Best Pokémon Route Music Theme Songs (From All Games)

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When someone says Pokémon you probably immediately think of your favorite(I’m pretty sure it’s either Pikachu or Gengar).

But does anyone actually talk about their favorite OST music? These games are rich with some of the best video game music to date and this goes double for the many route songs in the game.

A simple search in YouTube will lead to so many videos of extended Pokémon Route tracks. Some you may love, others you may hate, but that’s not going to stop me from making a list of my own!

So here’s my choices for what I think the best Pokémon route songs from all games.


15. Route 29 in Johto

In this early route from generation 2 you’ve got a lot ahead of you. Bulbapedia describes this route as the beginning of a journey and it truly is.

This route serves as the first route you start in for the game. And it is the route that connects New Bark Town to Cherrygrove City.

Route 29’s background music is extremely light-hearted and somehow possess a fast-paced tune to it.

Also there’s lots of grass and whenever there is grass there will always be Pokémon in it – or maybe even a random potion if you search hard enough.


14. Route 110 in Hoenn

Now if you’re looking for upbeat route background music, Hoenn never fails to deliver.

There is something about the Route 110 song that makes you feel just straight-up victorious. No trainer or creature is gonna beat you today!

The feeling of exhilaration in Route 110’s BGM is so effective in putting you into the zone. This is really what route music should be.


13. Route 205 in Sinnoh

Another personal favorite, this should be a song that every adventurer can admire.

This song should put you in a mood for a life-changing journey and this route music from Sinnoh certainly delivers that feeling. Then again, most of the series route songs do give that, yet each in their own unique way.

This route connects West Sinnoh with Eterna City, home of Gym Leader Gardenia for you grass-type lovers.

And it connects Floaroma Town with Eterna Forest right in the middle of the route (although you can avoid going through the tall grass in Eterna Forest by simply using cut on the trees).

This route can also be used if you want to go to Valley Windworks or Fuego Ironworks so it has a lot going on.


12. Route 111 (Desert) in Hoenn

Call me a little biased to have another Hoenn track so soon on this list, but who can say no to these catchy beats?

Usually when you think about the desert you would immediately think about some tune akin to Arabian Nights, complete with the flutes and a mental image full of sandy dunes.

Pushing aside that entire image, this route connects Mauville City, Route 112, and 113. To even cross the desert you will need Go-Goggles and a Mach Bike so it’s no picnic.

But it is abundant in materials so if you want to go searching you may find a few nifty treasures. Hint: Rock Smash helps a lot here.


11. Route 225 in Sinnoh (Night)

Routw 225’s BGM set in a mountainous region would easily remind someone of trailgrounds.

Mostly because from the beat alone and how mountainous areas are home to several high-levelled Pokémon, and equally strong Pokémon trainers.

Not to mention the the Survival Area and Fight Area are connected to it, so it’s no wonder this is a good area to toughen up – that is if you can handle it.


10. Routes 30-33 in Johto

While Route 29 in gen 2 was a lighthearted yet complex start to the Johto journey, this route is the continuation of that.

If you listen closely not only will you feel encouraged to fight and keep training, but also maybe dance a little to the beat. Or wag your index fingers?


9. Routes 104-109 in Hoenn

There is something amazing whenever this route music starts playing.

Maybe it’s because of how much it resembles an exciting world map and embodies the enthusiasm of a new trainer embarking on their new journey.

Or maybe it’s because of how it sounds like a marching band’s tune and just feels so encouraging to march alongside those trumpets.

I’m pretty sure it’s both, but either way it deserves a spot on this list.


8. Route 2 in Kalos

This music screams of a happy RPG adventure. Which is every Pokémon game, really.

This route connects southern Kalos with Aquacorde Town and Santalune Forest.

A lot of grass-type Pokémon can be found in this route. And if you want some cash at early game you can pick a fight with Younger Austin (he uses a Zigzagoon at Level 5, it’s childs play).

Overall a pretty calming route and well worth some attention just considering the music alone.


7. Driftveil Drawbridge in Unova

Out of all the route BGMs in gen 5, this one sounds somewhat ominous and at the same time gives off a mysterious vibe to it.

Then again it is the pride and joy of Driftveil City. It’s also called “Charizard Bridge” by the locals because of how gorgeous it looks.

Another reason why it has this mysterious aura to it is because of the amount of wild Pokémon flying over where you can grab a fallen feather or two.

But be careful, you might find yourself in a rather unnecessary fight with one of them.

It’s also on this bridge in Black 2 and White 2 that a small sidequest can be unlocked where you give a man from Skyarrow Bridge a Fresh Water.

I won’t tell you what happens next, that’s part of the mystery. But if you pick up a copy of the game I’m sure you’ll enjoy this music along the way.


6. Route 209 in Sinnoh

Dreamy – that is the one word that best describes this route’s BGM.

Route 209 is located at central Sinnoh. It connects to Hearthome City, home to Gym Leader Fantina, and Solaceon Town.

You can find the Lost Tower and Hallowed Tower here, although in Pokemon Platinum the gates to this route are blocked until you obtain the Relic Badge.

The music changes since the day & nighttime versions have slight differences. But they both give off the same kind of dream-like feeling.

What’s amusing about this is that the first few notes make you think of another RPG that’s quite popular (hint: the series has two F’s in its name).


5. Route 24/25 in Kanto

If ever you want to feel some nostalgic hype then this is a go-to track.

The theme feels like a march, a theme that every trainer should get hyped up for. Especially when you’re prepping up to take on that next badge or looking for that one Pokémon on Route 25 that you just can’t catch. This is also one of the few routes you reach just after a big cave(Mt Moon) so it’s finally nice to be back in the grass again.

The theme is like a call-to-action for all trainers to do their best. And to ultimately track down Bill in his little seaside cottage.


4. Routes 4+5 in Unova

This route’s BGM sounds like the traffic of bustling area. And it is! These routes connect cities in Unova: Castelia and Nimbasa, and the Desert Resort.

You can say it has a big city like theme to it despite being a desert with equally big desert mounds, especially comparing to previous games that start off with forests and tall grasses.

Also Join Avenue can be found it where specifically in B&W 2. This lets you get to develop the entire building as the game goes on. Pretty cool right?

Wish that could happen more in real life.


3. Route 203 in Sinnoh

This route connects Western Sinnoh to Jubilife City and Oreburgh Gate, and it is easily defined with this song that is best described as “relaxing”.

It’s hinted that even if it is right next to a bustling town, this route still manages to maintain a calming atmosphere.

If you were to traverse through this route (if Pokémon were real) it would be so easy to have a nice afternoon picnic with a friend and just watch the days go by peacefully. Sounds quite idyllic, right?


2. Route 101 in Hoenn

This route song is a personal favorite as it doesn’t really embody a musical track that you’d think of someone going on a lifelong journey. Especially not as a background song for a kid going on to become the best Pokémon master!

No, this song feels more like you’re just going out on a stroll with friends. Maybe catch a Pokémon or two, then be back in time for dinner. Definitely wholesome.

And one that kids who grew up on gen 3 will likely adore.


1. Route 1 in Kanto

Sometimes you have to admit that the most iconic songs come from the ones that started it all.

And by this I mean the beginning of our Pokémon journey back when we were kids in Kanto. Route 1 and 2 define every nostalgic Pokémon journey – one of child-like excitement and wonder of exploring this new world and discovering what Pokémon is all about.

It’s a song that’s quite light-hearted and at the same time nostalgic. Listening to this will surely have you remembering the good old days with you and your Gameboy.

And there you have it, 15 of the best Pokémon route songs from the series. Although I couldn’t include every installment in the series (really, there are a lot of songs to listen to) I do think these are some of the best.

But dive into YouTube and see what other route songs you can find!

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