Level 40).


#2: Ultimate Skills

Ariel (Ultimate Skill) / Path To Nowhere
Ariel (Ultimate Skill)

All Sinners have their own unique Ultimate Skill.

Ultimate Skills are skills that can be used during combat to directly affect allied units, enemy units, or the map environment.

An Ultimate Skill can be further classified into two categories – AOE Ultimate Skills that can affect multiple enemies or allies at once or Single-target Ultimate Skills that can affect only one.

I highly recommend visiting your Sinner’s character page and reading up on the specifics of their Ultimate Skills.

There, you’ll learn whether they can deal absurd amounts of DPS, heal, buff, or break enemy cores with their Ultimate Skills.


#3: Chief Skills (Postesas)

Postesas / Path To Nowhere

Your Chief can use Postesas (or Chief Skills, hence the name) to help your Sinners out of sticky situations during combat.

Using your Chief Skills, you can either:

  • Deal direct DPS to your enemies
  • Heal or shield your units
  • Increase your units’ DPS or Energy regeneration
  • And many more options!

Mastering this feature is important, as casting the right Chief Skill at the right time can turn a losing battle into a winnable one.

That’s the beauty of tactical games like Path To Nowhere.


How To Use Active Skills During Battle (Step-by-Step)

Below I’ll show you how to use both Ultimate Skills and Chief Skills during combat.

First off, you can change your equipped Postesa before every battle by clicking the “Switch” button on the far-left side of your pre-battle screen:

Pre-battle Screen > Switch Chief Skill / Path To Nowhere”><figcaption class=Pre-battle Screen > Switch Chief Skill

Once you’re satisfied with your chosen Chief Skill, you can use it during combat by clicking the icon on the lower-right side of the screen:

Chief Skill (Empower) / Path To Nowhere
Chief Skill (Empower)

Next you’ll be able to target whichever unit or location you want to cast your Postesa on.

Each Chief Skill has different targeting types (single-target/AOE) and conditions (ally/enemy), so be sure to read their description first.

You can also cancel your cast by sliding your fingers or mouse to the bottom of the screen instead of targeting a unit:

Cancel Casting (Chief Skill) / Path To Nowhere
Cancel Casting (Chief Skill)

Casting a Chief Skill requires an orb, and each skill specifies its “Cost” in its description. Empower, the skill used in the image above, for example, costs 1 orb to cast.

You usually get three orbs at the start of each battle and can get up to five orbs. So be sure to make them count.

Note: You can get more Postesa orbs by breaking enemy cores.

To start casting an Ultimate Skill, you must first select the specific Sinner whose Ultimate Skill you want to cast.

As an example:

In the screen below, I’ll be clicking on Nox during combat so she can cast her Ultimate Skill:

Nox in battle / Path To Nowhere
Nox in battle

Take note that Sinners must first have enough Energy to be able to cast Ultimate Skills. Generally, once a Sinner’s Energy gauge turns from blue to violet, their Ultimate Skill is ready to go.

However some Sinners possess an Ultimate Skill that has two or more charges.

This means that the Energy gauge of these units can be fully charged multiple times before finally turning violet, which then signifies that the Ultimate Skill can be used more than one time.

Upon clicking an allied Sinner during a battle, the game speed will automatically slow down you will be able to see two options:

Nox (Show Ultimate Skill Description & Cast Ultimate Skill) / Path To Nowhere
Nox (Show Ultimate Skill Description & Cast Ultimate Skill)

1) Skill Description – Shows a brief description of the Ultimate Skill which includes their multipliers, area of effect, and Energy cost.

2) Cast Ultimate Skill – Must be dragged to a specific unit/area. Doing so will reveal the Skill’s area of effect and possible target/s, and once let go by the player, the skill will then be cast.

Nox (Ultimate Skill Description) / Path To Nowhere
Nox (Ultimate Skill Description)

You can also cancel casting a unit’s Ultimate Skill by dragging your finger or mouse to the bottom of your screen:

Cancel Casting (Ultimate Skill) / Path To Nowhere
Cancel Casting (Ultimate Skill)

And there you go – you can now cast both Chief Skills and Ultimate Skills during battle!

Victory Prompt / Path To Nowhere
Victory Prompt

Learning about skills and using them optimally is important to excel in Path to Nowhere, so make sure to read up on them and practice as often as you can.

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