25 Fun Rattata Facts That Might Surprise You

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Rattata is the type of Pokémon that does not get a lot of attention.

This is a shame since, as all Pokémon enthusiasts know, there is something special about every single Pokémon out there. This does include the boring normal-type ones that were introduced way back in Generation I like Rattata.

Rattata evolves at level 20, turning into Raticate. Unfortunately this is all that most people know about the Pokémon. This is why I want to share some more interesting facts about this purple rat, so let’s learn dive in.

1. Rattata’s popularity is all because of Youngster Joey

The fanbase started to pay attention to Rattata thanks to its appearance in Route 30 in Johto, and the meme phone calls claiming that Joey’s Rattata is among the top percentage of the species.

2. Rattata has a really low base HP

In fact, Rattata has the lowest normal-type Pokémon base HP.

This is also true for Alolan Rattata, with the lowest special attack and base HP of all the Dark Pokémon.

3. Rattata and its evolution are in the same category as those of Pikachu

Pikachu is not the only one to share the mouse category with Rattata.

We also have Sandslash, Sandshrew and Raichu that are all mouse Pokémon(among many others).

At least one Alola regional variant family member exists for every single one of these.

4. Rattata was created based on a type of rat

Based on the position of the ears and the shape of its body, it is highly possible that Rattata was derived from a dumbo type rat.

5. Alolan Rattata has a connection with Hawaii

According to numerous fans, the Alolan Rattata is based on the way in which Hawaiian rats react since they are much more vicious than those in other parts of the world.

This does explain why the Alolan Rattata is a dark-type Pokémon.

Hawaiian rats forced the locals to import the Asian mongoose as they were constantly attacking sugar cane fields. However, this did not work and the Asian mongoose turned into a local invasive species.

This connection explains the rough relationship between Rattata and Yungoos.

6. The uniqueness of Rattata

There is no other Pokemon with the exact same type combination like Alolan Rattata and its Alolan evolution.

7. Differences between female and male Rattata

Rattata does look a lot like a mouse and it has really large incisors, with one whisker on both sides of the face for both genders.

The male-female ratio is 1 to 1 so the possibility of catching any is the same. However, the female Rattata has shorter whiskers.

8. Rattata has great teeth

The teeth on Rattata grow very fast.

The Pokémon can survive in almost all environments and has no problems nesting anywhere. Also its teeth are used in attacks like Bite and Super Fang.

9. Rattata is always alert

A Rattata is always alert and one of the few creatures with impeccable hearing.

This is true even while sleeping as the Pokémon will always move its ears to be able to listen all around it. You cannot creep on a Rattata!

10. Comparatively one of the weaker Pokemon

This is pretty easy to assume but Rattata is not exactly the strongest out of all 800+ options.

11. Where does the Rattata live?

You typically find wild Rattata in mountains, towers, forests, fields or caves.

12. Rattata relies on attacks

While Rattata is weak, it is interesting to notice that its highest stat is attack.

13. Rattata spends most of the day looking for food

Rattata live where food can be found and most of the day is spent looking for it.

Its sharp fangs allow it to eat almost anything but the Pokémon will always stay away from anything that smells spoiled.

14. The origin of Rattata’s name

It’s believed that the name is a combination of the words “rat” and “attack”.

This was much more evident when looking at the original name Rattatak, which was the prototype name during development.

15. The most-known Rattata is Ratty

Ratty is owned by Yellow in Pokemon Adventures. It is also the starting Pokémon used in that series.

Ratty reached level 25 and is described as being “highly persistent”.

16. Level 1 Rattata can defeat any Pokemon

This is a really cool thing that’s tough to pull off but doable.

A level 1 Rattata is capable of defeating any Pokémon of any strength or level thanks to the use of the F.E.A.R. Method (Focus Sash – Endeavor – Attack – Rattata).

For this to happen, Rattata needs Focus Sash as a starter item. Then after attacked and left with 1 HP, he can use Endeavor. This makes the opponent end up with 1 HP. After that just use Quick Attack and the battle is over.

17. Rattata is the very first Pokémon with the same name in French, Italian, Spanish and English
18. Rattata has a 253 total of its base stats, the only one out of all Pokémon.
19. In Pokemon Go, Ditto hides as Rattata

If you want to catch Ditto in Pokémon Go it might hide as a low-tier Pokémon, including Pidgey and Rattata.

20. Rattata is not classified as being good against another Pokémon

This is interesting given the fact that the F.E.A.R. strategy can be so effective against most other Pokémon.

21. Rattata’s anime debut

This creature first appeared in the original pilot episode in Pokémon – I Choose You!

A Rattata tried to steal some food from the backpack Ash was using. Ash chased him off and Rattata just hissed at him, only to then run away.

22. Rattata’s Pokemon Adventures manga debut

This happened as a cameo as a Pokémon escaping the laboratory of Professor Oak. The debut happened in “Bulbasaur, Come Home!”

23. Rattata also appeared in Detective Pikachu
24. Koratta means “child Ratta” in Japanese

This is because the word “ko” means child and “Ratta” is the Japanese name of Raticate.

25. Rattatak was the original name of Rattata in Pokemon Red and Blue beta.



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