Top 5 Best Fire-Type Pokémon in FireRed & LeafGreen

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Hah! You better have BURN HEAL!

We’re all sick of Erika and her lackeys obnoxiously whittling away at our Pokémon’s precious HP with moves like Leech Seed or Giga Drain.

Now, we take a stand.

I think we can all agree that Fire-type Pokémon are up there with the likes of Dragon-types as being insanely cool.

And if you’re re-visiting FRLG, here’s a handful of Fire-types you should consider for your roster.


5. Ninetales

Ninetales Pokedex in Pokemon FireRed

Why can’t we play with fire if fire is this cute?

Ninetales is a fire fox (not Mozilla) that has stats focusing on speed, special defense, and aesthetics.

It’s obtainable just before the 4th gym, making it a top suspect for the common arson attacks on the Celadon Gym – and their flammable grass-types.

Like seriously, once Vulpix hits level 29, let it learn flamethrower and evolve that fluffy little friend into this monster to burn Erika’s Victreebel to a crisp.

If you can’t wait that long to evolve Vulpix, then you can always let out your inner gambling-addict at the Celadon Game Corner to win the TM for Flamethrower for the lump sum of 4,000 coins.

How to get: LeafGreen exclusive. Catch a Vulpix ion Route 7 or 8 and give it a Fire Stone (can be purchased in the Celadon Department Store).


4. Flareon

Flareon Pokedex in Pokemon FireRed

Although this may not be the best Eeveelution in this generation (that’s clearly Vaporeon), Flareon is still a good choice if you’re looking for a solid physical attacker with strong STAB moves such as Overheat.

If you picked Squirtle as your starter, I would recommend Flareon to cover Grass and Bug types, as you’ll have a strong defense tank and glass cannon in Flareon.

And how could you not want this Pokémon? It’s so cute and fluffy.

This little fox takes the adorable nature of Eevee, and expands on it to become a viable Pokémon to face the Elite 4 with.

How to get: Obtain Eevee in Celadon City by going to the rooftop of the Celadon Mansion in the Know-It-All Man’s room. Then give it a Fire Stone (can be purchased in the Celadon Department Store).


3. Moltres

Moltres Pokedex in Pokemon FireRed

It wouldn’t be fair to talk about the best Fire-types in Kanto without mentioning the only legendary of this type.

Moltres is, unsurprisingly, nothing short of an absolute statistical God.

It’s the Meghan Trainor of Pokémon: it has all the right stats in all the right places.

The only drawback with Moltres is its pre-requisites.

It feels like you have to go to university, get a PhD, find a girl, get married, have kids, win the lottery, use the money for another degree, and only then can you go after this legendary bird…

So knowing all that, is it really worth it? Yes. It’s absolutely worth it.

How to get: Head to Mt. Ember after receiving the Volcano Badge. Moltres is a static encounter at level 50.


2. Charizard

Charizard Pokedex in Pokemon FireRed

How do you know if a Pokémon is going to be amazing without seeing its stats?

Easy, you see if it looks remotely like Charizard or a dragon. Those are the good ones. And then there’s Bidoof.

Charizard is the most accessible Fire-Type in the game – and also one of the most powerful due to its split Flying-type. Just watch out for nasty rock types.

Yeah, Bulbasaur stans will bicker and complain to anyone who picks Charmander, saying “Bulbasaur is super effective against the first 2 gyms”. But they’re the ones really missing out on the late-game – they get a wart-infested frog with a leaf on its head.

Rant over. Sorry. If you want a fire monster to stick with you for the whole game, do yourself a favor and grab Charmander from the get-go.

How to get: Choose Charmander as your starter in Pallet Town. Train it to level 36 to evolve into Charizard.


1. Arcanine

Arcanine Pokedex in Pokemon FireRed

If one Pokémon could be described as truly majestic, it’s Arcanine.

Not only is Arcanine a sexy beast, but it’s also a strong, sexy beast.

This good boy will carry you through the entirety of FRLG as your only fire-type – and not just for the grass gym or Lorelei, but through ANY fight.

With its wide-spanning move set (from Fire Blast to Aerial Ace) and beefy offensive stats and speed, Arcanine is an attacking monster who won’t allow any foe to get the best of it.

I always pick up an Arcanine on my Kantonian expeditions to plough through the opposition, and I highly recommend you do too. It’s just the best doge.

How to get: FireRed exclusive. Catch a Growlithe on Route 7 or 8 and give it a Fire Stone (can be purchased in the Celadon Department Store).

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