Ranking The Saddest One Piece Deaths Of All Time

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First off, let me just tell you how difficult it was to compile this list.

I had to relive through all of One Piece’s deaths all over again—it was not a pleasant experience. My tear ducts need to rest after bawling my eyes out so many times.

But now I can help you, dear reader, reminisce about these One Piece deaths along with me.

So grab a box of tissues and prepare your eyeballs because I’ll warn you: this is not going to be a happy list full of sunshine and rainbows!

And just for the sake of clarity, spoiler warning in advance!


15. Pedro

Pedro from One Piece screenshot

There are many interesting minks in the series. But one of my personal favorites is Pedro.

I was really attached to his cool aura and mysterious character.

He died as a hero, the one he was truly meant to be.

Pedro helped the strawhats get away from Wholecake Island, where they had their first real encounter with a Yonkou.

Not only that, Pedro even amputated Perospero, a huge leader in the Big Mom Pirates.

His legacy continues within the minks who will try to avenge his death with the head of Perospero.

I’m glad Pedro’s death had a lasting consequence in the anime.


14. Kozuki Oden

Kozuki Oden from One Piece screenshot

Oden’s method of death is so ironic, yet so perfect that it lowkey irritates me that I didn’t see it coming.

Oden gets boiled in burning hot oil.

For the ordinary citizen, a quick dip in this pot will cover you in a tornado of flames.

I didn’t expect the anime to show the explicit death of the other man burning to death.

But it was necessary to show how great Oden’s feat truly was.

He stayed in that boiling pot of oil, and held up his nine friends for an hour!

What got me was his bright white smile plastered on a charred black body slowly sinking into bubbling oil.


13. Edward Newgate

Edward Newgate from One Piece screenshot

We knew he was going to die.

When we first met him, he had tubes hooked up to his body.

He was at the end of his lifespan.

All it took was 267 sword wounds, 152 gun wounds, 46 cannon balls, and a few punches of magma through the chest to finally put the old man’s heart to rest.

It was crushing that they failed their mission in Marineford – but the death of their father rubbed salt in the wound.

Two tragic deaths in the family that would shape the future of the world forever.


12. Otohime

Otohime from One Piece screenshot

I didn’t realize before I made this list that the majority of dead characters in this show are good people.

Although there’s not a lot of dead villains that can make you shed a tear…

Like, Hody Jones for example.

I don’t think any water pipes are bursting for his eventual demise.

Not after he killed one of the purest, most honest characters in One Piece. She is easily one of the best mothers in anime.


11. Shimotsuki Yasuie

Shimotsuki Yasuie from One Piece screenshot

Yasuie’s execution was so beautiful and so emotional.

The revelation of the SMILE fruits just made the scene more depressing. Toko didn’t need to be traumatized by that either.

Orochi caused so much death and suffering: Yasuie is just one example.

Thankfully, his death was not in vain.

Without him, the raid on Onigashima wouldn’t ever proceed because the traitor knew about the hidden meaning in the flyer.

In fact, Oden’s funding at the start of his journey was from Yasuie.

We have a lot to thank this great man for.


10. Scarlett

Scarlett from One Piece screenshot

The tragedy of Dressrosa is dreary to say the least.

What transpired afterward is even darker.

Doflamingo mechanizes the country into his pirate headquarters, abusing the toy-transformed citizens and the Tontattas as free labor.

The royal family was on the run including Scarlett, the crown princess of Dressrosa and her daughter, Rebecca.

Scarlett got shot by one of Doflamingo’s underlings when she went out to buy some bread and ham for her starving daughter.

The rain, the music, and her toy husband’s soliloquy punctured my heart.

Rebecca’s childhood was taken away from her.

She didn’t readily admit to hunger after her death.


9. Russian

Russian Character from One Piece Anime

Russian is one of the most underrated women in One Piece.

We never actually saw her die, but it is confirmed that she’s dead.

Even without seeing her death, the buildup to it is tragic enough.

One lie can spark a lifetime’s worth of love – but it can extinguish that fire as well.

If the death of Senor Pink and Russian’s baby was not enough, Oda just had to put Russian into a vegetative state. A blank expression does not suit her face.

It’s a drastic change from the time she was laughing with Senor Pink.

Watching Senor Pink trying to make her smile again breaks my heart.

I’m sure she was smiling in her final moments when he had Gimlet’s bib around his head and pacifier in his mouth.


8. Fisher Tiger

Fisher Tiger from One Piece screenshot

It’s not easy mourning for a hero, or a leader wounded in battle and dying with his lifelong friends around him.

He could’ve been saved, but it was his choice not to be.

He couldn’t stand the thought of sharing the blood with humanity: humans who had an immense hatred for fishmen.

In the end, he was not the perfect role model we all thought he was.

Nonetheless, Fisher Tiger was a great fishman, an inspiration to all races.

His life could not have been harder, but at least it ended with a smile.


7. Jaguar D. Saul

Jaguar D. Saul from One Piece screenshot

Saul was a minor character in One Piece with a limited amount of screentime. However, that does not undermine the fact that he was one of the coolest guys around.

His laugh, for one, is one of the best in One Piece.

It’s fitting that he was the one who taught Nico Robin how to laugh.

By the way, that clip is also one of the best moments in One Piece.

Forget the One Piece, Child Nico Robin’s laugh is the most precious thing in this show.


6. Going Merry

Going Merry from One Piece screenshot

“But a ship can’t die!”

Well in One Piece it can.

In One Piece, a ship that is well cared for has a spirit— a Klabautermann. If a thing has a soul, is it not alive?

The Going Merry was a part of the strawhat crew.

It’s been a nakama since episode 17.

And after 295 episodes, we had to say goodbye.

It was really one of the most heartfelt moments in One Piece.


5. Bellemere

Bellemere from One Piece screenshot

Can we appreciate Bellemere’s hair for a moment? I’m sorry but I’ve never seen any hair as unique and interesting as hers.

And we never did see any hair like hers in the series ever again.

That makes her death all the more depressing.

But seriously, Bellemere is one of the best moms in anime, hands down. With the small amount of money she accumulated, she had the decision to save herself or both of her children.

Of course, she chose the latter, and got shot right in front of her children immediately afterwards.

What sucked even more was that the family were having a fight when Arlong invaded – but at least Bellemere got to say “I love you” to them before she died.

You don’t have to be blood related to have an amazing family.

That’s one of the main themes in One Piece, and Bellemere really proved it to us.


4. Dr. Hiluluk

Dr. Hiluluk from One Piece screenshot

Hiluluk was an eccentric man, there’s no doubting that. Upon meeting Chopper he stripped himself naked.

It’s alright though, he treated Chopper as if he were his own son.

Chopper would have hated humanity had Hiluluk not stepped into his life. He was a good man through and through.

He’d go as far as to eat a poisoned mushroom to reward the efforts of Chopper.

But his death was due to his own volition; a choice explosion that actually resulted in his death, unlike a certain flying zoan user.

Either way, this was an emotional moment for everyone, except that damn Wapol. I honestly can’t see why he should still be relevant in the series.

It would’ve been better for all parties involved if he vanished when Luffy punted him off Drum Island.

I doubt he would’ve been missed.


3. Donquixote Rosinante

Donquixote Rosinante from One Piece screenshot

Personally, Rosinante’s in my top 3 favorite characters in all of One Piece.

The fact that he’s in the top 3 in this list is just a coincidence though. That whole scene when Rosinante died was so emotional.

We couldn’t hear Law’s cries until Rosinante passed away, right when the marine’s cannonballs landed on the ground.

Rosinante did so much for Law.

He traveled around to so many doctors and stuck up for him when he wouldn’t stick up for himself.

He’s so cool – and with a sense of fashion to boot.

I legit have his heart shirt.

It’s so fire.


2. Portgas D. Ace

Portgas D. Ace from One Piece screenshot

Everyone wanted to save this man. An entire battle – nay, war took place because of Ace’s capture.

They managed to free him, uncuff his wrists, and set him loose from his chains. But it wasn’t enough to keep him from dying.

Luffy had to hold his older brother in his arms as he was dying.

I couldn’t bear to watch Luffy cry and mourn for Ace.

After the war, we got to see him in bandages and absolutely distraught. It was heartbreaking to watch.


1. Brook

Brook from One Piece screenshot

You’re probably surprised to see him here, right?

Brook is still alive – even though he’s a skeleton (yohohohoho).

But when he died along with the rest of the Rumbar Pirates, you had to have cried for them. The upbeat Bink’s Sake melody coupled with the dying pirates around them made everything so solemn when the music stopped.

They died with a promise unkept to a whale that would wait for them forever.

…That is, unless Brook did not eat the Yomi Yomi no Mi.

Bink’s Sake holds so much emotion now after his backstory.

You just can’t help but feel a little sentimental after hearing it.

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