Ragnarok: The Lost Memories Card Tier List

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Ragnarok: The Lost Memories Card Tier List
Tiers Cards
S-Tier (Reroll-worthy) Doppelganger, Osiris, Moonlight Flower, Mistress, Orc Hero
A-Tier (Great Investments) Stormy Knight, Evil Snake Lord, Drake
B-Tier (Niche) Golden Thief Bug, Maya
C-Tier (Non-Priority) Baphomet, Chimera
Honorable Mentions (Viable Non-MVP Cards) Alarm, Jakk, Argiope, Myst, Mao Guai, Grave Mummy, Dustiness, Ungoliant, Blue Acidus, Mistress of Shelter, Isis, Orc Skeleton, Khalitzburg, Coco, Orc Zombie, Kaho, Andre Egg

S-Tier Cards

Doppelganger – Offers the best offensive buff in the game. It significantly increases your team’s ASPD and HIT, which in turn guarantees insane amounts of additional DPS for your party.

Osiris – Another must-have card as not only does it give your team periodical heals upon usage, but it also lets them revive after taking lethal damage within a set duration. They also come back with a momentary invulnerability buff as well!

Moonlight Flower – By far the most useful passive-type card in the game. It increases your Maximum CP, CP Recovery Time — not to mention that it also reduces each party member’s skill cooldowns.

Mistress – It’s the most versatile active support card as it heals your party, reduces their skill cooldown, and also recovers CP for each team member affected to boot. Basically, it’s an all-in-one buff card that’s useful in any team comp.

Orc Hero – Having this card gives your team a massive boost in survivability and, in some cases, in the DPS department as well. Upon usage, it gives your entire party a shield which, if stunned by an enemy, replenishes and boosts the stunned member’s STR and INT stats significantly.


A-Tier Cards

Stormy Knight – A great debuff card that freezes all enemies in a large range while also reducing their DEF and ASPD stat for a time. Useful for fighting against large mobs or even against bosses that aren’t immune to freezing.

Evil Snake Lord – A great passive-type card to have if you have built/planning to build a magic team. It increases your team’s overall INT, ASPD, and Casting Speed.

Drake – It’s a fantastic passive-type MVP card much like the Evil Snake Lord, but unlike the latter, it’s more advisable to be equipped for a physical team as it instead increases the ATK, HIT, and Movement Speed stats of every party member.


B-Tier Cards

Golden Thief Bug – More of a niche card than anything, as it removes debuffs from your team and renders them immune for a time. While it might not be as flashy as the other cards, it can be handy in PVP battles, against crowd control-heavy mobs, and even against bosses with debuff skills.

Maya – Upon usage, this card allows your party to reflect damage for a short period of time. Same with the Golden Thief Bug, it also has relatively limited use outside of PVP or against some burst-type damage bosses in the game.


C-Tier Cards

Baphomet – Upon usage, this card inflicts AOE damage against enemies and also reduces their MDEF. It becomes great when paired with other magic buff and debuff cards, but otherwise has very limited use outside of general mob-clearing.

Chimera – This card deals poison DOT against a single enemy and also decreases their ATK and MATK throughout the skill’s duration. While Chimera is a decent DPS and debuff card, it is overshadowed by other MVP cards in terms of utility especially in the late game.


Honorable Mentions

This tier is a collection of viable non-level 4/MVP cards that can be useful for either physical teams, magical teams, or both.

For Physical Teams, it’s best to invest in:

Jakk – Increases CRIT of all allies
Grave Mummy – Increases STR of physical-type allies
Orc Skeleton – Increases ATK of all allies
Orc Zombie – Decreases DEF of all enemies
Khalitzburg (PASSIVE) – Increases ATK of all allies



For Magic Teams, it’s best to invest in:

Alarm – Reduces skill cooldown of all allies
Myst – Reduces skill cooldown of mage allies
Isis – Increases INT and Cast Speed of mage allies
Kaho – Decreases MDEF of all enemies
Mao Guai – Increases MATK of all allies
Mistress of Shelter (PASSIVE) – Increases MATK of all allies



For General or Situational purposes, it’s best to invest in:

Argiope – Increases DEF and MDEF of all allies
Dustiness – Inflicts damage and stun against a single enemy
Ungoliant – Reduces HP recovery of all enemies
Blue Acidus – Increases ATK and MATK of all allies
Coco (PASSIVE) – Decreases CP recovery duration
Andre Egg (PASSIVE) – Increases max CP and HP of all allies



NOTE: While investing in most cards in this tier is optional, it is heavily recommended to invest in the Coco and Andre Egg cards. Doing so will allow you to use your active cards more often, thus improving your overall flexibility while in battle.

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