Best TMs in Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

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Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire both combine nostalgia and innovation to create the perfect balance of a great Pokémon remake.

While the original Ruby and Sapphire games are not really that difficult, the additions from the next few Generations (like new moves and the Fairy-type) made the game a much easier run through.

And one new feature in Generation V is that TMs are now unlimited, so chasing the best TMs is now more important than ever.

So let’s check out some of the better TMs available in Pokémon ORAS, and where to find them.


10. TM54 (False Swipe)

TM54 outside Poke mart in Pokemon ORAS

Once you have a relatively powerful Pokémon, you might start backtracking to fill up your Poke dex.

But wild Pokémon may end up being way below your team’s average level. And one move might dish out a hard KO.

False Swipe is the way to go for filling up your ‘dex.

It helps you catch lower-leveled Pokémon by making sure your foe is always left with 1 HP.

You can increase the catch rate even more if you inflict status conditions too, like Sleep or Paralysis.

But either way, you’ll want to have False Swipe. Especially if you encounter a random shiny in the wild.

Where to get: Rustboro City Pokémart


9. TM27 (Return)

TM27 location Pacifidlog Town in Pokemon ORAS

Return, along with Earthquake, has to be one of the best Physical moves in the game.

If you have a Pokémon that’s still using their first level-up physical hitter move, like Tackle or Pound, Return is a better option.

Only downside is that you can’t get it till a bit later in the game. But it’s worth chasing down because it’s not tough to nab!

And it’s a great alternative if you lack a powerful yet reliable Physical attack, and if you don’t care too much about super effective matchups.

Where to get: Pacifidlog Town (southwestern house – lead with a Pokémon with high friendship)


8. TM55 (Scald)

TM55 location in the sea in Pokemon ORAS

Since Surf has always been a staple Water-type move (that’s actually pretty good), no Water TM has been able to rival it…

Until the release of Scald.

Scald has slightly lower damage, but it has a 30% chance to burn, which is always helpful.

So in any game where you can get it, I’d argue Scald is a must-have Water-type move.

By the time you get Scald in ORAS, Pokémon weak to water are few and far between. But it’s still very helpful against Steven’s Claydol, Aggron, and Armaldo.

Where to get: Seafloor Cavern (center island among currents)


7. TM24 (Thunderbolt)

TM24 location in Pokemon ORAS

While Thunderbolt is still helpful in this generation, it’s not as useful as other gens.

Glacia dropping Sealeo in favor of Froslass is less effective compared to RSE, and Steven being Champion again hurts Thunderbolt’s coverage too.

But it’s still a great go-to move in Hoenn, since there are tons of Pokémon that don’t stand up so well against electric-type moves.

Once you get Thunderbolt, you can then use it to great effect against Winona and Wallace, as well as Sidney’s Sharpedo, Glacia’s Walrein, and Steven’s Skarmory.

Where to get: Reward after completing Wattson’s New Mauville request


6. TM31 (Brick Break)

TM31 outside house in Sootopolis in Pokemon ORAS

Brick Break was typically one of the best TMs in Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. This is due to Fighting’s great coverage against the Elite Four and Steven.

But the introduction of Fairy-types, and the change in Steel-type’s matchup, and Glacia dropping Sealeo in ORAS, all kind of hindered Fighting-type’s coverage

And this is compounded even more by Brick Break’s lower damage output.

But with that said, it’s still absolutely a TM worth grabbing.

Beecause once you get Brick Break, you can still use it well against Sidney, as well as Wallace’s Sealeo, Wally’s Delcatty and Magneton, Glacia’s Glalie and Walrein, and Steven’s Aggron and Cradily.

Where to get: Sootopolis City (Western House)


5. TM26 (Earthquake)

TM26 location in Pokemon ORAS

Earthquake is a great move in pretty much every gen game.

It covers the same Pokémon in ORAS as it would in RSE, so it’s still just as effective.

With Ground-types covering 5 super-effective matchups, along with Earthquake’s powerful and reliable damage output, TM26 is a solid pick.

And there are rarely battles where it’s not usable.

Where to get: Seafloor Cavern (left of the stairwell to the deepest room – requires Strength)


4. TM35 (Flamethrower)

TM35 location screenshot in Victory Road in Pokemon ORAS

Flamethrower now gets the added bonus of beating down Glacia, since she no longer has Sealeo on her team.

And even beyond that, Flamethrower is still a great option with Steven coming back as Champion (and his mostly Steel-type team).

But in ORAS you don’t get it on the Mauville Game Corner anymore, rather it’s in Victory Road.

So you can’t get this till pretty late in the game, but it’s also more accessible than ever.

And you can always use Overheat until you get Flamethrower anyways. But this is a fire-type move you absolutely want to snatch up.

Where to get: Victory Road B1F (behind two boulders – require Strength)


3. TM13 (Ice Beam)

TM13 location near Mauville in Pokemon ORAS

Much like in the original Generation III games, Ice-type moves are key in defeating the Elite Four.

Even with the introduction of Fairy-types, Ice-type will still be a great option – since most of Drake’s Dragon-type Pokémon are double weak to Ice.

You might be tempted to choose Frost Breath over Ice Beam because critical hits ignore opponents’ Defense buffs.

The downside is that opponent AI rarely go for those moves.

In addition, Ice Beam has a 10% chance to freeze, as well as a chance to critical hit. Which means on average, Ice Beam will deal more damage and be far more helpful in the long run.

Just note that it doesn’t usually have the highest PP, so it’ll help if you can save some PP Ups for this TM.

Where to get: Sea Mauville (Storage Hold southwest corner – requires Dive)


2. TM99 (Dazzling Gleam)

TM99 route location in Pokemon ORAS

Fairy-types really re-shaped the meta once they arrived in Generation VI.

And that’s also true with Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

While Ice Beam is better against Drake, Dazzling Gleam gets a higher ranking in this list because it beats Drake and Sidney as well.

You can also get it before the 7th gym, so you can use it against Archie/Maxie’s Mightyena, and against Archie’s Sharpedo.

It’s definitely one of the newer moves out there, so fans of the older games may not recognize this one. But trust me: it’s worth going out of your way to get this TM.

Where to get: Route 123 (north near soft soil)


1. TM30 (Shadow Ball)

TM30 Shadow Ball location on Mt Pyre in Pokemon ORAS

Shadow Ball gets a buff this generation, since it now covers Glacia, and Metagross loses its Ghost and Dark neutrality in ORAS too.

This makes Shadow Ball by far the best TM available, since it covers most of the Elite Four.

That said, if you want a Physical Ghost-type move, you have Shadow Claw as an option as well.

It’s available earlier, but it’s only a bit weaker, and has no additional positive matchups.

And once you get Shadow Ball you can use it to dish out some real damage to Tate and Liza, Phoebe, as well as Glacia’s Froslass and Steven’s Claydol and Metagross.

Where to get: Mt. Pyre 4F (center shrine)

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