Path to Nowhere Warrants: How To Get Them & What They Do

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The best way to get F2P Warrants is to play through the DisCity Stages and claim all the Special Mission rewards.

Participating in Events and clearing Libram Achievements will also provide you with tons of easily-claimable Warrants.

You can buy 1 Warrant with 150 Quartz, or alternatively, you can buy them completely F2P from the Supply Office in exchange for farmable in-game currency.


What Are Warrants Used For?

Warrant (Purchase Details) / Path to Nowhere
Warrant (Purchase Details)

Warrants are used for Arresting Sinners in gacha banners.

Collecting F2P Warrants is very important if you want to cut down on the Quartz you’re spending on Arrests, which allows you to spend your Quartz on other things like additional slots or Stamina.

Sin & Conviction Arrest Banner / Path to Nowhere
Sin & Conviction Arrest Banner

To use the Warrants you get more effectively, I recommend stockpiling them and only using them on banners you can hit pity on, which is 80 Pulls.


How To Get Warrants

Below we’ll cover the four best methods of acquiring some Warrants – completely F2P!


Method #1: Play Through DisCity Stages (Best Method)

Special Mission Rewards (DisCity) / Path to Nowhere
Special Mission Rewards (DisCity)

Playing through the DisCity Stages will give you a respectable influx of Warrants – especially if you’re just starting out as a beginner.

This is why you should always prioritize not only clearing DisCity stages, but also getting a “Mission Complete” and not just a “Mission Clear” on every stage.

You can get a “Mission Complete” most of the time by finishing a stage within a specified timeframe, taking no damage, and using specific Postesas.


Method #2: Buy Them From The Supply Office

Friendship Point Exchange Shop / Path to Nowhere
Friendship Point Exchange Shop

You can buy Warrants from several exchange shops in the Supply Office:

Shops That Sell Warrants Price Buy Limit
Friendship Point Exchange Shop 200 Friendship Points 3 per month
Standard Arrest Credit Exchange 150 Standard Arrest Credits 5 per month
Confidential Arrest Credit Exchange 8 Confidential Arrest Credits Unlimited

Warrants are one of the rarest and most precious resources in the game, so I suggest picking them up as soon as they’re available after every shop reset.


Method #3: Farm Warrants From Events

Pre-Registration Event / Path to Nowhere
Pre-Registration Event Screen

Events never fail F2P players who’re looking to farm free stuff in almost every other gacha game, and I’m happy to say that this is the case in Path To Nowhere as well.

Depending on the Event, you can farm tons of free Warrants just by completing specific stages or tasks – sometimes even just by logging in and doing nothing at all!

To help you keep track of Events much easier, I recommend you join Path To Nowhere’s official Discord server ASAP!


Method #4: Complete Your Libram Achievements

Libram Achievement Rewards (Love) / Path to Nowhere
Libram Achievement Rewards (Love)

You can unlock your Archive/Libram Rewards by doing simple tasks like increasing your units’ Compliance or pulling them from the gacha.

The more units you obtain and develop, the more Libram Rewards you’ll be able to get.

I highly advise that you try to claim these rewards at your earliest convenience, since a lot of F2P Warrants are locked behind this feature – just waiting for you to take them.

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