How To Get The Simple Cooking License in RF5 (All Exam Answers)

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The Simple Cooking License is required to buy a Knife, Frying Pan, and Mixer from Studio Palmo. It’s earned by making a Directive and answering a multiple-choice exam correctly.

You’ll need 100 SEED Points to take the exam, but your points will only be deducted after you pass. You can take this exam by going to St. Eliza at the Rigbarth Outpost.



The Simple Cooking License will be unlocked after you have:

  • Completed the “First Directive” Request
  • Obtained a Free Cooking Table From Palmo by talking to him
  • Completed the “Please Open the Door” Request

To unlock it, you need to do the following:


Step 1: Get a Cooking Table from Palmo

The SEED Ranger getting a Free Cooking Table from Palmo / RF5
The SEED Ranger getting a Free Cooking Table from Palmo
  1. Complete the main story event where you introduce yourself to everyone in town
  2. Talk to Palmo until he mentions that new customers get a free cooking table
  3. Place the newly acquired Cooking Table wherever is convenient for you
Studio Palmo Opening Hours
Weekdays 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Holidays 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Step 2: Meet Elsje & Fuuka

The SEED Ranger chatting with Elsje / RF5
The SEED Ranger chatting with Elsje
  1. Go to the Task Board and accept the “Please Open the Door” Request
  2. Head to the Lackadaisy Restaurant in the middle of town
  3. Read through the dialogue to continue through the request
  4. After the cutscenes and dialogue, go back to Livia to complete the request
  5. Talk to Elsje during Lackadaisy Opening Hours and she will explain about Lackadaisy services
Lackadaisy Opening Hours
Weekdays & Holiday 12:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Once that’s done, the Simple Cooking License Exam is now available from Saint Eliza’s list.


Simple Cooking Exam Questions & Answers

St. Eliza will ask you 3 questions:

Simple Cooking License Cheat Sheet
Question Answer
What do you need to cook? A cooking table.
When a recipe’s difficulty level exceeds your Cooking skill level… You need way more RP to make it.
How do you raise your Cooking skill level? Make a TON of different dishes.

Note: Don’t worry about failing the exam because your SEED Points are only taken when you pass it.


Simple Cooking License Uses

After passing the exam, you can now buy three different simple cooking utensils at Studio Palmo.

Simple Cooking Furniture Guide
Item Gold Price Stone Cost Lumber Cost
Knife 1200G 30 10
Frying Pan 2600G 50 10
Mixer 500G 50 10
Studio Palmo Furniture Menu - Frying Pan selected / RF5
Studio Palmo Furniture Menu – Frying Pan selected

The Simple Cooking License will give you access to more dishes like Sashimi, French Fries, Popcorn, and Fruit Juices. Keep on making those dishes by experimenting with different ingredients and getting more recipes from Cooking Bread.

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