Top 5 Waifus in Pokémon Sun & Moon

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Pokémon Sun & Moon revolutionized the franchise by introducing regional variants of classic Pokémon – something we now look forward to with every new game.

It also brought together an all-star cast of regional waifus the internet still hasn’t overcome despite a wealth of new Pokémon games coming out since 2016.

I find it hard to imagine a better life than running around the Alola region, communing with nature, and nurturing my spirit with the sight of so many cute Pokémon trainers.

So let’s look at some of the most popular & beloved waifus of Pokémon’s seventh generation.


5. Lillie

Lillie in Pokémon Sun & Moon

First up, we’re looking at Lillie, Lusamine’s over-protected daughter and the single cutest character in the game.

Admittedly, Lillie is a little young for me to call her a waifu without the FBI knocking on my door once this is published.

Still, I couldn’t leave such a beloved character out of the ranking.

Is there such a thing as a “daughteru”? Maybe a “waifu-of-the-future”?

Whatever the case, Lillie adds a lot to Sun & Moon. She’s an icon and a role model for anyone with a problematic relationship with their parents, and her fashion sense is on-point.


4. Mallow

Mallow Pokémon Sun & Moon screenshot

As you probably know, Pokémon Sun & Moon has no Gym Leaders – instead you have Trial Captains that test your might before you face the island challenge.

Mallow is my favorite among them.

This Grass-type expert lives in a family-owned restaurant in Konikoni City, so she’s especially well-versed in the art of cooking up a delicious meal.

She puts her skills on display during the Lush Jungle trial, where she makes a stew so fragrant and delicious that it summons Lurantis – the jungle’s Totem Pokémon.

With a bright and bubbly personality, adorable looks, and culinary skills fit for a Food Wars character, Mallow is a strong contender for the best Sun & Moon waifu.


3. Olivia

Olivia in Pokémon Sun & Moon

Moving up the dominance hierarchy, we find Olivia – Mallow’s superior and the Kahuna of Akala Island.

This tropical bombshell brings together a stunning body, the prestige of a Kahuna, and an energetic but clumsy personality that softens the character and drives her waifu value through the roof.

As the owner of a jewelry store, this Rock-type specialist wears more accessories than clothing, and she pulls it off tastefully.

She also wears heels in a hilly, sandy region. That’s what I call commitment to looking good!


2. Tsareena

Tsareena Pokémon Sun & Moon screenshot

Nowhere did I specify that I’d be ranking human waifus exclusively.

Call me a furry if you want, but Tsareena has “pokéwaifu” written all over her.

Her shapely legs and smug personality have caused a revolution in the Pokémon community not seen since the days of Lopunny and Gardevoir.

This is one of those Pokémon that put the “Freak” in Game Freak. This Grass-type steps on her foes as she laughs smugly after winning a battle… so, of course, some people will be out there wishing that Tsareena would step on them instead.

Tapu Lele isn’t half bad either.


1. Lusamine

Lusamine in Pokémon Sun & Moon

I’ve never been one to simp after villains, but Lusamine is a cut above your average Pokémon baddie.

The ridiculously stylish and badass President of the Aether Foundation is basically a cult leader – and her cult following extends far beyond the confines of Pokémon Sun & Moon.

The amount of love and fanart Lusamine gets is a testament to how well-designed and magnetic the character is, even if none of us would stand her in real life.

Her obsession with perfection and achievement made her into a nigh-unstoppable force, even if they’ve made her lose sight of what’s important – like being a decent human being.

At 41 years old, she doesn’t look a day past 20 – and she wipes the soles of her feet with the competition for the best waifu in Pokémon Sun & Moon.

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