Where To Get Tiny & Big Mushrooms in Pokémon HG/SS

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The only way to repeatedly farm Mushrooms in HeartGold/SoulSilver is to steal them from wild Paras & Parasect as a held item. Aside from that, overworld Mushrooms are only discoverable through the Dowsing Machine as Hidden Items. Luckily you can still collect hidden items without the machine, as long as you’re in the right spot!

This guide will show you all the different locations (with screenshots) where you can find over 10 mushrooms that’ll fetch a nice stack of 15,000 PokéDollars on their own.

Tiny Mushrooms sell for 250 PokeDollars and Big Mushrooms sell for 2500, making them some of the most valuable items you can find.

The hidden locations are in:

  • Ruins of Alph
  • Bellchime Trail
  • Ilex Forest
  • Route 27
  • Viridian Forest

Note that these spots are one-time finds. So if you want to farm a lot of these mushrooms then you’ll have to steal them from wild Paras or Parasect.

So let’s get into more details on how you can collect these valuable spores!


Mushrooms Held By Caught Pokémon

The only way to repeatedly farm Tiny & Big Mushrooms is by getting lucky when catching (or stealing from) a wild Paras or Parasect.

Both have a 50% chance of holding a Tiny Mushroom, and a 5% chance of holding a Big Mushroom.

Paras are often hiding around Ilex Forest and Mt. Moon, and you’re able to catch Parasect in the Cerulean Cave.

You can find both at the Safari Zone too!

But you’re better fighting them outside the Safari Zone, since you can use the move Thief to steal from wild Pokémon without needing to capture them. This might be faster than trying to catch every Paras you run into!


All Mushroom Locations (HG & SS)


Location 1: Ruins of Alph

The Ruins of Alph are an ancient site, home to many rooms full of valuables. But today we’re here for one thing: Mushrooms.

The ruins are accessible through the gate to the left of Route 32, right under Violet City.

At the entrance of the Ruins, you’ll find yourself at a pathway with many routes. Head up to the middle route and you’ll hit a left turn in the path.

Go to the left and you’ll find dirt on the ground where there’s a hidden Tiny Mushroom. Tap A and you’ll have pocketed your first Tiny Mushroom!

TinyMushroom location in Ruins of Alph / Pokemon HGSS

Location 2: Outside the Bell Tower in Ecruteak City

Make sure you’ve collected your Ecruteak City Gym Badge before you try to get these next ones.

Head up near the top of Ecruteak City, and up there you’ll find a temple next to the pond – enter the temple and talk to the man on the right.

He’ll give you access to a hallway, assuming you have the Gym Badge.

Outside Bell Tower in Ecruteak City / Pokemon HGSS

Head through this hallway until the end and you’ll find a staircase on the right.

Exit out of this hallway through the right staircase.

Bell Tower Hallway / Pokemon HGSS

You’ll get taken out to a long forest path, with 3 Tiny Mushrooms and 2 Big Mushrooms along the way.

TinyMushroom #1 is at the top of the entrance.

TinyMushroom #1 location outside the Bell Tower / Pokemon HGSS

TinyMushroom #2 is further along (see the screenshot below for a reference).

TinyMushroom #2 location outside the Bell Tower / Pokemon HGSS

Mushroom #3 is a Big Mushroom, and you can find it right before a twist in the path.

Big Mushroom #3 location outside the Bell Tower / Pokemon HGSS

You’ll find Mushroom #4 to the top right of the nearby Bell Tower Entrance.

Again you can see the exact location in the screenshot below.

Big Mushroom #4 location outside the Bell Tower / Pokemon HGSS

And finally, Mushroom #5 (another Big Mushroom) will be at the very bottom right of the trail.

TinyMushroom #5 location outside the Bell Tower / Pokemon HGSS

Location 3: Ilex Forest

Ilex Forest has two hidden mushrooms: one big and one tiny.

Let’s start with the Big Mushroom first:

To the far left of Azalea Town is a gate which leads into Ilex Forest. Follow the forest path and you’ll find a small tree amongst some larger ones.

Use HM01: Cut on this tree, and you’ll have unlocked a new pathway.

New pathway in Ilex Forest / Pokemon HGSS

Then go up the left side of this new pathway until you hit a small pond.

Use HM03: Surf on it, and Surf to the small gap between the trees on the left. Press A at the end of the gap, and you’ll collect your Big Mushroom!

Big Mushroom location in Ilex Forest / Pokemon HGSS

Now for the TinyMushroom location.

Start heading through the forest’s path from the entrance again, until you hit an end with 4 big mossy rocks, with some trees that have intertwined paths. Check the screenshot below for a reference:

Between mossy rocks in Ilex Forest / Pokemon HGSS

Then head up through the trees, and up to the right.

There you’ll find yourself in front of a small patch of grass where there’s another Tiny Mushroom hidden on the tile with flowers.

TinyMushroom location in Ilex Forest / Pokemon HGSS

Location 4: Route 26 (Kanto)

Route 26 is a long mountainous walk full of trainers.

It leads up to Victory road, so it may be harder for some players to traverse. But you won’t get here until the later-game anyways.

The fastest way to collect this hidden mushroom is to fly to Victory Road, then go down a few steps onto Route 26.

This will place you right above the Tiny Mushroom spot.

Route 26 near Victory Road / Pokemon HGSS

Head down the stairs and the path, and you’ll stumble upon two trees standing next to each other.

Walk between these two trees and press A on the rock at the very end of the path, and you’ll claim your next hidden TinyMushroom!

TinyMushroom location in Route 26 / Pokemon HGSS

Location 5: Viridian Forest

Viridian Forest is home to 3 Tiny Mushrooms and 2 Big Mushrooms.

Plenty for you to snag some extra profit!

The first one is easy: go to the right after entering the forest from the bottom, and get past the trainer standing at the patch of grass.

Standing in Viridian Forest / Pokemon HGSS

Once you get past him, head up the grass and you’ll find an item on the ground – TM77 (Psych Up).

Collect this, then Press A on the spot behind it to get a hidden Tiny Mushroom.

TinyMushroom #1 location in Viridian Forest / Pokemon HGSS

To get the second Tiny Mushroom in Viridian Forest, go back to the trainer and get on the path that’s a bit further up from him.

Here you’ll find an orange-ish flower on the left side with a hidden mushroom. Face it and press “A” and you’ll get a Big Mushroom.

Big Mushroom #1 location in Viridian Forest / Pokemon HGSS

The final Tiny Mushroom here is easy to grab – head up from the entrance and find the tree, then head up past that.

You’ll end up at a small cliffside above a pathway.

Press A on the cliff above the path, and you’ll pick up Viridian’s final hidden TinyMushroom.

TinyMushroom #2 location in Viridian Forest / Pokemon HGSS

The big mushroom here is just as easy to get – go left from the cliffside and you’ll reach a set of steps.

Climb these and you’ll find yourself at the very far left edge of Viridian Forest.

Head straight up from here, and you’ll find a corner with bunches of flowers.

Press A on the flowers furthers in the corner to fetch yourself the last Big Mushroom!

Big Mushroom #2 location in Viridian Forest / Pokemon HGSS
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