20 Best Pokémon Anime Waifus: The Ultimate Ranking

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The first Pokémon episode aired over two decades ago.

Since then, the franchise has spawned multiple sequels and movies (with more coming each year) and introduced a ton of new fascinating women.

So it’s daunting to not only choose my favorite ones, but also determine the most esteemed waifu among them.

Still, everyone can agree that all the female characters are wonderful in different ways – whether they’re on the good or bad side. For now, here’s my Pokémon “best girl” waifu hall of fame.


20. Whitney

Whitney in Pokémon anime

The older generation of fans who played the first Pokémon games on Game Boy may have nightmares about Whitney and her powerful Miltank.

Thankfully, Whitney’s introduction in the anime way back in 2000 was more whimsical than traumatic.

When one of her Pokémon accidentally smacked against Pikachu, she gave him a peck on the head to wish him well. Then she took Ash and his pals on a tour around the city.

Granted, Whitney laid waste to Ash’s Pokémon during their first battle with her — you guessed it —mighty Miltank. But after she led him to a Miltank-filled dairy farm (and beat Team Rocket again), Ash requested a rematch and finally defeated Whitney for the Plain Badge.

Tough in battle yet unabashedly sweet and friendly overall, the pink-haired Whitney is one of the most unforgettable ladies of the OG series.


19. Grace

Grace Pokémon anime screenshot

Hailing from Vaniville Town, Grace is a pretty cool mom.

She was an amazing Rhyhorn Race competitor when she was younger. Moreover, she’s not the kind of parent who forces their interests onto their kid.

Naturally, Grace did want Serena to become a racer like herself. So when her daughter wasn’t too keen on following in her footsteps, she was slightly disheartened.

Still, her top priority is for her child to be happy and find her purpose in life. It’s heartwarming to see her support Serena when she professed her dream of becoming a Pokémon Performer.

Also, Grace is effortlessly attractive thanks to her short brown hair, tracksuit, basic black shirt, and (most importantly) her pink lips.


18. Skyla

Skyla from Pokémon anime

Ten years ago, Skyla entered the scene as the Mistralton City gym leader — and it was so easy to fall in love with her right from the start.

First, her gorgeous auburn hair is a nice contrast to her largely blue aesthetic, which fits her specialty in flying Pokémon given that blue is the color of clear skies above.

Plus her fun attire boasts her thighs and fit tummy.

Whether it was intentional or not, I also appreciate the thematic consistency of Skyla being an airhead at times. Even if she tastes defeat, this jet pilot won’t linger on sadness and would rather keep her head up, which is really admirable.


17. Sheena

Sheena Pokémon anime screenshot

I don’t blame you for forgetting that Sheena even existed. There are tons of Pokémon anime series and movies at this point — and she only appeared in Arceus and the Jewel of Life in 2009.

Thus, I’m using this opportunity to bring her back to your hearts and minds.

As one of the two special MCs of the 12th film, Sheena has the extraordinary ability to understand the hearts of Pokemon. She’s a catalyst for peace between humankind and the revered (and feared) Arceus.

In other words, Sheena is a morally upstanding woman apart from being a passionate learner of Michina Town’s rich and mysterious past. Oh, and who doesn’t love her odango hairstyle?


16. Fantina

Fantina in Pokémon anime

I don’t think there’s anyone else on my list who can compete against Fantina for the most (appropriately) outlandish hairstyle — well, maybe except for Lusamine.

Seriously, her four massive pigtails can probably carry her off to safety at any given moment.

Beyond her big hair and similarly eye-catching purple dress, Fantina is a joy to watch for her personality alone.

Rather than coming off as dislikable and haughty, her glamorous appearance, French lines, and curious nature are endearing. Essentially, Fantina is the kind of rich lady you’d want to hang out with as a friend — or as something more.


15. May

May Pokémon anime screenshot

Do you still remember when Ruby and Sapphire introduced Ash’s new girl companion?

This disappointed some fans because Misty is part of the OG trio, but this doesn’t mean that May was a mere replacement.

May is arguably one of the most fully realized characters in the franchise — and it all began with her not being into Pokémon at all.

For her, being a trainer was a means to an end, which was to travel the world.

So to see her gradually develop from someone indifferent toward Pokémon to a Coordinator who really loves her Pokémon and even crafts Pokeblocks using her own recipes is incredibly rewarding.

Lastly, her outfit at the Wallace Cup was a welcome surprise.


14. Sabrina

Sabrina from Pokémon anime

More than 20 years ago, Sabrina welcomed viewers to Saffron City — and viewers had no idea what was coming.

Simply put, her episodes were the most surreal that the franchise has ever been.

Ash and the gang first saw a literal child version of Sabrina before her second older self. If that wasn’t strange enough, Sabrina was a master of psychic abilities like telepathy and transmutation.

She was the first gym leader who was genuinely special. Ash couldn’t battle her and her Pokémon the normal way.

The Sabrina that resulted from her two identities reuniting is no longer emotionally distant and freely shows happy emotions – but I think many fans already fell in love with the Sabrina who was impersonal, haunting, and talked through her doll.


13. Oleana

Oleana Pokémon anime screenshot

If there’s one woman in Pokémon who immediately makes fans say “Mommy?” in a flustered manner, it’s Oleana.

She doesn’t need to speak to make her presence known.

From her long blonde hair and high heels to her seductively red lips and garment, Oleana has no problems in using other people and leaving them behind as soon as she gets what she wants.

If she wasn’t so good at being bad, perhaps more people wouldn’t have second doubts about marrying her.

Oleana is a villainous goddess from Macro Cosmos whose cold gaze makes her one of the hottest waifus in Pokémon history.


12. Bea

Bea in Pokémon anime

Bea’s default stance and determined look can make the brawniest guys back off, which fits her as the Stow-on-Side gym leader.

From Journeys to Twilight Wings, Bea espouses the virtues of hard work and self-discipline.

Thankfully, she knows when she’s being overly strict toward herself and others — and she’s kawaii if you offer her sweets.

With her equally tenacious fighting Pokémon like Hitmontop and the menacing Gigantamax Machamp, Bea can fight her battles and yours at the same time. And if you’ve always dreamed of a waifu who can crush you with her thighs, she’s the one.


11. Alexa

Alexa Pokémon anime screenshot

Alexa is the big sister of Viola.

But if you’ve seen her in Black & White and XY, you can see that she’s also been an oneesan to Ash.

Whenever Ash didn’t know where to go, Alexa would be there to help. Even if she can’t remember things well, her knowledge of Pokémon and the region is hard to come by.

After all, she’s a journalist who works day and night.

Moreover, Alexa is fun to hang around with and admirably mature.

She’s not afraid to fight Ash in a Pokémon battle. But when they’re not against each other, Alexa will be the first to cheer him up with her lovely smile and generally responsible approach.


10. Jessie

Jessie from Pokémon anime

This might sound like a nostalgia pick… and it partly is, to be honest.

But Jessie has had a ton of iconic moments right from the beginning.

Whether she was doing the usual Team Rocket scheme or disguising herself as the voluptuous Jessebella or the bespectacled Jessadia and Jessilina, this magenta-haired beauty never failed to entertain with her lines and antics.

I’m a big fan of the lifelong bond among Jessie, James, and Meowth.

And without Jessie’s prideful demeanor and constant tantrums, Pokémon episodes (especially back then) wouldn’t feel the same. Finally, she has a killer body and isn’t afraid to show off her midriff.


9. Misty

Misty Pokémon anime screenshot

Aside from Jessie, Misty is another OG waifu of the franchise.

Her legion of fans since the late 1990s are more than eager to fight for her as the all-time poster girl for the series.

Her voice actress brought her character to life from Kanto to Johto.

And as a Pokémon trainer and the Cerulean City gym leader, Misty is charming to watch when she battles or hugs small Pokemon like Marill and Togepi — or deals with her hilariously confused Psyduck.

Moreover, Misty’s design is a classic at this point:

Suspenders, tank top, denim shorts, and short orange hair with a lovely sidetail.

Plus she looks amazing in her swimsuit and her much-welcomed Alolan outfit.


8. Lusamine

Lusamine in Pokémon anime

If the games designed Lusamine as a big villain, the Sun & Moon TV series introduced her as a believably flawed mother.

Her struggle with balancing work and her family is familiar to both parents and children in real life. For example, she doesn’t realize that her daughter yearns to be treated less like a baby because she doesn’t spend enough time with her.

Yet you can’t hate Lusamine for being busy either.

She’s working hard to find Mohn, her beloved husband who mysteriously disappeared. Thus, it’s still about family in the end.

Anyway, there’s no better-looking mom in the franchise than Lusamine. She’s already had two wonderful kids yet looks like a 20-year-old supermodel from Sweden.


7. Elesa

Elesa Pokémon anime screenshot

Elesa’s design is like a mix of Hatsune Miku and the DJ skin of Sona from League of Legends.

But instead of extra-long twintails, she has long headphone cords to accompany her futuristic short hair.

Other than this, her attire achieves two main goals: visually represent electricity and highlight her slim figure.

It’s no wonder then that the gym leader of Nimbasa Gym is a famous model. In fact, Elesa encourages fans to spectate her battles because she’s fond of giving them a show.

Yet Elesa’s not all about the glamor — she’s highly intelligent too.

Elesa is a top-tier waifu because she acknowledges the weaknesses of her electric-type Pokémon and finds ways to compensate for them.


6. Prima (Lorelei)

Prima (Lorelei) from Pokémon anime

The 99th episode is forever etched into my mind as a fantastic welcome to the 21st century because of Prima. Otherwise known as Lorelei in the video games, she’s a fitting entry right above Misty since the latter idolizes her.

Even though Prima is popular with fans and journalists always begging for her attention, she’s cool (like her ice Pokémon) and amusingly disinterested, which is attractive in its own way.

And how could she not have admirers among guys and ladies alike?

She’s a bespectacled goddess with violet hair and a confident smile reminiscent of Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

With her pencil skirt and well-endowed figure, Prima has the look of the perfect office lady.


5. Nessa

Nessa Pokémon anime screenshot

Easily the most beloved dark-skinned female character in the franchise, Nessa didn’t need to appear all the time in the acclaimed Pokémon: Twilight Wings miniseries to leave a lasting impression among fans.

The bright highlights of her dark hair and her striking blue eyes complement her skin well. And the same can be said for her orange-tinted crop top and shorts.

Overall, her looks proudly present her as a woman of the sea.

Unsurprisingly, Nessa is a model aside from a gym leader.

Even if others like Rose doubt her choice of having two demanding careers, Nessa doesn’t budge.

I wish that she serves as an inspiration to people who similarly chase more than one dream at the same time.


4. Professor Ivy

Professor Ivy in Pokémon anime

Much like Prima, Professor Ivy exudes a mature type of feminine appeal.

The very first shot of her in the anime is more than enough to catapult her into my top 5.

Swimsuits are fantastic, but this science-savvy woman appeared not just in her sultry one-piece but also had a lab coat on. It’s a fashion combo that epitomizes “beauty and brains” — and Felina Ivy’s sly gaze proved she knew the power this held over guys.

Likewise, I’m in love with her default sleepy expression and modest smile.

Brock is lucky to have her as her research mentor.

It’s silly how some ‘fans’ and content creators have turned her into a somewhat controversial figure with all sorts of unfounded theories. At the least, they’re helping to make Professor Ivy more famous than ever.


3. Diantha

Diantha Pokémon anime screenshot

Pokémon the Series: XY heralded the entrance of Diantha, the intimidating yet beguiling Champion of Kalos.

I adore how both her Japanese and English names are related to flowers, which explains her light and fanciful white outfit with gold accents. And while Pokémon has no scarcity in models, Diantha is a step ahead with her showbiz career as an actress.

Every frame she’s in is a blessing.

Whether she’s in disguise in public or helping others against the Giant Rock, Diantha graces viewers with her impeccable beauty, sense of honor, and the gentlest of faces.


2. Delia Ketchum

Delia Ketchum from Pokémon anime

Delia Ketchum is one of the most wholesome and admirable women in the series.

And no, she’s not an irresponsible mom for letting Ash go on his adventures all the time.

For one, she supports him in his dreams of being “the best like no one ever was” in every way she can.

From sewing him brand new clothes and keeping their house neat and tidy to visiting him in Alola and Unova, Delia is a top-rated mom.

Despite having to give up on her aspirations of being a model and a trainer herself to take care of Ash, Delia is always cheerful and welcoming of everyone.

I hope that Delia’s husband (and Ash’s absentee father) realizes how foolish he is for making her do all the parenting duties alone just so he could continue chasing his dreams of being a Pokémon master.

Delia has proven countless times that she’s an amazing parent & a great friend to all.

May her days in Pallet Town be filled with joy.


1. Cynthia

Cynthia in Pokémon anime

Surpassing even Diantha and Delia “Best Mom Ever” Ketchum is Cynthia, another champion who reigns supreme in Sinnoh.

So why is she the undisputed Pokémon waifu?

First, she’s a champion who’s not afraid of competition. Ever since she was young, Cynthia dreamed of becoming strong. This made her harsh toward herself and her Pokémon at the start, but she has since learned her ways.

Cynthia loves intense battles – especially if she’s forced to use another Pokémon aside from her beloved Garchomp.

Yet when she’s not competing, she’ll support trainers in becoming better and in enriching their bonds with their Pokémon.

Second, she’s been a crucial character from Journeys to Black & White to Diamond and Pearl.

Cynthia doesn’t mind helping the MCs against ill-intentioned groups — and she never really loses her cool.

Lastly, she’s simply mesmerizing.

Her hair clips and cream blonde bangs are adorable. Her signature black coat suits her independent and dominant demeanor while her more casual sleeveless blue top back in Black & White is a refreshing look.

Cynthia is one of the world’s top-ranking Pokémon trainers, but she’ll always have time for her favorite sweets and researching all sorts of Pokémon lore and regional knowledge.

Smart, sympathetic, strong, and sweet — Cynthia has it all, yet continues to defy her limits.

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