Best Grinding Spots For Leveling in Pokémon Black & White

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The thought of grinding in any video game can leave a sour taste in your mouth.

Sometimes it can be tedious – lasting hours and hours, seemingly unending. When you’re finally finished mindlessly chipping away at whatever grind you’re after, the great feeling of completion is unmatched.

In Pokémon, there may be a bunch of reasons for you to run back and forth through the nearest patch of grass and KO whatever underleveled wild-Pokémon appears on your screen.

And the Generation V games of Pokémon Black & White are often regarded as some of the toughest games of the franchise, due to their sharp evolution-level increases and major EXP change.

That means that you’ll likely find yourself needing to grind at one point or another!

We’ll go through some of the best spots to hit and level up progress through the game.


Pinwheel Forest

Pinwheel Forest / Pokemon Black & White screenshot

Up to this point, it’s unlikely that you would need to grind at all when advancing through a regular playthrough of the game (or even a Nuzlocke, for that matter).

If you need to get a couple of levels in before fighting the second Unovian Gym Leader Lenora, this is the perfect place to do so.

There’s one reason why this area is so good:

The healer standing at the entrance of the forest.

The convenience of this method of healing, along with the Sawk, Throh, and shaking-grass Audino that yield relatively good EXP, all make this location a great stop for any struggling Pokémon trainer.


Route 4

Route 4 in Pokemon Black & White screenshot

Here’s another good place to get some training before challenging a potentially tough Gym Leader, Burgh.

Well, mostly depending on what starter you decided to go with.

Route 4 is on this list for a very similar reason as the prior entry – the presence of a field healing spot.

No need to trek all the way back to the Pokémon Center!

There are a lot of trainers to fight here, as well as wild Sandile, Darumaka, and Scraggy.

While they don’t yield crazy amounts of EXP, this is still a solid place to go grind at this point of the game.


Chargestone Cave

Chargestone Cave / Pokemon Black & White screenshot

After defeating Clay and traversing Route 6, you’ll be met with the gravity-defying Chargestone Cave – the only thing standing between you and Mistralton City and Skyla.

Her team is made up of Flying-types, and they are sure to blow you away if you aren’t prepared.

On the bottom floor of the cave are Boldore and Klink – a couple of Pokémon that give decent EXP yields.

And just from the other areas I’ve mentioned so far, I bet you can pretty what else is present in the basement of Chargestone Cave – a Pokémon doctor that is excited to heal your team!

(after beating him in a battle, of course).


Victory Road

Victory Road / Pokemon Black & White screenshot

The Pokémon Black & White Victory Road is arguably one of the best in the series, and a challenging one for trainers without a properly prepared team.

Filled with Ace Trainers and winding paths, you’re sure to spend a good while going through this labyrinth.

If you make it through successfully but still don’t feel completely prepared for the Elite Four, the best thing to do is turn around and go right back in!

Traverse through the cave, making sure to battle all the trainers and pick up all the items you can find.

Within Victory Road are wild Fraxure, Heatmor, and dust clouds with the powerful Excadrill – all giving decent EXP yields.

Time spent grinding in preparation for the Elite Four and final portion of these games is time incredibly well spent.


Route 14

Route 14 Grind / Pokemon Black & White screenshot

This route is located just north of Black City/White Forest, and south of Undella Town on the Eastern portion of the Unova Region.

It’s only accessible in the postgame of Black and White, and it yields some of the highest level wild Pokémon in the entire game.

Specially it’s home to Audino – ranging in level from 47 to 50.

Every patch of rustling grass you find is sure to yield an insane amount of EXP to whatever Legendary, shiny, or favorite Pokémon of yours that you’re (probably) trying to level-up.

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