Top 40 Best Pink Pokémon You’ll Love To Play With

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Pokémon come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Among the most adorable are those blessed with the pink color of Japanese cherry blossom trees.

Few will name it as their favorite color, but it’s a color you can never forget. It’s associated with calmness, sensitivity, and tenderness, being used to soothe babies and grown-ups in equal measure all around the world.

All very solid things on which to base what Pokémon to add to your roster.

Pink can be as good as rosé wine or as bad as getting the pink slip at work. In this list, I’ll make sure to point out the good, the bad, and the ugly in the world of pink Pokémon.

40. Impidimp

Impidimp Pokemon

One moment you’re wandering around the tall grass trying to catch a Galarian Zigzagoon to take to the next Kiss concert, the next you find yourself face to face with an Impidimp and realize you’ve wandered into the World of Warcraft. Lok’tar.

This dark/fairy creature gets the lowest spot on the list because, contrary to the soothing nature of its pink color, Impidimp actually feeds off the emanations of annoyed people. Yes, seriously.

That is to say, it needs to prank others constantly to feel good.

Well we all know Jackass was a popular show, so maybe you like that kind of thing?


39. Stufful

Stufful bear in Pokemon anime

While Bewear is creepy like only a Pokémon based off the Pedobear meme can be, its baby form Stufful may yet have some adorable value here.

That is, if you like being punched in the face.

This Normal/Fighting dual-typed teddy bear is known for its tendency to go into uncontrollable fits of throwing kicks and punches around if it gets too much stimulus.

It’s a good companion for people who prefer keeping contact with their pets at a minimum, but everyone else is better-off avoiding a black eye.


38. Cherubi

Cherubi, Pokemon anime screenshot

One would think #420 in the Pokédex would be guaranteed fun, but nothing is further from the truth.

Despite being a cute and colorful Pokémon, Cherubi just doesn’t have that many uplifting features.

This living cherry will just sit around eating soil and basking in the sunlight all day so it can evolve, and when it does, it’s not even pink anymore.



37. Slowpoke

Slowpoke in Pokemon anime

If you like eating and relaxing by the sea or by a river, Slowpoke may be the perfect companion.

Just make sure that’s all you really want to do, because this pink lump of lazy is constantly stupefied by sleep, and you really won’t be getting much play from it.

He isn’t called the “Dopey Pokémon” for nothing.

But even with that face I have to love him either way.


36. Lickitung

Lickitung in the Pokemon anime

Some people just relish the moment when they get home and their dog jumps on them to lick their face.

If you’re like that, well then Lickitung is not the Pokémon for you.

While it would definitely lick you to show love, Lickitung is sort of like a Komodo Dragon.

Their mouth is full of dangerous bacteria, making everything they lick rot and spoil. In the case of your skin it’s limited to a rash.

So… yeah, maybe not a Lickitung as a pet. But in battle I say go for it!


35. Smoochum

Smoochum in the anime

Here’s one that’ll make the life of any Instagram influencer easier.

Smoochum, the baby form of mildly-disturbing Jynx, is all about self-care.

In the wilds it applies tree sap to its lips to keep them protected and moist, and it’s sure to make the transition to Jeffree Star’s latest cosmetic line in stride.

It’s a very cute, cheeky Pokémon that’ll brighten up your life in any generation game.


34. Hatenna

Hatenna in Sword Shield game

Looking like a shrunken head and with the personality of a soufflé comes Hatenna.

This psychic-type Pokémon can sense people’s emotions with remarkable sensitivity. This leads them to become attached to calm trainers, and they’ll help keep their inner peace healthy in turn.

This is the perfect Pokémon for a Buddhist monk or someone who’s really into yoga.


33. Hattrem

Hattrem Pokemon Sword Shield screenshot

Hatenna evolves into Hattrem, and its approach to finding a calm environment changes drastically.

Despite developing a sort of humanoid body, it stands on its hair-like appendices.

These members have more in common with The Rock’s arms than with hair, and they’ll use them to pummel anyone who refuses to take a chill pill.

This Pokémon is a great fit for those among us who don’t take kindly to having our peace disturbed.


32. Miltank

Miltank in the anime

Milk is a rich source of excellent minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients you need if you’re going to spend the day playing with Pokémon. And none is as good as Miltank’s.

Well, I assume so… I haven’t exactly visited Johto recently to try any.

This normal-type cow Pokémon of an obvious bovine nature is the perfect companion if your hobbies have anything to do with urban homesteading. And did you know you can feed MooMoo milk to your monsters to heal their HP?

Miltank even has a move called Milk Drink which I’m guessing you can fill in the blanks here.


31. Snubbull

Snubbull in the anime with Meowth

This fairy-type canine may be somewhat ugly at first glance.

But considering the frequency I see people walking their pugs at the park, there’s a market for that sort of thing.

This playful creature will prove an active and spontaneous companion for anyone in need of a bubbly friend to stave off the loneliness on long days.


30. Mr. Mime

Mr. Mime Pokemon anime screenshot

Excuse me if I come off as paranoid, but this creepy clown-thing is planning something.

Mr. Mime is actually really fun in battle, yet in the anime it’s always shown as a cheap replacement for human workers.

Even Ash’s mom in the anime series employs one to take care of domestic affairs. And I have a feeling it’s not paid labor except for some food and shelter.

Known as the Barrier Pokémon, Mr. Mime can’t rise above its station due to the barriers an oppressive economic system places above it.

Maybe that’s why we end up with shady characters like the Mr. Mime in Detective Pikachu.

Yet here’s the real question: how does Mr. Mime breed?


29. Mime Jr.

Mime Jr baby Pokemon, anime screenshot

Between Mr. Mime and his younger self, its baby form may be the least pink. But it’s also the cuter one.

I don’t like clowns in general. You might be with me there.

But this critter is so small and adorable that I’m willing to make an exception.

This psychic/fairy-type loves imitating objects, animals, and people, which makes it a wonderful team-member for a game of charades.


28. Luvdisc

Luvdisc in the anime

Pink is often referred to as “the color of love” so it’s only natural that there’s a Pokémon based around that idea.

I always found Luvdisc to be among the cutest Pokémon introduced in gen 3. You can’t go wrong with such a simple design!

It’s said that meeting this heart-shaped Pokémon while in the company of your significant other guarantees a long and healthy relationship. And these critters love swimming alongside seafaring couples.


27. Alomomola

Alomomola Pokemon anime

It worked once, so why not make a second pink fish Pokémon in the shape of a heart?

In reality, Alomomola has a lot to set it apart from Luvdisc.

This Alolan species not only has the eyes of an Instagram celebrity, but it also has the power to heal others with the membrane surrounding its body.

If you’re a fan of swimming around difficult spaces and scuba-diving around caves you really couldn’t ask for a better Pokémon companion.


26. Tapu Lele

Tapu Lele Pokemon

If you’re not scared of fickle beings with incredible powers then you might enjoy visiting Tapu Lele.

The Guardian Deity of the Akala island is a Psychic/Fairy type with a (usually) selfish nature and a flaring temper.

Despite having healing powers, it’s more likely you’ll find her destroying instead of protecting.

It’s a hit among those who like strong-willed individuals to take the lead in their adventures.


25. Deerling

Deerling from Pokemon in-game

I always fantasize about moving to a quiet forest community, deep among the trees, providing for myself with self-grown crops, fishing in the lake, surrounded by lovely creatures like Deerling.

Deerling has a few forms and its spring-time color makes this Bambi-clone look like a pink Fabérgé Egg.

Just imagine walking around a town and occasionally bumping into these little scouts passing through our man-made community. It sounds like incredible fun to me.


24. Flaaffy

Flaaffy Pokemon anime screenshot

Before there was Wooloo, there was Mareep. Which evolves into the pink and adorable Flaaffy.

What it loses in wool during evolution, it gains in a beautiful deep pink colors that’ll inspire you to create art and music and dancing. Well, maybe not. But this thing is pink.

With the perfect combination of warmth and fluffiness, Flaaffy seems like the ideal rainy-afternoon companion.

Plus it evolves into Ampharos, which may not be pink, but is one of the strongest electric-type Pokémon you can get during a Johto run.


23. Skitty

Skitty in the anime

It’s a very interesting kind of fun that comes with befriending a cat.

They may be a little… private sometimes, and you’ll earn yourself some scratch-marks in the process of getting close to a Skitty.

But once it warms up to you, no creature in the world will make you feel more loved than one of these adorable critters.

Plus you’ll have a nice laugh if you ever see it growling at an opponent. This kitten Pokémon is a lot of things, but “intimidating” isn’t one of them.


22. Corsola

Corsola from the anime

Corsola may not be the most mobile and active Pokémon around. But it gets a decent spot on the list because of climate change and its pretty cute demeanor.

In the Galar region a changing environment has killed off most of the nearby coral populations, taking Corsola with them.

Now its ghost-type form roams the land being both spooky and cute, reminding us of our impact on the world around us.

Go befriend a pink Corsola while you can. And become engaged in protecting the environment for the rest of Earth’s lifeforms. Who knew video games could bring such a strong message?


21. Spritzee

Spritzee Pokemon anime screenshot

For something less fishy-smelling, consider this lovely perfume Pokémon.

Spritzee is one of those creatures that simply improves everything around them in subtle ways.

This fairy type will emanate a delicious aroma, directly determined by its diet.

In the past, highborn ladies used to walk around with Spritzees they fed only the most premium nuts and fruit to create their perfect aromas.

The fact that they were pink and cute was a small bonus.

Nowadays, we just wear perfume.


20. Aromatisse

Aromatisse in the Pokemon anime

Trade a Spritzee who’s holding a Sachet and you’ll find yourself with an Aromatisse in your hands.

This new Pokémon no longer emanates the same constant scent over & over, since it can create them on the fly as well.

This may work to your advantage if you’re friends with an Aromatisse. But get on its bad side and you’re in for a world of stink.

If you’re fond of smell-bombs and similar pranks, you may find an unexpected ally in Aromatisse.


19. Munna

Munna in the anime

If you wake up in the night often with gruesome nightmares or intense dreams fresh in your memory, then a Munna may be the pink thing for you.

This cute mandala-patterned pink elephant is known for eating dreams.

It feeds off its trainer’s dreams(and/or nightmares) and will emanate distinct mists depending on the kind of dream it has consumed most recently.

Munna will help you enjoy a night of deep dreamless sleep, and hopefully it’ll help you have sweeter dreams in the process.


18. Musharna

Musharna in the anime

If eating your dreams isn’t enough, Munna’s evolution Musharna may also help you in more practical ways.

This soft giant bag of dreams must be among the comfiest things in the Pokémon universe.

This has to have a beanbag out there, right?

Musharna’s soothing shade of pink that borders on mauve will comfort you, and you’ll be sleeping on an elephant pillow in no time.


17. Cleffa

Cleffa baby Pokemon in the anime

If there’s any baby Pokémon you should keep from evolving, it’s Cleffa.

This über-cute pre-evolution of Clefairy is one of the OG baby forms introduced in gen 2.

It’s a Fairy-type with adorable ears and a face full of innocence. Basically a tinier more adorable Clefairy. Who knew this could exist?

Regrettably, this little ball of cuteness evolves through friendship. You won’t be able to ignore its charm so unless you get an item to keep it from evolving, or keep mashing B after every level-up, you’ll end up with a Clefairy in no time.


16. Clefairy

Clefairy in the anime

Sure, it may not be as cute as its baby variety.

But this cheeky version of Cleffa has its own charm. And really this is kinda like the original Cleffa!

This OG first gen Kanto Pokémon prefers to live in peaceful, small communities in the mountains. But it’ll adapt to life with people if it means bringing others happiness.

Some creatures come into this world just to make it better.


15. Clefable

Clefable from the anime

A lot of people believe this evolutionary line to hail from another planet.

Perhaps that’s the reason Clefairy evolves into a Clefable when exposed to a moon stone.

While their Charlie Brown faces may make them look a tad bizarre, these Pokémon are graceful enough to walk on water and engage in complex dances with others of its kind.

It’s perfect for those of us interested in astronomy, as Clefable will be the perfect star-seeing partner.


14. Igglybuff

Igglybuff baby Pokemon in the anime

There’s plenty of little cute balls of pink to go around in the Pokémon world.

But few are as inspiring as this creature.

Despite looking better suited for soccer or basketball – as the ball, of course – all Igglybuff wants is to become a better singer.

It practices day and night, even in its dreams! Just don’t ask me how Pokémon scientists found out about that little detail.


13. Jigglypuff

Jigglypuff pink Pokemon, anime screenshot

All of that effort eventually pays off once Igglybuff evolves into Jigglypuff, the original pink ball from the first 151.

That beautiful voice will often prove more of a burden than a blessing for Jigglypuff, as its perfect harmony tends to make everyone who hears it fall asleep(but we all knew that, right?)

After all the trouble they go to learn their region’s specific Jigglysong, it’s understandable they may be a little mad when that happens.

Beware, or you may find yourself… “marked” when you wake up.


12. Diancie

Diancie in Pokemon

If your idea of “playing” is indulging in your geological interests, then Diancie is the Pokémon to keep you company.

Geologists, jewelers, and even lovers of occultism could profit greatly from Diancie’s ability to produce diamonds by compressing carbon matter in its hands.


11. Mesprit

Mesprit in the Pokemon in game

If you’ve managed to befriend Mesprit then you have the privilege of playing with a force that’s been revered as the god responsible for creating emotions.

That’s to say, it’s a good match for those of us who like diving deep into our feelings.

It taught humans about the nobility of sorrow, pain, and joy, so it may be a good acquaintance for philosophers trying to determine the true nature of human emotions.


10. Oricorio – Pa’u Style

Oricorio Pokemon in-game screenshot

Pokémon that change forms with ease are great because they can adapt to almost any situation.

Just give Oricorio a bit of Pink Nectar and you’ll see its Pa’u Style.

It’ll dance with such elegance, you’ll feel relaxed just looking at it. Perhaps you can encourage this guy to give you some dancing pointers?


9. Milcery

Milcery gen 8 Pokemon

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that we like the most.

This dairy fairy creature can simply be described as a sweet glob of milk.

It’s adorable, compact, and easy to carry around in your Thermos. Just serve it whenever you want to play!

However the best part about Milcery is it can evolve into Alcremie with some ingredients and a little shake.


8. Alcremie

Alcremie gen 8 Pokemon from Sword/Shield Pokedex

Give Milcery some sweets to hold and spin around a couple of times, and you’ll end up with one of Alcremie’s eight different forms.

From a green aromatic Matcha Cream to a light-tan Caramel Swirl, Alcremie will adopt different flavors and looks depending on how you make the cake.

Granted, you’ll be more tempted to eat it than to play with it. But at least you can be sure it’ll be a hit at weddings and late-night Netflix sessions.


7. Mew

Mew rare legendary in Pokemon anime

If you’re lucky enough or if you know how to exploit some cool glitches, you may bump into Mew.

Mew is said to carry the building blocks for all Pokémon in its DNA.

Despite such a grandiose description, it’s just interested in having fun with whoever it encounters.

Much like what can be seen in Pokémon Snap or the anime series.


6. Audino

Audino pink monster in the anime

If I had to choose a single pink Pokémon to spend my life with, it would be an Audino.

With the friendliest face in the Pokémon kingdom and a color palette that makes it look like a marshmallow, Audino is the perfect companion who’ll play with you but also keep you safe with bulky defensive stats.


5. Fomantis

Fomantis in Pokemon anime

One of the best things you can do to have fun once you’re an adult with responsibilities is taking care of your own little garden.

Fomantis, like any other plant, depends on you to take care of it.

This gives you you a short-term reason to get out of bed every morning just to love this little guy. Its head even smells nice when basking in the sunlight!


4. Lurantis

Lurantis in Pokemon

If you take good care of Fomantis it’ll eventually become a Lurantis, the most glamorous grass Pokémon you’ll ever see(in the color pink).

Raising a Lurantis is the mark of a true botanist.

And as long as you keep treating it just as well it’ll reward you with love and set an example you can follow to become classier.


3. Happiny

Happiny in the anime

Sometimes, instead of a companion for yourself, you need someone to play with the little ones.

Happiny is known as the Playhouse Pokémon and it loves befriending others and taking care of them.

It carries around an egg-shaped rock in imitation of Chansey, and it gives it to its friends as a token of their appreciation.

Isn’t that the most endearing thing?


2. Chansey

Chansey in the Pokemon anime

Once Happiny evolves through high enough happiness level(go figure) Chansey trades the rock for real eggs that it lays several times a day.

They’re not only nutritious but packed with healing properties.

Chansey will give these eggs out to those it loves. It also hands them out to the sick to help them recover. This is one of the few monsters on this list that has an immense HP stat and can really provide serious value in a playthrough of any generation.

Like the color pink, Chansey is a soothing element capable of calming troubled hearts.


1. Sylveon

Sylveon in the anime, best pink-colored Pokemon

It may feel like the obvious answer, but it’s also the only logical one.

Sylveon is the most amazing pink Pokémon to play with hands-down!

In battle, or just for fun, or in competition, as plushies, everything.

Eevee was already cute enough. But after showering it with friendship (in later gens) it becomes this wonderful fairy-type and takes pink cuteness to the next level.

It can also read your feelings with its ribbon-like feelers, and it’ll do anything in its power to make you happy. Can’t figure out any way I could rank this little guy any lower.

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