The Best Bug-Types in Pokémon ORAS & RSE

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Bug Pokémon can be awesome members of any team.

Sadly, many players ignore Bug-types, seeing them just as weak early-game Pokémon that you replace when the going gets tough.

In truth, Bug-types can be some you can take on your journey – and nowhere is this truer than Hoenn.


3. Ninjask

Ninjask Pokedex in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire screenshot

Ninjask is a Bug/Flying-typing that focuses on ultra-fast physical attacks.

It’s first available after the first Gym, and will put in a ton of work early on.

Before it’s evolved, teach Nincada Sand Attack at level 9 to lower your enemy’s accuracy and offset Ninjask’s frail defenses.

Double Team synergizes with Sand Attack, focusing on making Ninjask more evasive.

After 6 uses of Double Team, any enemy Pokémon will almost never hit you – so make sure to let Ninjask learn it once it evolves.

Once you reach Mauville City, buy the Aerial Ace TM at the PokeMart (TM40) for the best flying-STAB that Ninjask can offer. And then head to the Mauville Hills balcony to find U-Turn.

U-Turn is a great utility move, but it forces Ninjask to switch out every time it’s used, which will prove to be quite awkward.

You can also speak to the Move Reminder in Fallarbor Town to teach Ninjask Bug Bite as soon as you can to get some more straightforward Bug-type STAB.

Then for mid-to-late game, replace Bug Bite with X-Scissor once Ninjask hits level 47 to get the strongest Bug-type move in the game.

How to catch: Catch a Nincada on Route 116, then raise it to level 20 to evolve it into Ninjask.


2. Armaldo

Armaldo Pokedex in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire screenshot

Armaldo is one of the strongest Fossil Pokémon ever (across all gens).

It’s a Bug/Rock-type with huge physical attack and a surprising amount of bulk.

To make the most of Armaldo’s attack stat, we’ll be teaching it four offensive moves, starting with Energy Ball: a Grass-type move that will cover Armaldo’s Water-type weakness.

The TM for Energy Ball (TM53) is in the Safari Zone.

Once Armaldo hits level 46, be sure to teach it X-Scissor as its main STAB move.

Around the same time, you’ll gain access to Seafloor Cavern – located just west of Ever Grande City.

Dive down to the cavern and pick up the TM for Earthquake.

Then finally, we’ll use the Rock Tomb TM from Rustboro City Gym as Armaldo’s Rock-type STAB move.

Armaldo may focus on its physical attack, but it also has a great ability – Battle Armor.

Battle Armor prevents an opponent’s moves from ever scoring a critical hit, ensuring that Armaldo will stick around to dish out some more damage.

How to catch: Choose the Claw Fossil in the Route 111 desert, then take it to the Devon Corporation building in Rustboro City to revive it into Anorith.

Raise Anorith to level 40 to evolve it into Armaldo.


1. Mega Pinsir

Mega Pinsir Pokedex in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire screenshot

Mega Pinsir gives an underappreciated Pokémon a much-needed power boost.

While Pinsir wasn’t bad to begin with, its mega form makes it truly amazing.

The extra attack points lets Pinsir hit with legendary-tier damage, while the speed bonus means it can outspeed most opponents.

If you’re playing Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald, don’t worry: Pinsir might not be incredible in Generation 3, but it’s still the best Bug-type in those games.

But for a moveset, first things first:

Teach Pinsir X-Scissor at level 33 for some STAB damage.

Follow this up at level 36 with Storm Throw, a Fighting-type move that always triggers a critical hit.

Pinsir will outspeed most Rock-types, so Storm Throw to stop them from taking advantage of his x4 weakness to Rock moves.

If you’re playing Ruby or Omega Ruby, the abundance of Fire-types that Team Magma uses can prove to be a huge problem for Pinsir.

If you’ve already got a Water or Rock-type handy, you might want to take advantage of Mega Pinsir’s new ability instead.

Aerilate powers up Normal-type moves by 30%, and changes them into Flying-type moves. This means that despite having no Flying-type moves in its move pool, Mega Pinsir can still make the most of its new Flying-type.

If you want to use this move slot to close out a fight, Giga Impact is by the far the best move to pick.

Of course, make sure that Giga Impact is going to faint the opponent, or you’ll have to wait while Pinsir spends the next turn lazing around.

You can buy the TM for Giga Impact (TM68) in the Lilycove City Department Store.

Or if you want to play it safer, Return is your best bet. At full happiness, Return will deal 100 base damage (the same as Earthquake). The TM for Return (TM27) can be found in Pacifidlog Town.

If you want to ensure that Return always hits for full damage, then you can boost Pinsir’s happiness by equipping it with the Soothe Bell, found in Slateport City.

Finally, you can teach Pinsir Swords Dance at level 40 to sharply buff the rest of its moveset, ready to sweep the enemy team.

How to catch: Head to the north-east area of the Safari Zone to find Pinsir.

If you’re playing OR/AS, make sure to pick up Pinsir’s mega stone by diving on Route 124.

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