How To Get Heart Scales in Pokémon ORAS (Best Methods)

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Heart Scales are most easily found as held items on wild Luvdisc.

By acquiring the Super Rod in Mossdeep City, you can encounter Luvdisc on Route 128, in Ever Grande City, or on Victory Road, where each Luvdisc will have a 50% chance of carrying a Heart Scale.

Map of Hoenn / Pokemon ORAS
Map of Hoenn

How To Farm Luvdisc for Heart Scales

Luvdisc battle / Pokemon ORAS
Luvdisc battle

Catching Luvdisc using the method above will net the same rewards but can be time-consuming, especially at higher levels.

Instead, by battling a Team Aqua / Magma Grunt in the Slateport City Oceanic Museum and acquiring TM46 Thief, you can steal Heart Scales from wild Luvdisc without having to capture them.

Luvdisc Holding Item / Pokemon ORAS
Luvdisc Holding Item


  • If the Pokémon using Thief already has a held item, you won’t acquire a Heart Scale even if the encountered Luvdisc is carrying one.
  • Remember to remove the stolen Heart Scale from your Thief Pokémon before attempting another encounter.
TM46 Thief / Pokemon ORAS
TM46 Thief

Tip: By using a Pokémon with the Compound Eyes ability, your chance of encountering a wild Pokémon holding an item increases. Here is a list of all Pokémon up to Gen VI that can learn Thief and have the Compound Eyes ability.

  • Butterfree
  • Venonat
  • Yanma
  • Joltik
  • Galvantula
  • Vivillon

Other Methods of Acquiring Heart Scales

Move Maniac in Pokémon ORAS
Move Maniac

There are several other methods of acquiring Heart Scales in Pokémon ORAS, although not as optimal as taking held items from Luvdiscs.


Alternate Method 1: Using Poké Miles

Wonder Trade / Pokemon ORAS
Wonder Trade

Poké Miles are most easily accrued by performing Wonder Trades. By going to the Pokémon Global Link PokéMileage Shop, you can use your currency to acquire Heart Scales!

Note: This service was shut down on November 1, 2016, so only those with remaining points can purchase the items.


Alternate Method 2: Dowsing Machine/Overworld

Bellossom Trade for Corsola / Pokemon ORAS
Bellossom Trade for Corsola

It’s possible to find Heart Scales in the overworld of ORAS both overtly and via dowsing.

By using the newly introduced Dowsing Machine, it is possible to find hidden Heart Scales on a few select routes. Here is a list of all overworld Heart Scales.

Route Where To Find Dowsing Required (Hidden)
104 South of Fisherman Yes
105 On island beneath rock Yes
106 North East coast Yes
109 South of Young Couple Mel & Paul No
109 Inside blue parasol Yes
109 Above Old Man and Zigzagoon Yes
118 Inside rock West of Fisherman Yes
124 North of Free Diver No
124 Patch of seaweed after diving in North-East part of ocean. No
124 Gift for defeating Diver Arzu (rematch) No
124 Gift for defeating Scuba Diver Kylan (rematch No
126 Patch of ground to the North (underwater) No
128 West of Sign/Fisherman Yes
128 South-East of Seafloor Cavern Entrance Yes
128 On island East of Seafloor Cavern Entrance Yes
128 South-East of Seafloor Cavern Entrance Yes
134 West end of the longest island Yes
134 In the middle of the longest island Yes
134 On a small North-East island Yes
Lilycove City In a large rock by the stairs that lead to the beach Yes
Pacifidlog Town In front of South-Eastern house Yes
Pacifidlog Town Trade Bellossom for Corsola (Corsola will be holding Heart Scale) No

Note: If you already know the hidden locations of these Heart Scales, you don’t need the Dowsing Machine. It is possible to look up the exact tile of the hidden Heart Scale through a guide. Then, stand one tile away from the hidden item, face it, and press “A” to collect your Heart Scale.


Alternate Method 3: Secret Base Pal

Secret Base Location / Pokemon ORAS
Secret Base Location

By interacting with other people’s Secret Bases, you can build up a number of Pals.

These Pals will occasionally have a list of Special Skills, one of which is called “Picking Up.”

You can request these Secret Pals to clean up their base and, sometimes, they will find a Heart Scale and gift it to you.


Alternate Method 4: Pokémon Contests

Pokémon Contest Hall Slateport City / Pokemon ORAS
Pokémon Contest Hall Slateport City

By progressing through Pokémon contests, you will build up a fanbase of adoring NPCs. These fans will occasionally give you items, one of which is a Heart Scale!

Note: Heart Scales are only available in Hyper Rank.


How To Use Heart Scales

Move Maniac House Fallarbor Town / Pokemon ORAS
Move Maniac House in Fallarbor Town

Heart Scales are used to teach your Pokémon moves they have forgotten, or rare moves they cannot learn through normal means.

By giving one Heart Scale to the Move Maniac in Fallarbor Town, he will teach one of your Pokémon one new move.

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