30 Best Mods For The Resident Evil 3 Remake

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Capcom has been on a roll pulling out all the stops to put the Resident Evil franchise back into the spotlight.

And RE3 is no exception.

It’s great that the recent remake allow for older gamers to experience fresh takes on some of their favorite titles.

But it’s not just flashy new graphics that keep people playing. It’s also the tremendous number of mods we can pick from.

The RE mod community has already crafted some crazy ideas since the game’s release, and I’ve come up with this list featuring some of the best ones to check out.


30. Fluffy Manager 5000

Fluffy Manager 5000 RE3 Remake mod

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Before we even get started with mods, you’re going to want to get yourself the Fluffy Manager 5000.

Most games with a serious mod community have their own community mod manager, and Resident Evil 3 is no different.

The Fluffy Manager 5000 is your one-stop shop when it comes to mods for the game, allowing you to do everything from managing mods you already have installed to downloading completely new ones to try.

Now I know this one isn’t exactly a mod so I’m throwing in something extra.

Within the Fluffy Manager 5000’s download mods feature, you’ll be able to download a mod that replaces all enemies with Nemesis – which should make for some crazy gameplay right off the bat.


29. Ultimate Trainer for Resident Evil 3 Remake

Ultimate Trainer for Resident Evil 3 Remake mod

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If you’re looking to play around with some mods but haven’t really decided what it is you want to do exactly, Raz0r’s Ultimate Trainer is a great place to start.

The trainer is packed with customizable features that let you explore some of the different things you’ll be able to with modding.

Some of the mod’s features include the ability to swap out characters, switch to a first-person camera, adjust various HUD elements, and even enable cheats like infinite ammo and walk through walls.


28. RE3 Immersion – Reshade

RE3 Immersion – Reshade mod for RE3 Remake

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One of the first things players use mods for?

Improved graphics.

If you’re just about to play through the RE3 remake for the very first time, I highly recommend having JimmyANdresRG’s RE3 Immersion Reshade mod installed.

The mod simply plays with lighting and color options to make things appear much more vibrant compared to the original. And while it does lessen the overall gloomy vibe of the game’s visuals, it makes everything look much less washed out as well.


27. FPS Zombies

FPS Zombies mod for Resident Evil 3 Remake

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Before you get started on that initial playthrough, you’re going to want to get these quality of life mods to go along with the RE3 Immersion Reshade preset.

This next couple of mods address some overarching issues with the game, and while the issues they fix aren’t too big (Cyberpunk I’m looking at you), you’re in for a much better experience overall with them out of the way.

FPS Zombies fixes an issue with RE3 where regardless of whether you’re playing with an uncapped framerate, has zombies that are far away from you still animate at a maximum of 30 frames.

This mod simply prevents the game from doing so, making everything animate at the FPS your system can handle.


26. RE3R Better Camera – Carlos and Jill

RE3R Better Camera - Carlos and Jill mod screenshot

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The RE3R Better Camera mod is another must-have in my opinion, as it solves another common complaint fans have with the game.

Many players have reported bad camera angles, and even worse – having these angles happen during enemy encounters.

Luckily for us, modder Trickster already has a fix.

This mod zooms the camera out a bit so you see much more of your surroundings, and removes zoom while aiming as well to make it easier to see everything that’s going on.


25. Silent Hill Inspired Reshade

Silent Hill Inspired Reshade RE3 Remake mod

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In case you’re looking to spice things up a bit for your next playthrough, Mooncubus’ Silent Hill Inspired Reshade a great way to do so.

Fans of the horror genre should be familiar with Silent Hill and should remember how that blanket of dense fog made the eerie atmosphere of the game.

This mod brings that Silent Hill vibe to RE3, as if the game wasn’t already gloomy enough.


24. Classic Inventory RE3

Classic Inventory RE3 mod for Resident Evil 3 Remake

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As with any remake, RE3 also has its own horde of fans who remain loyal to the original.

Not to say they didn’t enjoy the new version, but many mods have surfaced that bring back some elements from the original game.

Nothing brings back the look and feel of the original RE3 more than nayefk93’s Classic Inventory mod.

This mod replaces the start screen logo, inventory menus, and the health bar with those of the original 1999 release.


23. The Classic Items Pack

The Classic Items Pack Resident Evil 3 Remake mod

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How about pairing your nostalgia with FrankWesker’s Classic Items Pack? It’ll definitely take you back.

This mod reskins some of the newer item textures with ones that look exactly like the old versions, and I’m pretty sure you’re going to remember some of these. It was the herbs in particular that did it for me.

If you played the original game then it’s a real treat to see the items look pretty much exactly as they did, so go check it out for yourself.


22. Jill Definitive Classic Costume

Jill Definitive Classic Costume mod for RE3R

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Jill has become an iconic character in the Resident Evil franchise.

And if there’s one important rule all devs of long-time game franchises should follow – it’s that you should never mess with iconic characters.

While there are rare cases where overhauling a character for a reboot might work out, it just doesn’t happen very often.

Why do you think Doomguy, Sonic, and Mario’s appearances aren’t changed much across their different games?

Many Resident Evil fans felt the same about Jill, and demand for the character’s classic look was quite high.

This mod should be exactly what you need, bringing back that old school Jill look from the original game.


21. Nemesis Classic Style

Nemesis Classic Style RE3 Remake mod

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If iconic protagonists can’t be touched, neither can their bad guy counterparts.

With Jill getting a classic makeover, we can’t forget about our buddy Nemesis.

Nemesis is one of my personal scariest video game bad guys, and how RE3 plays out just makes him that much more terrifying.

Seeing him in his original form instantly brought back that sense of terror I felt playing the game as a kid, and should be more than enough to please other fans of the original game.


20. CQBR – M4 SFX Pack

CQBR - M4 SFX Pack RE3 Remake mod

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Weapons are another focal point when it comes to RE3 modding.

And while some mods bring back classic Resident Evil guns as well (which we’ll get to in a bit), there are others that take a different approach.

The CQBR – M4 SFX Pack is perfect for swapping out some of the game’s weapon sounds with much more realistic ones.

The pack mostly takes from PUBG in particular, replacing the M4 gunshot sounds with those from the popular first-person battle royale.


19. STI Eagle 6.0

STI Eagle 6.0 mod for Resident Evil 3 Remake

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This next mod is another treat for those who played the original game, bringing back the famed STI Eagle to the Resident Evil 3 remake.

This gun was somewhat of an easter egg in the original, and was by no means easy to obtain.

Having to defeat Nemesis twice on Hard Mode to gain access to the weapon, it would have to be one powerful gun to make it worth the trouble.

Many fans were disappointed to find that the weapon wasn’t included in the remake version. So modder Crazy Potato took it upon himself to bring it back.


18. Samurai Edge Custom

Samurai Edge Custom in Resident Evil 3 Remake

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Jill’s Samurai Edge is another iconic Resident Evil weapon, though it isn’t quite as difficult to get as the STI Eagle.

While getting the weapon wasn’t the issue, obtaining the gun in the remake does come with quite a hefty price tag

This caused many fans to take to the forums to discuss whether or not it’s even worth it to buy, but modder SilverEzredes had different plans.

His custom version of the Samurai Edge does come with a new skin, but beyond that includes a few upgrades from the original as well.

Included in the mod are completely usable custom parts and sound effects for the handgun as well.


17. Mini Devil Sword Dante

Mini Devil Sword Dante RE3 Remake mod

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I mentioned earlier that many modders have taken from some of their other favorite games to make for some interesting RE3 crossover mods.

This next mod adds another iconic video game weapon to RE3, except this time from a completely different series.

Taking from the Devil May Cry franchise, modder Wiwilz takes Dante’s legendary Devil Sword to RE3.

The sword does come in a much smaller size though, making it look more like a sidearm than a main weapon, but it should be fun to slash through zombies with nonetheless.


16. Dante (Carlos)

Dante (Carlos) mod for Resident Evil 3 Remake

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Weapons aren’t the only things we can add from other games, as modding allows us to completely swap out RE3’s characters as well.

You’ll find that the mod community has tons of different character mods to choose from, some of which make for some interesting combinations within the game.

If you enjoyed the Mini Devil Sword mod, you might want to check out this Dante mod as well.

The mod completely removes Carlos from the game, replacing him with Dante from the DMC series.


15. Tiffa FF7

Tiffa FF7 RE3 Remake mod

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FF7 is another popular game to receive an HD remake, and fans took advantage to make one of the most unique crossovers you could think of.

Cloud and the gang seem to fare well against whatever they find themselves up against, so I’m thinking Tiffa should do fine against flesh-eating zombies as well.

This mod reskins Jill with Tifa’s outfit from the FF7 remake.

It appears Jill’s face remains the same though, so this one is just a simple outfit change.


14. Aerith Gainsborough

Aerith Gainsborough mod for RE3R

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While there are many Tifa fans, those who prefer Aerith are never far behind.

I won’t get into the whole argument of which leading lady is the better one among the two, so instead, you’re getting mods for both.

This mod completely replaces Jill (face included), allowing you to play the game as Aerith Gainsborough.

Similar to the previous mod, this takes Aerith’s appearance from the remake version of FF7 as well.


13. 2B or 2P (NieR)

2B or 2P with Skirt and gear and Virtuous Contract mod

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Tifa and Aerith aren’t the only characters from the Square-Enix universe to make an appearance in Resident Evil 3.

JTegh brings us our favorite combat androids from the 2017 hit Nier: Automata.

This mod allows you to swap out Jill for either 2B or 2P from Nier, making for yet another interesting video game crossover.

What’s even better about this mod is that the models include facial animations and hair physics as well, so you won’t have to worry about breaking immersion.

The mod even replaces Jill’s knife with the Virtuous Contract, which is another cool feature included.


12. Ellie TLOU2 Seattle and Winter costumes

Ellie TLOU2 Seattle and Winter costumes RE3 Remake mod

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2020’s Game of the Year is still fresh on everyone’s radar, as The Last of Us 2 managed to bag multiple wins at the Game Awards.

Now that TLOU has cemented itself as one of the best games recently released, we can’t Ieave out Ellie if we’re talking about female protagonists.

Modder DarknessRvaltier makes it possible to reskin Jill with Ellie from TLOU2, allowing you to play through the game as her instead.

Ellie should have no problems dealing with zombies. She’s had plenty of experience dealing with infected.

And this mod even comes with clothing options, letting you choose between her Seattle and Winter outfits from the game.


11. Saint

Saint Resident Evil 3 Remake mod screenshot

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If you thought the crossovers couldn’t get much weirder, think again.

Seeing similarities between Resident Evil and TLOU I can understand… but Hitman?

Hitman has made its way into RE3 thanks to this mod by es47.

It replaces Jill with one of the Saints from the Hitman series, appearing in the signature nun outfit as seen in the games.


10. Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon mod for Resident Evil 3 Remake

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Of course, inspiration for these mods isn’t limited to just other video games.

Characters from popular films and TV shows have found their way into RE3 mods as well.

When you think zombies, one of the first TV shows that comes to mind has got to be The Walking Dead.

This mod lets you play as Daryl Dixon from the series, replacing Carlos for the entire game.

While he was meant to be Daryl Dixon, he does look pretty much exactly as he appears in Death Stranding too, which is just another reason to get the mod if you ask me.


9. Alice – MillaJovovich

Alice – MillaJovovich RE3 Remake mod

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If we’re talking about character replacements from films, what better character to have in a Resident Evil game than the only leading lady from the Resident Evil film series?

That’s right: this mod brings us Milla Jovovich’s Alice, even featuring her signature red dress as seen in the films.


8. More Investigation

More Investigation mod for RE3R

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Before we get into some of the weirder stuff (which is hard to believe, I know), here’s one for players who are looking for something a bit more serious.

Modder nayefk93’s More Investigation mod is one of the more interesting ones here, as it opens up much of Raccoon City that you previously wouldn’t be able to access.

The mod removes a number of different barriers that would prevent you from entering certain areas of the map, giving you much more of the world to explore.


7. Capt America

Capt America in Resident Evil 3 Remake

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Going back to characters from movies, this next one is where things start to get really strange.

While nothing is out of the ordinary when it comes to the mod itself, having it as an option in a Resident Evil game just doesn’t make much sense.

As with many mods, though, seeing what crazy things you can come up with is just part of the fun.

If you’re up for having some light-hearted fun with RE3, this next mod lets you play the game as Captain America from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Yup, you read that right.


6. Ultron

Ultron Resident Evil 3 Remake mod

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If you’ve decided to go ahead and play the game as Captain America, it only seems fitting that we have a Marvel villain to match.

Ultron was a worthy adversary who appeared in a number of MCU films, including many of the Avengers films in the series.

As expected, Ultron takes the place of Nemesis throughout the game.


5. Shrek Over Nemesis

Shrek Over Nemesis in RE3 Remake

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While Ultron might arguably be less intimidating than Nemesis, you can’t deny that he can still be quite scary.

It wouldn’t be a Resident Evil game without the scare factor, of course… but what if I told you that RE3 didn’t have to be scary at all?

These next couple mods can help make Raccoon City quite pleasant in fact, starting with replacing Nemesis with Shrek.

How could anyone be afraid of the green ogre?


4. Dino Evil 3

Dino Evil 3 mod for RE3R

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While this mod isn’t quite as pleasant as others on this list, it still feels like a step down from the zombies.

Take Resident Evil 3, mix in some Jurassic Park, and you have Dino Evil 3.

The mod replaces all enemies in the game with dinosaurs, and though the demo video does look quite buggy, the modder’s creativity and originality still earns it the 4th spot on my list.


3. Frenemies – Harmless Nemesis

Frenemies - Harmless Nemesis RE3 Remake mod

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Replacing Nemesis with Shrek might make him appear to be friendly, he’s still going to attack you at every encounter.

One of the most memorable parts of RE3 is how Nemesis just comes out of nowhere to chase you down with all its powerful attacks.

What makes it even worse is that he can’t really be killed until later in the game. So there’s really nothing you can do but run.

Well that, or install the Frenemies mod.

This mod makes it so Nemesis never attacks you. He’ll still appear whenever he’s supposed to, except he’ll no longer be hostile.


2. Jilly Bean (Fall Guys Mod Pack)

Jilly Bean (Fall Guys Mod Pack) in RE3 Remake

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Fall Guys just recently took the world by storm, offering a unique take on the battle royale genre where you play as cute little jellybean-like creatures in a series of mini-games.

There’s really nothing much less scary than a Fall Guy. And if that’s what you’re after, this mod is worth a try.

With this mod installed, everyone in Raccoon City will be wearing Fall Guys outfits.

Have fun killing zombies as a giant jellybean.


1. ToastedShoes’s Resident Evil 3 but ruined by mods

ToastedShoes's Resident Evil 3 but ruined by mods screenshot

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If mindless fun is really what you’re after, there’s no better choice than ToastedShoes’s “Resident Evil 3 but ruined by mods”.

The title pretty much says it all:

This mod basically destroys everything you know of the game by throwing in loads of the silliest mods you can find for it.

The mod pack includes a host of popular cartoon characters like Shaggy (of Scooby-Doo fame), Rick (from Rick & Morty), Patrick Star, and even Goofy.

Guaranteed to keep you entertained for at least a couple hours.

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