The 10 Best Pokémon To Teach Earthquake

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Earthquake is a move that has been synonymous with Pokémon for years now. It’s the only 100 accuracy move that also has 100 power, making it arguably the most widely used competitive move of all time.

It does hit all Pokémon on the field, including your partner in doubles.

That’s easy to get around, though, as is evident by how many pro trainers make use of it.

Well I’ll be going over some of the better Pokémon worth teaching Earthquake to, in an attempt to help your team reach the potential that we both know it has.

Without further ado, let’s dig into the list. Get it? Dig? As in ground type Pokémon? Just ignore me.


10. Gliscor

Gliscor from Pokemon anime

I’ve never been a Gliscor fan, but the advantages that this Pokémon has with regards to Earthquake are hard to disagree with.

It has a pretty high attack base stat of 95, as well as a deceptively high defense of 125.

On top of the quality stats, the flying/ground type means that its electric weakness is negated, as well as maintaining a nullification to ground, and reduced fighting, bug, and poison damage.

It does get cleaned up pretty easily by ice and water attackers. But that’s an easy weakness to play around.

Plus, its hidden ability Poison Heal means that you can build a bulky Gliscor that’s not only going to tank your opponent into submission, but is capable of dealing quality damage with an Earthquake tech, too.


9. Dugtrio

Dugtrio Pokemon anime screenshot

Ah, Dugtrio.

It’s the defacto ground type Pokémon, so it’s no wonder that Earthquake is a good shade on it.

Although I’ve only ever used one for making short work of Surge’s juiced up Raichu, I understand the appeal of using one past that point.

There’s also the added benefit of getting to take part in the ongoing debate of what exactly does Dugtrio’s lower half looks like.

I, for one, don’t want to speculate.

But if the horrors I’ve seen while searching the wrong side of the web are anything to go by, none of us really want an answer to that mystery.


8. Mamoswine

Mamoswine from Pokemon anime

Mamoswine has a wide range of weaknesses that make it a bit of a mess in the competitive circuit.

Despite that, it still sees a wide range of play.

Why, you may ask?

Well, this thick chunky boy just so happens to have a base attack of 130, and a base HP of 110.

In case you weren’t aware, those are some seriously high numbers. So high, in fact, that combined with Earthquake it turns Mamoswine into a Pokémon capable of smacking your opponent’s team like a truck.

If you can keep your overstuffed meatball on the field long enough to actually start getting its Earthquakes off, you can easily sweep an unprepared opponent.

There are better Earthquake sweepers, though. Hence why Mamoswine only comes here on the list.


7. Lucario

Lucario from Pokemon anime

Lucario is more of a special attacker, but not by much.

It’s 110 base attack stat is nothing to scoff at. Plus, that steel/fighting typing means that it gets a ludicrous number of resistances.

However, that does mean that your Lucario’s Earthquake isn’t STAB boosted.

This matters a lot when you get into the higher tiers of competitive play, but won’t make a world of difference during your regular playthroughs.


6. Krookodile

Krookodile Pokemon anime screenshot

Krookodile ended up on my team during my first BW run and has remained one of my favorites ever since.

It’s dramatic red and black evolution color swap helps. But what cemented it for me was just how sus that crocodile’s snout looks.

During that run, Earthquake on Krookodile carried my team more than I care to admit.

It’s got great stats to make use of the STAB boosted move and even sees some competitive play thanks to its intimidate ability.

If you’re looking for a Gen V mon’ to put Earthquake on, Krookodile should be up there.


5. Swampert

Swampert from Pokemon anime

Swampert is everybody’s favorite handsome man.

If you don’t share that opinion, then we just can’t be friends.

He looks so innocent that raising one makes me feel like a proud mother, despite being a guy (is that weird?)

Looks aside, though, Swampert is not a Pokémon to be trifled with.

It hits like a truck and can take some serious beatings. It also only has one weakness, making it one hell of a job to take it out.

Its Earthquake also comes with a STAB bonus, which makes a massive difference when we start talking about the big boys and girls upstairs.


4. Haxorus

Haxorus from Pokemon anime

Haxorus doesn’t get STAB Earthquake. But with 147 base attack, that hardly matters.

If that outrageous number wasn’t bad enough, this behemoth of the Pokémon world also gets access to Swords Dance.

Put those two factors together and it should be pretty easy to discover why Haxorus is sitting in the UU format.


3. Landorus

Landorus from Pokemon anime

Landorus is still seeing a massive amount of competitive play as of Gen VIII.

If a Pokémon has been sitting at the top of the competitive circuit for close to 10 years now, then you know it’s a force to be reckoned with.

It doesn’t have the stats to match Haxorus. But it does have a strong 125 base attack that comes with the STAB boost.

And what it also has is Sand Force. This ability powers up Earthquake in a sandstorm, making Landorus an Earthquake wielding staple on all sand teams.


2. Excadrill

Excadrill Pokemon anime screenshot

If there’s one Earthquake user that’s seen more play than Landorus these last 10 years, it’s Excadrill.

Both of these powerhouses came out in Gen V, which makes me wonder what exactly GameFreak was thinking.

Excadrill’s attack comes close to Haxorus at 135. But with STAB, the difference between the two is more or less nonexistent.

On top of that, Excadrill has the ability options of Sand Force(like Landorus) or Sand Rush.

Sand Rush increases the overpowered mole’s speed in a sandstorm. So it shouldn’t be too difficult to see why this guy has sat on the top of the hill for so long (get it? As in molehill?)


1. Garchomp

Garchomp from Pokémon anime

There are few “best of” Pokémon lists that you can make without Garchomp topping them. And this is one of those lists.

It has a base attack of 130, which is slightly below Excadrill. But it also gets the STAB boost that Haxorus doesn’t get.

What really closes the gap between Garchomp and second place, though, is the fact that it has a 102 base speed and Swords Dance.

If you can get your Garchomp setup, you win. It’s like a Pokémon Exodia.

If you don’t think that it should be number one, then I challenge you to use one for yourself. Trust me, you’ll never look at Pokémon the same after you demolish some innocent trainers with one arm tied behind your back.

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