Top 15 Best Pokémon Town Song Themes

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When you think back to playing any of the Pokémon games you probably think of your team, the gym leaders, the world… and of course the music score.

When you boot up an old game and enter your favorite town to hear that music again, it’s like you’re immediately brought back to how exciting it was to play for the first time.

The nostalgic effects that a game’s music can have are often unnoticeable, but these tunes have a way of affecting how we feel and sticking with us for years.

While each Pokémon town has its own track, these 15 are generally my absolute favorites and I certainly hope you recognize a few of them.

15. Hoenn’s Oldale Town

Here we have the first town you visit after leaving your original hometown in gen 3. I can’t put my finger on it but there’s something about this song that just feels so… classic.

This isn’t from one of the original games yet it still has that original game feeling to it. Granted if you grew up playing gen 3 as your intro to the Pokémon world then you probably love this track as much as I do.

Upbeat, cheery, and just a general sense of a new adventure starting. You can’t ask for much more in a town RPG background track.


14. Sinnoh’s Sunyshore City

Sunyshore City houses the final gym that you complete in the Sinnoh region, and the town’s music is all about getting you pumped to face your final battle.

The entire tune is upbeat and motivates you to head towards that gym and fight. It’s also something you could throw on in the background while doing homework and it’d just blend into the atmosphere of the room.


13. Johto’s Ecruteak City

Found deep in the woods of Johto, Ecruteak City has a theme that’s reminiscent of Japanese melodies. The whole thing feels fitting amongst the beautiful foliage throughout the town.

Granted the theme is pretty simple with repetitive sections in the music, yet not too repetitive that it would get annoying on loop.

Revisiting this town’s theme will remind you of your first Pokémon adventures and how exciting it was to hear such a calming, welcoming piece of music after finally clearing Goldenrod City.


12. Sinnoh’s Snowpoint City

Snowpoint City is, like the name suggests, covered in snow that falls from Mt. Coronet. Though the blankets of thick snow can make it difficult to traverse, it really is a winter wonderland.

And the BGM theme music of Snowpoint does a great job of capturing the tranquil nature that the snowy area provides. Yet it also has a melody that keeps up with your movement throughout the city… it almost makes you want to go outside and play in the snow.

But who’s got time when there’s Pokémon games to play.


11. Kalos’ Anistar City

A lot goes on in Anistar City. It houses a gym with a leader who specializes in psychic-type Pokémon, and also holds an important side character the Old Man.

This Old Man will ask you to give him a low-level Pokémon to keep him company and he’ll later pass away(spoiler alert) only for you to come back to this Pokémon with a thank-you letter for helping make his last memories good ones. Yeah it’s pretty eye-watering.

The music throughout this town has hints of a ticking clock layered amongst many other sounds, reminding you of the ticking time of life, but also remaining motivational and emotional.

When you return to Anistar City I hope you hear this song and are reminded of the adventures you’ve been on and the people who’ve been a part of your journey.


10. Hoenn’s Fortree City

One of the most exciting and aesthetically pleasing cities in the Hoenn region has to be the tree-house city of Fortree.

You get around by climbing up ladders to traverse grassy rope bridges amongst the treetops. Sounds pretty laid back right? Well the theme music in Fortree makes you want to explore and adventure around with this laid back atmosphere.

As the city maintains a youthful feel to it, so does the music, making you wish that you could really swing from those trees yourself.


9. Kalos’ Lumiose City

Lumiose City is known throughout Kalos as the “City of Light” and has a lot going on at all times of the day and night. I think of it almost like Jubilife City, which also has an incredible BGM track(it’s in this list for sure).

Holding big landmarks like the Prism Tower and the Lumiose Museum, an upbeat BGM song is needed to compliment the hustle and bustle of the city.

It’s achieved through speedy orchestral sounds that make you feel like you’re really there in Lumiose, looking up at the lights of Prism Tower with your own team ready to take on the world.

This is a city that the game will force you to return to time and again, so it’s a good thing you have something pleasant to listen to with each visit.


8. Unova’s Driftveil City

Driftveil city acts as a major ocean port, filling the city with fishermen and markets.

This very populous city comes with upbeat music that puts a real smile on your face.

This city’s theme makes you want to dance and run around the city, but also makes you want to set sail on one of the city’s visiting boats and play the music as you navigate your way through the open waters.


7. Unova’s Icirrus City

Here we’ve got another city theme filled with upbeat music. The song comes with hints of drumming and clapping throughout, a different effect from many other games in the series.

It almost reminds me of some mix between more modern folk music and some rhythmic jungle drumming. I’d argue this is one more unique track for a Pokémon game and certainly one you’ll love if you’ve played through Unova many times.

Granted it may not be my absolute favorite song in this game but for a town theme it really stands out from the rest.


6. Kanto’s Cinnabar Island

Just getting to Cinnabar was always a sign that you’ve made it pretty far in your file. This gym was no picnic and with the Pokémon mansion you have a lot up against you here.

But geez, this music is some of the most rewarding stuff in the game. I might have to say it’s my absolute favorite song from the Kanto region.

And if I can add, I think this doesn’t get enough credit. Everyone loves Pallet Town’s theme and naturally all the town songs in gen 1 are amazing. But Cinnabar feels like this shining gem that’s hidden behind a tiny island town way out in the sea. Treat yourself and take a trip there.

You can enjoy the classic Gameboy song or even enjoy the remake BGM from the GBA games FireRed/LeafGreen.


5. Unova’s Aspertia City

Aspertia City is small but mighty, sitting at the foot of high mountains and giving a great view of the rest of Unova.

For such a quaint nature-embedded town, this is the kind of BGM music that makes you want to explore rather than stay inside.

The city’s theme does this perfectly by playing a mix of upbeat notes and slower melodies, making you feel like this town is only one small part of your Pokémon journey.


4. Sinnoh’s Jubilife City

There are two versions of Jubilife City’s track and I have to say the nighttime one is just so much more chill.

This is the kind of music you’d throw on at 2AM when you’re trying to get some extra work done and you just need a relaxed atmosphere.

The song feels dotty and almost twinkly in it’s style, yet still very grounded in the feeling of a town. I can practically see the stars above Jubilife as we speak.


3. Unova’s Lacunosa Town

This town’s theme manages to incorporate a variety of instruments to give a sort of Spanish vibe to the music, although still very mellow chilled out.

Through the use of guitars while contrasting with soft piano we get this amazing piece.

The song begins with gentle piano notes and once the exciting rhythms are introduced you’re left wanting to see even more of Lacunosa Town.

And the actual melody itself is an odd mix of both sombre yet upbeat. Probably one of the most intriguing BGM songs from all of Unova.


2. Kalos’ Geosenge Town

Here’s probably one of the weirdest mixes for all of this music. Geosenge is not your typical Pokémon town track. And yet, in many ways it is.

There’s an interesting bridge section that kinda feels like a mysterious, ominous break that leads back into the music. The whole song flows right back into itself moving from calming to almost spiritual, then mildly puzzling and right back.

What I like most here is that this town track does not feel uniform. There’s kind of a blocky feeling to the song as it ebbs and flows.

Some may like this, some may hate it. But I have to say it’s at least a memorable song from the X & Y series.


1. Johto’s Azalea Town/Blackthorn City

I think the music from gen 2 has to be some of my favorites that I could listen to on repeat for hours. This was a tough call to make but I have to say Azalea Town takes the cake here.

I really love the original version but I’m also quite fond of the HD remake for HeartGold/SoulSilver.

So much happens once you reach Azalea. It’s the true beginning of your journey and you stay there for quite a while. The music feels so darn happy and encouraging, like there’s something that just wants you to stick around and call this place home.

And for many of us who played through Johto countless times, I think it’s safe to say we might call part of that place home in some small way.

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