The Best Rent-a-Girlfriend Waifus, Ranked

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I’m going to be honest with you – I really didn’t care that much for Ren-a-Girlfriend. The MC made me want to go visit the Shadow Realm and the plot was meh at best.

However, this show had waifu writing down to a science.

So I’m going to commit an unspeakable act here: ranking the four female leads.

Prepare for a shower of nitpicks and (possibly) hot takes.


4. Mami Nanami

Mami Nanami in Rent-a-Girlfriend anime

As a waifu, Mami is just a nightmare.

She’s the type of manipulative, cold character that usually serves in order to create a good tragic backstory. She’s completely content with hurting people and will absolutely play you like a fiddle.

That being said, she’s also incredibly interesting to watch.

When she has her social mask on – she seems like the bubbliest person around. Everyone likes her and she just shines with positive energy.

But when she’s serious – things get tense.

She’s the only character that isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions. I honestly felt like crying out of joy when she finally pointed out the absurdity of Kazuya and Chizuru’s relationship.

Her design is also pretty top-tier. She looks absolutely adorable and rather unique compared to the rest of the cast. Her eyes are especially mesmerizing whenever she decides to drop her little act.

Overall, she’s probably not the best waifu.

In fact, she’d probably make me swear off waifus in general if I ever “met” her.

However, she’s by far the most interesting character in the show.


3. Chizuru Ichinose

Chizuru Ichinose Rent-a-Girlfriend anime screenshot

Even though Chizuru is the main waifu/love interest in the show – I can’t say she’s my favorite.

But let’s get her positives out of the way first.

Visually, she has that standard anime waifu aesthetic. She isn’t too unique, but she has all of the usual heavy hitters when it comes to design. Plus we get to see her in a wide arrange of outfits (and she works all of them).

Secondly, she’s the queen of hot and cold.

One second, she’ll genuinely seem like the nicest person around. She’ll laugh at your jokes, encourage you to better your life, and help you achieve some form of peace.

But other times she’ll treat you like dirt and look right through you. It makes her character feel a bit more dynamic and makes those sweet moments that much sweeter.

However, my complaint is that they overdid the “cold” part of the equation.

My girl was being mean even when she had no reason for doing so.

Kazuya would just knock on her door to ask her a question and she’ll tell him off like he just peeped on her in the bathroom or something. For this reason, I can’t really say that she’s my waifu pick.


2. Sumi Sakurasawa

Sumi Sakurasawa from Rent-a-Girlfriend anime

If every character had five minutes to make a case for why they’re the best waifu – Sumi would win hands down.

That being said, she probably wouldn’t make it through more than a few words.

But it doesn’t matter! The show just gave her so much kawaii energy that she doesn’t need to do or say anything in order to capture the hearts of thousands.

She’s one of the few characters that truly understood the power of dandere and used it to perfection.

Plus, she’s the only character in this show that has never been painted in a negative light.

Her main personality flaw is that she’s shy – while other characters are throwing all types of manners out of the window every episode.

Overall, she’s by far the most adorable girl here. However, since her screen time was so limited – she also came off as one-note. Therefore she’s also not my pick for the waifu crown.


1. Ruka Sarashina

Ruka Sarashina Rent-a-Girlfriend anime screenshot

Now it’s time to rant.

Everyone seems to be sleeping on Ruka. Even the show purposefully tries to make her out as the bad guy on more than one occasion. But she’s done nothing wrong if you ask me!

Kazuya’s entire character arc revolves around him wanting a girlfriend.

Then Ruka comes into his life and literally serves him the conclusion on a silver platter.

And while the show likes to make her out to be too possessive and/or demanding – I think she had the patience of a saint. I could never put up with Kazuya and his indecisiveness for as long as she did.

My dude literally blows her off mid confession just to sneak on Mami and Chizuru – and she doesn’t even seem surprised. Even when she hurt Shun – I can’t say that I blame her.

She knew what she wanted and immediately making her position clear was the most optimal option. She’s literally the only character in this show that knows what they want and takes reasonable steps in order to get it.

So this is the hill that I’ve decided to die on.

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