Quick Team Building Guide for Path to Nowhere

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If you want to build a decent team in Path to Nowhere, I recommend investing your Mania Essence and DisCoins in at least this team comp:

  • 2 single-target DPS units
  • 2 AoE DPS units
  • 2 Tank units
  • 1 Healer

In this game, the perfect team comp doesn’t really exist. And this is because of several factors like enemy types and map variety.

But with a total of at least 7 available units, you can at least be more flexible when creating a team. You can also borrow Assist Units from your Friends – just so you can increase your pool of options.


Best Team Composition

Available Sinners (Pre-battle Page) / Path to Nowhere
Available Sinners (Pre-battle Page)

While there is indeed no “perfect team comp”, the next best thing is bringing along a 3-2-1 split of:

Role Class Type Recommended Quantity
Damage Dealer (Single-target/AoE) Reticle, Umbra, Fury, & Arcane 3
Tank Endura 2
Healer Catalyst 1

The most important roles you have to fill ASAP are the 2 Tanks (Endura). Without them, your team will be quickly overrun unless your team has more than enough DPS to get the job done.

Having one Healer can be optional in some cases, but highly recommended if you want to win drawn-out battles.


Bringing Along Assist Units

Assist Units (Pre-battle Page) / Path to Nowhere
Assist Units (Pre-battle Page)

Assist Units can help you win unwinnable fights, as it allows you to use your Friend’s Sinners that you haven’t obtained yourself to help you clear a stage.

With Assist Units, you can effectively nullify the problem of having too few options of Sinners to choose from in your team comp.

You can only use this amazing feature three times a day, however, so make sure to only bring Assist Units on the hardest battles.

Assistance Page / Path to Nowhere
Assistance Page

If you want better Friends who’ll give you stronger Assist Units to choose from, don’t forget to set the three highest-leveled Sinners you have on your Assistance page.

That way, you can attract more Friend requests from other players and the Friend requests you send out will be accepted more often.

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