Want To Earn $60 an Hour Hunting For Pokémon Cards?

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Do you love Pokémon, like earning money, and have a bit of spare time on your hands? Well if you answered yes to, well, all of those, we’ve got the job for you!

For the last 25 years Pokémon trading cards have sent fans into a frenzy as they try to collect ‘em all, and with the pandemic inadvertently sending the value of these cards through the roof (because more of us are now collecting them), people are more desperate than ever before to get their hands on them.

Unfortunately this has resulted in ‘scalpers’ buying up McDonald’s Happy Meals and cereal boxes in an attempt to find promotional trading cards hidden in them. We don’t think that’s fair, but the sad truth is that not everyone has the time to go out searching for them.

That’s why we’ve decided to launch a new service, Pokémon Card Hunters, where we will connect people who have the time to do the hunting, with people who are willing to pay for it.

If you sign up to be a Pokémon Card Hunter you will have to provide a photo ID after registration and be willing to travel to several stores either in your local area or around your state (it may be that a customer just wants you to find online bargains though so an internet connection is also a must).

We also recommend a contract is written up between the customer and yourself to agree on the transfer of any cards you find or purchase. As well as the hourly rate, professional Hunters can negotiate any travel expenses, as well as an option for you and the customer to agree bonuses should a valuable card be found or purchased.

Once you’ve been approved as a Pokémon Card Hunter, you’ll be given specific instructions by your customer on how they’d like you to carry out the work, such as the number of cereal boxes they’d like you to buy and which stores to visit.

If you think this sounds right up your street, sign up below and when a customer is matched with you we’ll send their details for you to connect. You must be at least 18 years old to register as a Hunter.

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