Path to Nowhere Soul Rift Crimebrand (How To Obtain & Use)

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Soul Rift is an S-Rank Crimbrand that allows your Sinner to deal significantly more damage by reducing enemy Defense every time their normal attack lands.

The main source of Soul Rift Crimebrands is the Battle Medal Shop, where you can buy them for 1,000 Battle Medals. You can farm Battle Medals by playing Broken Frontline.

You can also pick them up from other shops such as the Crimebrand Shop. I recommend you get at least one set of Soul Rift, as it’s one of the best Crimebrands for DPS units.


What Does Soul Rift Do?

Soul Rift (Crimebrand Description) / Path To Nowhere
Soul Rift (Crimebrand Description)

Soul Rift Set

  • Soul Rift I
  • Soul Rift II

Equipping the Soul Rift set on a Sinner increases their HP by 4% (Initial) to 10% (Highest Level). Their normal attacks also reduce the enemy’s DEF by 4% for 5 seconds, and this effect stacks up to 3 times.

Endura-type (Tank) units are generally the best carriers of this Crimebrand, since they’ll benefit the most from the additional HP this set provides.

Although the Soul Rift set can also be used on long-range Sinners who can shred down enemy defense from afar, such as Reticle, Arcane, or even Catalyst-type units.


Where To Farm Soul Rift

Here are the two best sources of the Soul Rift Crimebrand in Path To Nowhere.


Source #1: Broken Frontline (Best Source)

Broken Frontline / Path To Nowhere
Broken Frontline

The only way to “farm” the Soul Rift Crimebrand set pieces is by participating in the Broken Frontline game mode and farming Battle Medals as often as you can.

Broken Frontline can be a fun challenge – even for the most seasoned veteran players.

It also resets weekly, and is among the few sources of consistently farmable Hypercubes in the game.

Battle Medal Shop / Path To Nowhere
Battle Medal Shop

After farming the Broken Frontline game mode for a while, you’ll eventually get enough Battle Medals to purchase the Soul Rift set in the Battle Medal Exchange Shop located in the Supply Office.

One Soul Rift set piece costs 1,000 Battle Medals each, which means you need 2,000 Battle Medals in total if you want the full set – Soul Rift I and Soul Rift II.


Source #2: Other Shops

Crimebrand Shop / Path To Nowhere
Crimebrand Shop

You can get the Soul Rift Crimebrand set pieces – along with other Crimebrand set pieces – by purchasing Crimebrand Packs or Random Crimebrands in the Crimebrand Exchange Shop.

You can buy all of the items in the Crimebrand Shop via Memory Fragments, which you can farm mainly by playing the Stormy Memories game mode.

Shop Items That May Contain Soul Rift Cost (Crimebrand Crest) Total Cost (Memory Fragment) Purchase Limit
Crimebrand Pack: S 100 Crimebrand Crests 1,000,000 Memory Fragments 1 Per Account
Random Crimebrand: S 100 Crimebrand Crests 1,000,000 Memory Fragments 1 Per Month

As you can see from the table above, both shop items are quite expensive. So make sure you farm the Stormy Memories game mode every day.

Note: You can only access three Stormy Memories stages per day. And with Path To Nowhere’s Auto Battle system, you can farm these stages in a flash as long as you’ve already cleared them before.

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