The Best Psychic-Type Pokémon in Black & White

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Psychic-Types have always been among the strongest Pokémon in pretty much every generation.

They generally always possess super high Special Attack, and their typing and moveset allows them to decimate a good deal of the trainers you’ll come across.

With later gens came dual-type Pokémon, which could potentially either benefit or hinder them based on their typing.

And in the B&W games (and B&W2) there’s a whole lot to pick for your team.

But you really only need one Psychic monster, so what should you go after?

Let’s have a look at the best Psychic-Types in Black & White, and how you can catch them.


10. Beheeyem

Beheeyem Pokedex in Pokemon Black and White

Beheeyem is an extremely solid Pokémon that just happens to also be a super cute alien!

In terms of stats, Beheeyem has a base Special Attack of 125.

But everything else is fairly mediocre, giving Beheeyem very few options to assist you other than as a Special sweeper, although it’s low Speed prevents it from doing this optimally.

Still, Beheeyem can use a decent amount of moves that cover a lot of bases.

Aside from Psychic and Synchronoise, it can also learn Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Hyper Beam, and Energy Ball.

Beheeyem probably won’t be your go-to for Pokémon Black/White.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t still pack a punch in the right circumstances.

How to catch: Evolved from Elgyem (Celestial Tower) at level 42 or caught on Route 14.


9. Exeggutor

Exeggutor Pokedex in Pokemon Black and White

Everyone’s favorite smiling egg-plant isn’t just here to look goofy:

Exeggutor has the stats and moveset to be a serious contender for your go-to Psychic Type.

Just like many others on this list, Exeggutor excels in Special Attack, but its other stats are not to be sniffed at.

This gives it options in battle. And since Pokémon battles usually come down to Type and attack coverage, this is a huge bonus.

With attacks like Psyshock, Psychic, and additionally Wood Hammer and Solar Beam to make full use of the Grass STAB, Exeggutor has the ability to pick off those pesky Water and Rock types.

Unfortunately, it’s dual Grass/Psychic typing hurts it badly giving it a total of 7 weaknesses.

Luckily it is sturdier than most, just be careful of that x4 Bug weakness!

How to catch: Catch Exeggcute during a Swarm on Route 18 and use a Leaf Stone to evolve.


8. Slowking

Slowking Pokedex in Pokemon Black and White

Slowking comes equipped with a dual Water/Psychic Typing which sadly bumps its weaknesses up to 5.

It can definitely use its Water-Type to its advantage, however, as moves like Scald and Surf will hit like a truck due to STAB.

Slowking is also well rounded in its stats and has decent bulk due to its high Special Defense, allowing it to be able to take more hits than its other Psychic type brethren.

How to catch: You can find it while surfing in Abundant Shrine or catch Slowpoke in the same place and evolve it by trading it with Kings Rock.


7. Gardevoir

Gardevoir Pokedex in Pokemon Black and White

Gardevoir comes with the interesting dual typing of Psychic and Fairy – which sadly only helps it in the weaknesses department, removing Dark and Bug and adding Steel and Poison.

It cannot learn any Fairy-type moves of note in Gen 5, just leaving it with the standard Psychic, Dream Eater, and Synchronoise to take advantage of STAB.

But Gardevoir is blessed with high Special Attack and Speed – making it a prime candidate for Special Sweeper.

How to catch: Catch Ralts in White Forest (White only) evolve to Kirlia at level 20 then gardevoir at level 30.


6. Gallade

Gallade Pokedex in Pokemon Black and White

Gallade is the male counterpart of Gardevoir, and where it lacks in Special Attack, it makes up for in Attack.

Its dual Fighting/Psychic typing reduces its weaknesses down to 3, which doesn’t give your opponent many options. Although you still don’t want to let it get hit too much since it isn’t the bulkiest Pokémon in the world.

With a potential moveset of Psycho Cut, Close Combat, Earthquake, and Poison Jab, Gallade has fantastic coverage and makes a great Physical Sweeper for your team.

How to catch: Same as before, but this time use a Dawn Stone (Male Kirlia only)


5. Starmie

Starmie Pokedex in Pokemon Black and White

I think Starmie has long been a brilliant sweeper Pokémon, due to its enormous Speed and Special Attack stats and deep movepool.

Its dual Water/Psychic typing doesn’t do its weaknesses any favors, though. And it isn’t the bulkiest in terms of defensive stats – so try not to let it get hit too much!

In terms of moves, Starmie can pretty much cover any base.

Power Gem, Surf, Psychic, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, and Flash Cannon are all available, making Starmie one of the most formidable Special Attackers in Black & White.

How to catch: Surf in Route 13 to catch either Starmie or Staryu which evolves via a Water Stone.


4. Reuniclus

Reuniclus Pokedex in Pokemon Black and White

As pure Psychic-types go, there aren’t many better than Reuniclus.

With a super high Special Attack and decent defenses, the only thing that really lets it down is its low Speed.

Still, a Reuniclus fitted with Psychic and Shadow Ball is a fearsome prospect – and you can even give it Explosion because reasons.

How to catch: (White only) Route 9. Solosis can also be found there as well as Route 16, which evolves to Duosion at level 32 and then Reuniclus at level 41.


3. Alakazam

Alakazam Pokedex in Pokemon Black and White

Throughout the entire Pokémon series, Alakazam has had one use: and it just so happens to perform that use with great aplomb.

Alakazam is a Pokémon with monstrous Speed and Special Attack stats, and very little else, making it a useful Special Sweeper – albeit one with Glass Cannon tendencies due to frail defenses.

Teaching Alakazam Psychic should be priority #1.

And then from there Shadow Ball and Focus Blast are viable options.

It can also learn Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, and Fire Punch as Egg Moves in B&W for absolutely no reason at all.

How to catch: (White only) catch Abra in White Forest then evolve to Kadabra at level 16 and then trade to evolve to Alakazam.


2. Sigilyph

Sigilyph Pokedex in Pokemon Black and White

Sigilyph is proof that Gen 5 had some of the best Pokémon designs in the whole series.

It looks very similar to Starmie in terms of type coverage, albeit with a little less Speed.

After learning Psychic or Synchronoise the rest is up to you, as moves like Solar Beam, Ice Beam, and Flash Cannon are all available.

Sadly there’s not much to pick from to utilize its dual Flying/Psychic typing though.

Its Flying typing also harms it in terms of weaknesses too. So be careful who you use Sigilyph against, and don’t let it take too many hits!

How to catch: Can be caught in the Desert Resort.


1. Metagross

Metagross Pokedex in Pokemon Black and White

Metagross is nothing short of a killing machine.

With high stats across the board, and a diverse movepool, Metagross can cater to any of your attacking needs.

Its dual Steel/Psychic typing bumps up weaknesses to 4. But that typing now offers resistance to a staggering 9 types as well as being totally immune to Poison.

The typing is also great for attacking options as moves like Psychic, Meteor Mash, Flash Cannon, and Zen Headbutt will hit like a bus.

Plus it can also learn moves like Giga Impact, Sludge Bomb, Earthquake, and Brick Break via TMs – making Metagross a sheer monster in almost every aspect.

How to catch: you’ll find wild Metang and wild Metagross in the Giant Chasm forest and in the Giant Chasm Hidden Grotto.

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