36 Interesting Facts About Pidgeot

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Pidgeot(Pijotto in Japanese) is a flying/normal Pokémon that first appeared in Generation I, commonly one of the tougher monsters in your rival’s party.

It is the next evolution after Pidgeotto and marks Pidgey’s final evolution stage. While originally it had an extra “t” in the name, this was dropped before final translation.

So if you’re a big fan of this wildly popular bird here are some interesting facts about Pidgeot for your next trivia session.

1. Pidgeot’s design is a mix of many birds

In fact, it is much similar to a bird of prey. When you look at Pidgeot you see an eagle or an osprey.

Certainly not a pigeon as its name might suggest.

2. Pidgeot and Egyptian mythology have a connection

If you look at the Pokemon’s eye markings you can see they are really similar to the Sky/Sun gods in Egyptian mythology; Horus and Ra.

3. Male to female ratio: 1:1

You have equal chances of catching a female or male Pidgeot.

4. Where can you find Pidgeot?

When caught in the wild, Pidgeot is usually found in prairies, meadows, and forests.

5. Pidgeot’s highest stat is its Speed
6. Pidgeot is an aggressive territorial Pokemon

Pidgeot is different than Pidgey, which is not as aggressive when confronted. Pidgeot defends the territory it considers his which can cover 60 miles.

7. Rival Blue and Falkner both had a Pidgeot

In a few versions of gen 1 and gen 2, Blue and Falkner both have a Pidgeot in their party when you fight them.

8. Pidgeot can Mega Evolve

With the use of Pidgeotite, Pidgeot can turn into Mega Pidgeot.

9. Only Mega Pidgeot has a base stat of 579
10. Highest Base Special Attack

Drampa, Porygon-Z and Mega Pidgeot have the highest Special Attack base stat when looking at all normal Pokémon in all games.

11. Ash released a Pidgeot

After Ash and Pidgeot were victorious against Fearow, Ash released Pidgeot.

This was done to guard a wild Pidgey so that Fearow cannot come back. He promised he will come back but he never did.

12. In Ash’s Flashback, Pidgeot was drawn differently

When Ash released the Pokémon he was known as Pigeotto and in the flashback he appears as Pidgeot. This is not the only difference between the two.

Fans that were really attentive noticed that the Pidgeot showed in episodes 66 and 116 looked different.

13. Pidgeot’s red feathers appeared in Generation III

In Generation I, Pidgeot was presented as having yellow and red tail feathers. Having only red ones started in the gen 3 games.

14. Pidgeot’s max CP is 2129 in Pokemon Go

In the game it can reach 195 stamina, 154 defense and 166 attack.

15. Pidgeot cannot use Tangled Feet in Generation III
16. Pidgeot loves Magikarp

Magikarp are the meal of choice for most aggressive Pidgeots in the wild.

17. Pidgeot’s whirlwinds can bend trees

Pidgeot is capable of creating really strong whirlwinds that have a highly destructive force to almost anything in its path.

18. Pidgeot can fly at Mach 2 speed

This means Pidgeot can reach a flying speed of 1522.2 miles per hour.

This is faster than Staraptor, a similar bird evolution. Due to the Pokémon’s strength and powerful claws almost any foe can be picked up at this speed.

19. Pidgeot’s name has an interesting origin

Both Pidgeot and Pigeot are a combination of the terms “pigeon” and “jet”. This is done in reference to the high flight speeds this bird can hit.

20. Pidgeot spreads its wings in order to frighten enemies
22. Pidgeot can learn its top move, Razor Wind, at level 53
23. It is very hard to catch a Pidgeot in X & Y

This is only possible in Kiloude City’s Safari Zone.

Pidgeot is not found in Hoenn at all.

24. Staraptor is considered to be stronger than Pidgeot

This is mainly because of its base stats, which are in general higher than Pidgeot.

25. Pidgeot is the very first bird second stage Pokémon in the order of the Pokédex
26. Pidgeot is not as tall as you might think

Pidgeot’s official height is just a little over 4 feet.

However, in the anime it is usually depicted as being larger than a human. For instance, the Pidgeot Ash used is as big as a horse. It can easily carry his weight.

However, in “Pokémon: Battle Frontier” there is a Pidgeot that helps Ash and that can only carry Pikachu due to its much smaller size.

27. Corey owned a Pidgeot in “Mewtwo Strikes Back”

Pidgeot was among the Pokémon that Mewtwo cloned. This clone came back in Mewtwo Returns.

28. Pidgeot can be used as a spy

Because of the fact that its vision is really good and it can fly at high heights, Pidgeot is a natural spy.

This was shown in “Pokémon Ranger: Heatran Rescue!” where Ben used a Pidgeot for a spying operation.

29. Pidgeot appears in several Pokémon Adventures manga issues

This includes “A Tale of Ninetales”, “Just a Spearow Carrier”, “Can You Diglett?” and “The Last Battle XIII”.

30. Shigeru uses a Pidgeot in Pokemon Zensho

The Pidgeot is used to attack Satoshi as he is flying on a Charizard.

31. Two Pidgeot actually appeared in the Detective Pikachu movie
32. Gary used a Pidgeot in Electric Tale Of Pikachu manga

This was done in “Ash vs. Gary” as Gary used a Pidgeot with other Pokémon during the battle fought against Slowpoke.

33. Pidgeot was heavily featured in the Pokémon Trading Card Game’s Jungle expansion

This was done on fourteen different cards. The cards are usually Colorless-type second evolution Pokémon.

34. There is a haircut that is very popular and known as Pidgeotto Haircut

While similar to Pidgeot in style, this is actually focused on its pre-evolution.

Numerous celebrities sported variations of the haircut, including Miley Cyrus.

35. Pidgeot’s Mega Evolution includes considerable growth

When Pidgeot Mega Evolves, it develops much longer and broader wings.

It also grows in overall size. Eyes turn to red and pupils become white.

The crest on the head is more elaborate and a red feather projects right from it. Mega Pidgeot’s flight is stabilized with the crest because it is highly sensitive to all air currents.

36. Mega Pidgeot can fly continuously for 2 weeks

No rest is needed because of the massive increase in strength it gains in its wings.

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