Pokémon ORAS & RSE: The Best Dark-Types, Ranked

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Dark-types are a somewhat rare yet powerful set of creatures.

And Generation 3 introduced a ton of great new Dark-type Pokémon, opening up the possibilities for the Dark-type ace for your team.

If you’re looking for recommendations then here’s the very best Dark-types you can find in the Hoenn region.


5. Mightyena

Mightyena in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire screenshot

Even though Mightyena falls off later on, the power you can get from this guy in the first half of the game shouldn’t be underestimated.

Its moveset is limited, but it gets a strong Dark-type move, Bite, at level 13.

Bite should be your go-to move early on if you don’t have any super-effective moves available.

Once you get to Fallarbor Town, visit the Move Reminder to teach Mightyena Crunch, its strongest STAB move.

And if you’re still using Mightyena once you hit Mt. Pyre, Shadow Ball (TM30) will come in handy for covering against Fighting-type moves, Mightyena’s main type weakness.

How to catch: Catch a Poochyena on Route 101 or 102, then raise it to level 18 to evolve it into Mightyena.


4. Sableye

Sableye in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire screenshot

Sableye is a Dark/Ghost-type that has no weaknesses if you’re playing the Gen 3 games (R/S/E).

If you’re playing the ORAS remakes, you’ll have to work around its Fairy-type weakness.

Luckily, Sableye has a new mega form that more than makes up for it.

Its stats may seem pretty low, but that’s compensated by its lack of weakness or its mega form (depending on the game you’re playing).

You can find Sableye very early on, but it won’t reach its potential until the mid-game, when it learns Shadow Claw at level 29.

Right after Shadow Claw, Sableye will learn Confuse Ray at level 31, and Zen Headbutt at level 34.

So getting it to level 30+ is when it really starts to shine.

If you’re playing Alpha Sapphire, maybe pick up Toxic (TM06) from the Fiery Path on Route 112, to stall out opponents with Mega Sableye’s high defensive stats.

How to catch: Sableye can be found in Granite Cave, Cave of Origin, Victory Road, and Sky Pillar, only in Alpha Sapphire, Sapphire, or Emerald.

If you’re playing Alpha Sapphire, the Sablenite can be found in Sootopolis City, to the southeast of the Cave of Origin.


3. Sharpedo

Sharpedo in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire screenshot

Sharpedo is one of the more unique Dark-types you’ll find in Hoenn.

It’s a Dark/Water-type that brings with it all the overworld moves you’d expect from a Water-type, as well as strong Dark-type STAB moves.

And Sharpedo will be more or less the same whether you’re playing Generation 3 or 6, since Sharpedo’s ORAS Mega Stone isn’t available until after you’ve beaten the Pokémon League.

It can learn all 3 of the Water-type HMs, but I recommend only using 2 of them so you don’t overwhelm Sharpedo’s moveset with Water moves.

Surf and Waterfall are the strongest HMs, and the most useful for your journey across Hoenn’s sea.

Both HMs are found naturally during the main story.

For Dark-type STAB, take Sharpedo to the Fallarbor Town Move Reminder as soon as possible to teach it Night Slash.

Carvanha’s HP and defense stats make it pretty frail in the face of a super-effective attack, so you can cover its Grass-type weakness by teaching Carvanha (Sharpedo’s pre-evolution) Ice Fang at level 16.

How to catch: Catch a Carvanha by using the Good Rod on Route 118 or 119, then raise it to level 30 to evolve it into Sharpedo. You can find the Good Rod by talking to a fisherman on Route 118.


2. Shiftry

Shiftry in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire screenshot

Shiftry is a well-rounded Grass/Dark-type with a great moveset.

Its pre-evolution is available early on, too, so you’ll be able to start using it early.

First things first, since Shiftry evolves by using an evolution stone, it barely learns any moves after it evolves. Make sure that you’ve taught it all the moves you intend to before you evolve Nuzleaf into Shiftry.

Nuzleaf will learn its best Dark-type STAB move, Feint Attack, at level 24.

Then right after that at level 28, it’ll learn it’s Grass-type STAB move Leaf Blade.

To cover Shiftry’s weakness to Fighting-type moves, we can teach Nuzleaf Extrasensory at level 36. Yes this is a long time to wait, since you’ll find the Leaf Stone much earlier than level 36, but stay patient.

Extrasensory is worth it.

How to catch: Catch a Seedot on Route 102 in Ruby, Emerald, or Omega Ruby, then evolve it into Nuzleaf at level 14. Once Nuzleaf has learned the last move you want it to learn, get a Leaf Stone on Route 119 (by surfing across the river). Use the Leaf Stone on Nuzleaf to evolve it into Shiftry.

Seedot is not available to catch in Sapphire or Alpha Sapphire.


1. Mega Absol

Mega Absol in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire screenshot

Absol has always been a good Pokémon.

But it becomes an excellent Pokémon in Generation 6.

Its new mega evolution buffs its attack and speed stats massively, turning it into one of the best picks in the whole game.

If you’re playing Generation 3, Absol is still a good Dark-type for sure, but it isn’t the best – that honor goes to Shiftry.

But either way, let’s look at some moveset ideas:

We can use Absol’s high physical attack by teaching it Sword Dance at level 25, followed by Night Slash at level 29.

Night Slash will be Absol’s main STAB move until level 45 when it learns Sucker Punch.

I’d recommend keeping both moves around, as Sucker Punch is a little situational to be Absol’s only Dark-type move.

And Absol’s most dangerous weakness is Fighting-type attacks – so make sure to cover against that by teaching it Psycho Cut at level 37.

How to catch: You can catch an Absol on Route 120. If you’re playing ORAS, pick up its mega stone from the west side of the Safari Zone. Bring the Acro Bike to make sure you can make it across the terrain that leads to the stone.

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