15 Best Weapons Mods for Project Zomboid (All Free)

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Suppose you wake up and the world has fallen into chaos as zombies take over the landscape. What would be your first priority?

Ninety-nine percent of you will have thought of weapons. Sure, water and food are essential. But with no guns, you’ll just fall prey to the zombie menace like your unarmed neighbors.

The Indie Stone’s Project Zomboid offers a fair variety of weaponry to unleash on the zombie plague, but it’s never enough.

So we’ve got a collection of hand-picked Project Zomboid weapon mods featuring new melee weapons and firearms to spice up your zombie survival.


15. Vanilla Firearms Expansion

Vanilla Firearms Expansion PZ Mod

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The first step to upgrading your zombie-killing arsenal has to be the Vanilla Firearms Expansion by Stendo_Clip.

This mod does three main things:

  • It replaces the appearance and name of all vanilla weapons with something new.
  • It adds a ton of new firearms and attachments.
  • All attachments are rebalanced for realism.

My favorite additions include the MP5 SMG and the SPAS-12 shotgun – both of which are video game classics by now.


14. More Pole Weapons

More Pole Weapons Mod for Project Zomboid

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It doesn’t matter how much water you drink, how much food you stockpile, or how many books you read if you can’t keep the zombies at bay.

One bite is all it takes to send everything down the drain.

Gluten’s More Pole Weapons helps you keep a safe distance from the walking dead by adding 13 long weapons to your crafting menu. Just add a longer handle to any of your short vanilla melee weapons, and you’re good to go.

The short spear can also be combined with a handle for an even longer spear that will let you poke zombies as much as you want without risk of infection.


13. Rager Baseball Bat

Rager Baseball Bat Project Zomboid Mod

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If you’re more of an up-close and personal survivor, the Rager Baseball Bat by Madax will serve you well.

This high-tech bat is a much more powerful alternative to the basic Baseball Bat. It features a sleek design and – most importantly – some bad-ass weapon modifications.

Whereas the Baseball Bat can only become a Spiked Baseball Bat, the Rager can be wrapped in barbed wire, made heavier with iron studs, and even outfitted with an ax head for devastating effects.


12. Akier Machete

Akier Machete Mod for PZ

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Gamers tend to lose their marbles whenever they find a Katana in a survival game.

Me? I’m more of a machete guy.

But I’m not talking about a boring regular machete like the one in vanilla PZ. I’m talking about the black-coated, aerodynamic high-end machetes for hiking and military ops.

Creator Madax brings us one such blade in his Akier Machete add-on.

Like the Rager Bat, this weapon shines for the available mods. You can give it a barbed blade, make it shorter or ergonomic for easier wielding, and more.


11. Quick SMGs

Quick SMGs Project Zomboid Mod

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SMGs are some of the most entertaining weapons to use in shooters – and I’d love to have one in a zombie survival context.

They’re easy to aim, lightweight, and look like a lot of fun.

Abdhaq’s Quick SMGs mod brings 18 of these practical firearms to PZ, along with bullets and specialized repair kits. You’ll probably recognize the MP5, UMP, Skorpion, and UZI – but there are plenty more to discover.

Getting your hands on one of these will make surviving a little easier, but they’re all pretty balanced, so don’t worry about breaking your game.


10. Tactical Weapons

Tactical Weapons Mod for Project Zomboid

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I love modern versions of classic melee weapons. Black-coated blades, carbon-fiber bodies, and some laser cut-outs for lighter weight can give a weapon intense bad-ass vibes.

The Tactical Weapons mod by SS232 brings several blades in this modern “tactical” style to PZ.

You’ll find two knives, an ax, a long sword, and the coolest ninja sword in the post-apocalypse. You can even attach some of these weapons to one end of a stick to create a spear or halberd.

If you’re roleplaying a ninja or a resourceful survival expert with a background in medieval martial arts, this is the way to go.


9. Firearms B41

Firearms B41 Project Zomboid Mod

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Hacking zombies into pieces with a futuristic halberd is every gamer’s dream, but getting that close to zombies is putting yourself at risk.

Guns are the only way to keep you and your family safe from the zombie menace – and modder Hyzo wants to smuggle some new models into Knox Country.

The Firearms B41 mod introduces a five-star collection of 14 all-new guns to Project Zomboid.

There are assault rifles like the FN FAL and AK-47, SMGs like the MP5 and the UZI, and everyday urban weapons like the humble Glock handgun.


8. Paw Low Loot

Paw Low Loot Mod for PZ

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Borderlands, Path of Exile, and Project Zomboid all have one thing in common:

It’s all about the loot.

Sure, you can say you’re trying to save the world or survive the zombie apocalypse, but in the end, it all comes down to risking life and limb for weapons, armor, and resources to help you find even more loot.

Paw Low Loot keeps exploring interesting by injecting all-new fantasy and tactical-themed equipment to loot caches all over Knox Country.

There’s themed loot for witches, priests, mercenaries, and… campers?

You can expect revolvers, SMGs, pistols, and even some medieval stuff like swords and shields.


7. Antique Armory

Antique Armory Project Zomboid Mod

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As zombies take over and society is sent back to the middle ages, we should make sure we bring back the good parts of the middle ages as well – and by that, I mean the weapons.

There’s nothing like splitting zombies in two with a Zweihänder, and I’ll take a crossbow over a handgun any day!

Antique Armory by Stalhansch adds 30+ custom weapons from before gunpowder took over the battlefield. You’ll find them scattered all around the game world as family heirlooms and museum pieces, often wrapped in a thick blanket for protection.

When I say “medieval,” I’m not referring to Europe exclusively.

There are also cool Arab and Native American weapons that you have to check out!


6. Scrap Weapons

Scrap Weapons Mod for Project Zomboid

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Weapons are a resource like any other.

After the first few weeks of the zombie apocalypse, scarcity will set in – and you might be forced to make do with what you find lying around.

Creator DjVirus explores this scenario with his Scrap Weapons mod, introducing a wealth of hardcore melee weapons you can make out of everyday items and whatever metal scraps you can put together.

Turn a wrench into a tomahawk, or fuse a spanner and a blade for a Mad Max-style sword. Nothing goes to waste in the post-apocalypse!


5. Scrap Guns

Scrap Guns Project Zomboid Mod

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Taking a small step away from realism, we find DjVirus’s Scrap Guns – a mod that’ll help you create some devastating firearms and throwables from duct tape and junk you found in the trash can.

These are not basic science fair projects but fully-functional automatic weapons with fearsome stopping power. There are handguns, shotguns, bayonets, sniper rifles – and even grenades made out of empty Coca-Cola cans.

The Fallout vibes are through the roof.

It takes a high metalworking skill to create the more powerful guns, so this mod works well with a fortified strategy where you weld together many fences and walls to keep out the dead.


4. Bushcraft Gear – Tools

Bushcraft Gear – Tools Mod for PZ

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Even though zombies are practically paranormal in nature, the basics of survival still apply.

One of the first things you need is some sturdy, reliable tools to chop wood, make kindling, and cut through the overgrowth. If you can also cut through zombies with them, that’s even better!

Bushcraft Gear – Tools by modder Scavenger adds six all-new lore-friendly melee weapons to PZ.

My main reason for featuring this mod is the clean and unpretentious aesthetics. These knives, axes, and machetes look like the ones at the hardware store down the road, making them perfect for PZ’s urban environment.


3. Bushcraft Gear – Rare Weapons

Bushcraft Gear – Rare Weapons PZ Mod

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The same modder offers us more unusual arms in the Bushcraft Gear – Rare Weapons mod.

This smaller collection introduces two rare, fantasy-looking weapons to your arsenal: a Viking Axe and a “Reinforced Baseball Bat” that looks more like the spiked mace an orc would wield in World of Warcraft.

In addition, Scavenger replaces the vanilla Katana model with a more attractive version that matches the look of the other Rare Weapons.



ORGM Mod for Project Zomboid

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If there’s something the ORGM mod by Fenris_Wolf has, it’s variety.

This massive mod introduces over 100 new firearms to Project Zombie, including revolvers, semi-auto pistols, machine pistols, assault rifles, bolt-action rifles, shotguns, and the list goes on and on.

These weapons are all based on real-life products like the AR-15, the Colt Python, and the FN Five-Seven.

Some of them you’ve seen in video games, others in film, and you’ll likely find a favorite here.


1. Brita’s Weapon Pack

Brita’s Weapon Pack Project Zomboid Mod

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One of the most important aspects of choosing a mod is compatibility.

And thanks to its long trajectory as the go-to weapon mod for PZ, most mods work with Brita’s Weapon Pack.

But it goes further than just convenience.

Brita’s Weapon Pack has maintained its popularity because of the frequent updates and the simple fact that it includes 340+ top-quality weapons.

You could play Project Zomboid exclusively for weeks, and you still wouldn’t have found all the weapons in this mod.

It doesn’t matter though, because they are all a dream come true.

The models are excellent, the animations are out of this world, and they feature new functionality and modes the vanilla weapons just don’t have.

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