Best Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Games (All Ranked)

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The Mystery Dungeon games have been a beloved part of the Pokémon universe since the early 2000’s.

This spinoff series features a randomly generated map in which players must navigate each level of the dungeon as a chosen Pokémon. Sounds easy right?

Each game is a rogue-like adventure game with turn based actions, and the goal is to successfully complete each floor of the dungeon collecting items and adding members to your team as you go.

It is a weird spinoff from the originals but it’s still got quite a few titles out there. And in this list I’ll be counting down the best Mystery Dungeon games showcasing the best and most memorable qualities each title has to offer.

7. Gates to Infinity

Gates to Infinity Mystery Dungeon

Within the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series, often referred to as PMD for short, Gates to Infinity was met with plenty of mixed reviews.

This was the first PMD game released for the 3DS featuring 3D animation.

Although the game has a rich story line with good character development, it is lacking in gameplay.

Gates to Infinity did not add anything new or interesting to the PMD universe, unlike many of the games that came before it. So generally it’s worth passing unless you totally love this series.


6. Explorers of Darkness

Explorers of Darkness Mystery Dungeon

Explorers of Darkness was released with Explorers of Time as a duo set of games in 2008.

Both games were released for the Nintendo DS and you could play through both at a leisurely pace.

With a beautifully written story, and packed full of adventure, Explorers of Darkness is a classic PMD game that will be enjoyable for any Pokémon fan.

Explorers of Darkness builds upon the Mystery Dungeon style by utilizing the double screen features of the DS nicely, giving the player more to do with the console.

This game also added the new Pokémon from the Diamond and Pearl saga so there were even more buddies to play with.


5. Explorers of Time

Explorers of Time Mystery Dungeon

On the same hand Explorers of Time was released in 2008 as the companion to Explorers of Darkness.

There are very few differences between the two games, similarly to the main franchise games having sets of games that follow the same storyline.

Explorers of Time features exclusive Pokémon and items that make it slightly different from Explorers of Darkness(basically like Red vs Blue or Sun vs Moon).

Both games have exclusive characters and items, so it comes down to a personal preference as to which game is better.

Explorers of Time feature Riolu and Lucario, which are two classic Pokémon that gives this version of the game a slight edge over Darkness. But overall the gameplay and storyline are even between both games mostly just adding a few smaller bits from the other games in this series.


4. Super Mystery Dungeon

Super Mystery Dungeon

Super Mystery Dungeon is the newest installment into the series of Mystery Dungeon games.

This was released in 2016 for the Nintendo 3DS and so far it looks like it has revived the spinoff a little bit.

Super Mystery Dungeon is an impressive game featuring a lengthy storyline that is full of familiar creatures and fun action.

Featuring the full roster of over 700 Pokémon to encounter, this game seems to be full of endless dungeons to explore with many friends to see along the way.

Another feature of this game is that it definitely does not shy away from difficulty.

Super Mystery Dungeon features plenty of new items and aspects of the core series such as mega evolutions.

The difficulty level of certain dungeons may push some younger players away, but this game is well worth the effort if you’re a fan of the series.


3. Red Rescue Team

Red Rescue Team

Red Rescue Team is the original game in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series.

Released in 2005 for the GameBoy Advance, this game is a companion game to Blue Rescue Team and established the structure that future Mystery Dungeon games would build upon.

This classic entry has an excellent story that forms a bond between the player and their partner as they explore dungeons, encountering classic Pokémon that we all know and love.

The original games start with a personality test that determines which Pokémon you’ll start the game as.

Starters include some of the classics such as Pikachu, Mudkip, and our favorite fire starter Charmander.

Red Rescue Team is an excellent game that establishes the best parts of the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series. A must-play in my book.


2. Explorers of Sky

Explorers of Sky Dungeon

Explorers of Sky was released in 2009 for the Nintendo DS, just one year after the Explorers of Darkness and Time set of games.

This game follows the same storyline as the set of predecessors but it combines many of the exclusive items and Pokémon to form one ultimate version of the game.

With all new starters, items, and dungeons, Explorers of Sky is definitely one of the best PMD games if you want something more recent.

It builds upon the previous Explorers games by adding backstory episodes to give more information and development on various puzzles from the games.

Another amazing aspect of this game is the soundtrack. The music completes the experience for you by creating memorable moments and believable environments in the way only Nintendo can do.

The only downside to this game is that the difficulty was slightly lowered from the previous games, so older players may find it pretty darn easy.

But overall the game is an incredible addition to the series and is wholly satisfying to run through start to finish.


1. Blue Rescue Team

Blue Rescue Team

Within the top three games on this list it was difficult deciding which one should take the top spot. Because all three are nearly equal in most aspects and they all have some really unique features that stand out.

However, Blue Rescue Team takes the top spot because it is a part of the original set of games and sets up the future of the series perfectly.

The original set of Rescue Team games both have incredible storylines that are engaging and create plenty of depth to the Pokémon universe.

With a map that is randomly generated, the game is ideal for replay and trying out different starters and items as you go.

The original Rescue Team games answer questions that build upon the Pokémon lore, such as whether or not Diglett has feet.

The difference between the Blue and Red Rescue Team games are minor exclusives for each game. But the biggest difference is that Blue was released on the Nintendo DS instead of the Game Boy Advance.

This difference is enough to put it at a higher place on this list because it is playable on a newer device, meaning it can fit into a collection with games that came shortly after it.

While each PMD game brings something new and interesting for Pokémon fans, Blue Rescue Team set the foundation that future games expanded upon. Making it undeniably the best Pokémon Mystery Dungeon game of the series, at least for now.

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