Project Highrise’s Best Mods: The Ultimate Collection

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We all like to pretend like we’re something we’re not.

By that, I’m not talking about any lack of authenticity or personality. We literally like to pretend – in awesome simulator games like Farming Simulator, Stardew Valley, and more.

While some of us gravitate towards pretending to be outdoorsy explorers, others prefer to go bigger.

Some just want to build skyscrapers in Project Highrise.

If you’re passionate about your simulated job as a high-rise manager, you’ll want to have the liveliest restaurants, the best amenities, and anything that can set you apart from the competition.

Let’s take a look at some mods that can help you achieve that.


20. Gamers’ Offices

Gamers’ Offices Project Highrise Mod

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Nowadays, being a very good – or very entertaining – gamer can really pay dividends. You should get in on the action by offering these new entrepreneurs some much-needed office space.

These Gamers’ Offices have slightly higher demands than your average office, but they also pay much more.

There are some basic gamer chairs, a nice TV, gaming-related decorations here and there, and even a free space for posters, works of art, or anything you feel may light-up the place.


19. Skyscraper Core Pack

Skyscraper Core Pack Mod for Project Highrise

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Project Highrise lacks a couple of things most of us would like to have whenever we’re designing a skyscraper.

And the Skyscraper Core Pack greatly expands our possibilities of realism with a set of new assets for large towers, like a ground-level elevator shaft that carries all utilities.

I think it looks fantastic, and it’s a convenient mod to have.


18. The Kramer

The Kramer Project Highrise Mod screenshot

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Kramer is a loathsome, offensive brute – but for some reason, we can’t look away.

The same can be said of this painting of Seinfeld’s eccentric friend, which Jerry’s then-girlfriend Nina painted in “The Letter”, the 21st episode of the 3rd season of the show.

It’s simply glorious.

And it’ll add an intense 90s character to whatever space you choose to hang it on.

It wasn’t until I hung up this majestic work of art that I felt my tower was complete.


17. Gun Store

Gun Store Mod for Project Highrise

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You’d hope a commercial tower full of offices would be a relatively peaceful place – but where money flows, so does violence.

It’s better to invest in self-defense today than to regret it later.

This Gun Store carries everything someone could need for basic hallways self-defense, including shotguns, sniper rifles, sub-machine guns, and much more.

I’m not too sure about how safe it is to fill your towers up with guns. But this Gun Store looks too cool to skip over.


16. Fallout Nuka Cola Machine

Fallout Nuka Cola Machine Project Highrise Mod

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Fans of the post-apocalyptic Fallout franchise know Nuka Cola, the most popular beverage in the Wasteland.

And they’ll love this Nuka Cola vending machine mod for any Project Highrise tower.

The flagship product of the Nuka-Cola Corp. is simply a symbol of American culture.

Just stay wary of any new “glowing flavors”. They may be radioactive.

My only gripe with this mod is that by placing it down, I’m technically saying my tower exists within the Fallout universe. I’d rather be digging down rather than building up if that’s the case!


15. Private Eye Office

Private Eye Office Mod for Project Highrise

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Every single visitor to your tower is a story waiting to be discovered.

And the best place to visit if you want this information is this Private Eye Office.

It’s a bit cramped, but it’s enough for an alcoholic ex-cop to use as a base of operations.

And it’s not the most fun place to visit, either. But the people here are discreet and efficient.

Visually, this dark space does a lot to break up small offices’ monotony in the vanilla game.


14. Journalism and Writers’ Office

Journalism and Writers’ Office Project Highrise Mod

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As long as there are people who can read, there’ll be a need for people who write.

Contribute to your tower’s literacy by housing journalists and writers with this mod.

This simple office features a desk, some reference books, and a basic desktop computer – everything you need for a content writing job.

With them here, chances somebody writes an article about what a fantastic workplace your tower is are pretty high. Everything is a business opportunity as a vertical property tycoon.


13. Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio Project Highrise Mod screenshot

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With so many office workers in your skyscraper, they’re bound to start getting back pain sooner or later.

Start taking preventive measures by bringing in some instructors for yoga classes and guided meditation.

This Yoga Studio is a place for healing where people can connect with themselves, and work out physical and mental problems.

Get enough of these in your tower and everyone will have flexible bodies and fully-oxygenated blood.


12. Arcade

Arcade Mod for Project Highrise

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Arcades are great for young people to have fun, while older people might use them as a way to take a break from their kids.

One way or another, they’re a great addition to any commercial tower.

I doubt they have anything as sophisticated as Project Highrise in this Arcade. But visitors will get their game on with classic titles like Q*bert and Street Fighter for sure.

It’s a pretty profitable establishment – which makes sense, considering how easy it is to take a kid’s pocketful of quarters.


11. Cinema

Cinema Project Highrise Mod

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Going to the movies is a great way to release some tension after work.

And having a couple theaters in your skyscraper will help your tenants wind down, while also drawing in more customers.

This cinema mod has all the staples:

The overpriced popcorn, the watered-down soda, and hot dogs – it’s all there!

Regrettably, this mod won’t let you change the movie or anything fancy like you could in SimTower. But it’s still a fine entertainment establishment to add to your tower.


10. Black Market Trader

Black Market Trader Project Highrise Mod

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Crime is a fact of life.

Whether in the dirtiest slums or the tallest skyscrapers, there’s always someone willing to break the law for a pretty penny.

If you’re an unscrupulous businessman like myself, you’ll want to get your cut of the pie by offering office space to smugglers to open up a Black Market Trader.

Profits are high, and you know your visitors and tenants will be well-supplied to satisfy their less legal cravings.


9. Low Poly Land Art

Low Poly Land Art Project Highrise Mod

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Landscape paintings are one of the easiest, most tasteful ways of decorating a business space – and these low-poly pieces of art are a fantastic modern take on this classic genre.

These paintings depict four different biomes in a low-poly art style, reminiscent of Campo Santo’s Firewatch.

The simple lines and strong colors make these four beautiful landscapes a perfect fit for Project Highrise’s aesthetic. They’re pretty large, but they fit right into your tower’s environments.


8. Public Restrooms

Public Restrooms Mod for Project Highrise

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Nothing screams “newbie architect” like forgetting to plan enough bathrooms for your skyscraper.

These are basics, man!

Well these Public Restrooms make the perfect additions for a food court or any other high-traffic area.

It’s not a very profitable thing to build, but it fulfills a need. Anyone who’s been in dire need of a bathroom where there aren’t any knows how important this can be.

People need to empty their bowels surprisingly often when you’re feeding them Starbucks and McDonald’s on the regular, you know?


7. McDonald’s Restaurant

McDonald’s Restaurant Project Highrise Mod

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No respectable first-world business center is complete without everyone’s favorite international mega-corporation, McDonald’s.

This greasy but delicious fast food joint will provide your tenants and visitors with cheap, reliable sustenance at the cost of their health.

It’s time to gain a few sizes and teach our kids some terrible eating habits.

This restaurant will be the most profitable in high traffic areas that are close to elevators. Regrettably, they only serve lunch and dinner.

What’s so bad about a burger before 10:00 am?


6. Waffle House

Waffle House Mod for Project Highrise

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There’s nothing quite like a classic, greasy American breakfast at the famous Waffle House franchise.

Not that you should limit yourself to breakfast. Here you can get coffee, waffles, eggs, and hashbrowns at any time of the day. It’s open 24h!

Sure, it’ll make lots of noise and smell – but at least it’s a tasty smell.


5. Starbucks Shop

Starbucks Shop Project Highrise Mod screenshot

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If you’re going to have a successful tower, you need your tenants and every passerby going about their business as fast and efficiently as possible.

A bit of coffee can go a long way.

And what better place for your tower’s discerning clientele than a Starbucks?

This lot does well in high-traffic areas, much like real-life Starbucks. It’s fairly profitable, not too expensive to build, and your citizens will have trendy frappuccinos and iced coffees to post about on Instagram.

That’s free publicity!


4. The Mint

The Mint Project Highrise Mod screenshot

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The Mint is the official government organization that handles the printing of this country’s currency.

They struggle to keep their staff anonymous, and their activities under wraps to avoid undesired attention from criminals, so they’ll pay top dollar for your small office space.

Each office belonging to The Mint pays around 10,000 per day – and all they need is a small office, power supply, a food court, and a cafe.

Aesthetically, it looks just like you’d expect a government office to look.

It features very official-looking furniture and plenty of filing space.


3. Fancy Escalators

Fancy Escalators Mod for Project Highrise

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Automatic escalators were actually quite innovative when they were first introduced, with people fainting due to the overwhelming experience of a moving staircase quite often.

I hope you won’t run into such trouble with these Fancy Escalators while still reaping the benefits of this convenient machine.

This mod has fantastic artwork that elevates the base game’s art-style, while still fitting into the environment.

These escalators are a total treat.


2. Indoor Patio

Indoor Patio Mod for Project Highrise

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Taking a minute to just hang out on the patio with your friends or family can really take the edge off a difficult day – and if you don’t have access to an outdoor patio, an indoor one will have to do.

This fantastic space sets a great ambiance for informal meetings and can be a very exclusive seating space if placed in a restaurant.

This decoration is properly layered, so you can see the people walking behind the glass and steel railing just fine. It’s a really high-quality and polished mod!


1. Aquarium

Aquarium Project Highrise Mod

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Some people would say building an aquarium in a skyscraper may be a bit extravagant.

But people need to stay in contact with nature more than you think – even if it’s behind a sheet of glass.

This glorious 2-story tank houses all kinds of fish, crustaceans, and so on. Whales are also present, and it’s 100% animated.

This place really gets busy after 3:00 pm and can see some really high traffic. It’s the perfect recreation for your tower’s tenants.

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