How To Get The Chemistry License in RF5 (All Exam Answers)

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The Chemistry License can be earned by making a Directive and answering a multiple-choice exam. It’s required to buy a Chemistry Set from Studio Palmo.

You’ll need 100 SEED Points to take the exam but your points will only be deducted after you pass. You can take this exam by going to St. Eliza at the Rigbarth Outpost.



The Chemistry License is unlocked by talking to Simone after completing the “Please Open the Door” request.

Simone dialogue that leads to the Chemistry License / RF5
Simone dialogue that leads to the Chemistry License

To unlock it, you need to do the following steps:

  1. Complete the “First Directive” Request
  2. Complete the “Please Open the Door” Request
  3. Talk to Simone at the Clinic during Opening Hours (9AM-6PM)

Once that’s done, you can now take the Chemistry License Exam for 100 SEED Points.


Chemistry License Exam Questions & Answers

St. Eliza will ask you 2 questions:

Chemistry License Cheat Sheet
Question Answer
What kind of ingredients do you usually use to make medicine? Plants, flowers, and so on.
Where can you buy medicine? The clinic.

Note: Don’t worry about failing the exam because your SEED Points are only taken when you pass it.


Chemistry License Uses

After passing the exam, you can now buy a Forge at Studio Palmo.

Here’s what you’ll need for the Chemistry Set:

  • 1000G
  • 30 Stone
  • 30 Lumber

Take note of Studio Palmo’s opening hours below:

Studio Palmo Opening Hours
Weekdays 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Holidays 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Studio Palmo Furniture Menu - Chemistry Set selected / RF5
Studio Palmo Furniture Menu – Chemistry Set selected

With the Chemistry Set, you can now make:

  • Medicine
  • Some Cooking Ingredients
  • Soil Nutrients

And the best features about having the Chemistry Set are:

  • Creating healing items without depending on the Clinic and spending Gold
  • Early access to Soil Nutrients which can be bought only in the second half of the main story

Mix and match your chemical ingredients to get powerful healing items, soil-boosting nutrients, or even permanent stat buffers. So get to mixing – and don’t forget to eat Chemistry Bread to get more recipes.

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