10 Best Radiata Stories Characters

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When you first begin Radiata Stories it can be tough figuring out which characters make the best party members. Not to mention there are so many other smaller characters in the game that add so much to the atmosphere and feeling of the world.

Everyone’s favorite path tends to be human, and there’s a good reason for it – not only does it adapt better to Jack’s story, but it’s also the path with the best overall weapons and characters in the game.

As such, many players struggle to find the best Radiata stories characters if they choose a different path, often finding some disappointment in the general roster.

So I’ve made a list of the 10 best characters in the entire game (all of which can be played in the human path). Be sure to keep any of these characters by your side and your journey will be a walk in the park!

10. Sonata

Sonata from Radiata Stories

No one really knows which race Sonata belongs to, but if one thing’s for sure, it is that he’s one of the best characters in the game. If you can look past his scary appearance!

He was originally born in a country far away from Radiata, but he serves as a crucial companion to Jack when the human path is selected.

He belongs to the Void Community, acting as the assistant leader of the Guild.

With a set of steel claws that resemble Wolverine’s, his attacks are all based on the fact that he can cut through almost any foe.


9. Rynka

Rynka from Radiata Stories

No one knows how old Rynka is, but she does look old enough to carry herself as a composed thief that works for the Void Community.

As a member she’s very open to everyone with true kindness, although she is known to be a bit rough at times.

She specializes in close-quarter combat, using double blades and her legs, and her skills make a fine addition to your adventures. She feels like a very speedy character overall, so you’ll do wonders to add her to your team and keep her by your side during the human path.


8. Nocturne

Nocturne from Radiata Stories

The “Sprinting Shadow,” Nocturne is one of the best warriors that Radiata has ever seen.

He’s a member of the Void Community, but he’s known to be quite the legend around those parts.

Everyone knows that Nocturne poses with a sword, but he’s also known to be quite an intelligent person. Nocturne acts on thoughts over impulse, so he’s a great companion to you if you manage to recruit him.

There is a side quest in the game which allows you to settle his differences with an old friend with whom he adventured in the past, called Gerald. You can choose to help him by completing the quest.


7. Genius

Genius in Radiata Stories

This character’s name speaks for itself.

Genius has been teaching at the Institute since the young age of 15, and you will first encounter him by following the sounds that he makes below the ground while experimenting.

He’s the one who discovers that humanity is close to an end, and that it might be too late for humans to be saved.

He has decent stats for a character of his nature and decent abilities, such as Ice Missile. His technique is very similar to the magic of elves!


6. Fernando

Fernando in Radiata Stories

Fernando is the leader of the Old Faction of the Olacion Order, a separate faction that he created after the original Order became too greedy.

Fernando can be recruited after recruiting all of the members of the Order.

He’s a master of hand-to-hand combat and one of the strongest companions in the game!


5. Nyx

Nyx Radiata Stories

Nyx is the leader of the Void Community, and he’s said to belong to the same race as Sonata. No one knows what he is, but he moves around by floating because he lost both of his legs in a bloody battle.

He’s a powerful and enigmatic character that can be recruited once the other three guild leaders become part of your party.

The strangest thing about Nyx is the reason as to why he created the Void Community. The guild is one of the four guilds that exist within Radiata, but the purpose of its existence is unknown.

No one knows why the guild was created, and it isn’t stated during any point of the game. All that we know is his looks resemble a male vampire!


4. Valkyrie

Valkyrie character from Radiata Stories

Valkyrie is not originally from Radiata. In fact, she isn’t even from the same world where Radiata is located because she’s a fill-in from the Valkyrie Profile series.

She’s a goddess from Asgard and one of the strongest characters in the game.

Since she’s an add-on character she isn’t in the main story. That’s why you can only recruit her after the story is finished, by completing the hidden dungeon Distortion Corridor.

She will instantly challenge Jack to a duel. If he loses, well you’ll be taken to Valhalla.

However upon defeating Valkyrie she sees the talent and good intentions of Jack and agrees to join him on his adventures.

She’s a very agile character with some nifty abilities thanks to her powerful sword.


3. Kain

Kain from Radiata Stories

Kain is the high priest of the Olacion Order, and if you want to recruit him, you’ll need to recruit every other member of the Order first.

He’s an extremely powerful monk who was brought to the order by the previous high priest, shortly before she disappeared. Kain is a kind man who will happily help the player on his quests.

As you would expect from a monk with such abilities, he fights using his magic skills and even has a special ability that allows him to heal members of the party. His attacks are powerful, and his supportive abilities are not to be underestimated.


2. Elwen

Elwen from Radiata Stories

The wise Elwen is responsible for advising Jack as soon as she meets him.

Elwen sees the potential in Jack and knows how powerful he can be. However, Elwen also notices that Jack fights for himself during the beginning of the game. She guides him through a path of righteousness.

She can be recruited after recruiting every other member of the Theater Vancoor.

It is unclear as to where Elwen comes from, but her wise behavior and her abilities are a breath of fresh air in the country of Radiata.


1. Jack Russell

Jack from Radiata Stories game

Jack Russell is a young man that we should all know.

He’s the 16-year-old that serves as the protagonist to Radiata Stories. He’s the son of Cairn Russell, who was the man responsible for bringing balance to the land with the mighty sword that Jack now carries on his back.

Playing as Jack, you’ll be able to level him up fast as you advance through the story and follow the adventures of this lively kid. Since you’ll be spending a lot of time with him, I think it’s fair to say he’s by far the best character in the entire game.

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