15 Best Saints Row IV Mods (All Free To Download)

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Saints Row IV comes packed with plenty of action, and it’s safe to say that it’s one of the least boring games that I’ve ever played.

I’ve never come across any boring Saints Row title, now that I come to think of it. It felt like a bizarre game for sure. But a fun twist that was very much appreciated in an era of GTA clones and it’s great to hear that a Saints Row 5 is in the works.

Saints Row IV, with all its faults, follows the same line of entertainment that the other titles brought to the table.

However with this game we can find better mods than ever before.

Some of the additions that I came across are fantastic, with some of them being pretty darn NSFW. Be warned – I’ve included some mods that are popular among players but not safe for kids of all ages (not like the game itself would be anyways).

But I don’t think it would’ve been right for me to avoid some mods to keep my list SFW given that weird nudity ones literally have some of the highest downloads. If any of you want to try them out, I’ve added the two most popular ones to my list.

15. Saints Row IV Gorgeous Nude Mod

SFW content image

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Alright, let’s get these mods out of the way first.

I think you can already guess what this one does. It adds a whole new texture for female nudity in the game. And I have to say, it’s very detailed.

The texture measures over 4000 pixels wide by over 2000 pixels high in total, which is crazy high for a character texture. So… good times.


14. Nude Female Mod

smiley image, SFW content image

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Another nude mod for Saints Row. This one gets a higher spot on my list because it provides players with the chance to choose a specific model with different detail depending on their preferences.

Again, just like the last one, it’s very well done.

If you’re into mods like this then for sure give it a shot.


13. Dark Matter AR Replacer

Dark Matter AR Replacer mod

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This mod changes the basic desert AR skin for one called Dark Matter.

If you have played Black Ops 3 in the past, then you’ve probably already seen this skin before.

It’s actually from Black Ops 3 originally so it might look familiar.

In any case, it fits the AR quite perfectly and makes it look much more badass than it does with the awful desert camo.


12. Clean White SMG

Clean White SMG mod

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Change your SMG to make it look entirely white instead of black.

This mod reskins the SMG of Saints Row IV to give it a new psychotic vibe. Which I’m sure many players will dig.

It looks pretty cool, I have to say!


11. Camera Mod

Camera Mod for Saints Row 4

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The camera in Saints Row IV is just a bit too far for my taste.

This mod changes that and turns the camera into a better version of itself by moving it a bit closer to your character.

You’ll lose a bit of line of sight, but it’s worth it.

And I know that those of you who installed any of the first two mods I mentioned on this list will love it.


10. Russian Billboards & Something Special

Russian Billboards Saints Row 4

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Now this mod turns some of the annoying propaganda that the game has in many of its billboards and graffiti into Russian propaganda and other hilarious (and sometimes lewd) imagery instead.

It’s a graphical replacer, but the Saints Row community seems to love it. So I’m adding it to the list.

A simple addition to the game, but a community favorite nonetheless.


9. Iron Saints Armor

Iron Saints Armor Saints Row 4

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In the eloquence of the creator of this mod, it serves the purpose of providing you with “good armor looks”.

This mod basically gives you a set of armor that pretty much looks like a Saints Row version of Iron-Man, which adds to the entire craziness of the game by converting you into a crazy armored maniac that shoots down whatever stands in his way.

Nothing to hate about that right?


8. Murderbot Weapons

Murderbot Weapons Saints Row 4

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Add a couple of additional weapons to the game that fit the theme of Saints Row like no others.

With the Murderbot Weapons mod, you’ll have access to a minigun and a mine launcher that are sure to obliterate anything that stands in your way.

The mod is quite well done and the creator is a known person from the modding community, having developed some fantastic mods for Skyrim as well as Fallout 4.

You can crouch and even dual-wield some of these weapons, and they will be as useful as they are powerful in your quest for total dominion.


7. Deadpool Outfit

Deadpool Outfit Saints Row 4

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Insane, lunatic, well-dressed, and dangerous.

Those characteristics describe both your character in Saints Row as well as Deadpool, so why not combine both into one character?

With the Deadpool Outfit you will be able to dress up as Deadpool wherever you go and who the world how truly insane you are.

The outfit per se is very well made and it suits the theme of the game relatively well if you ignore that you’re actually dressing up as a Marvel character.

In any case, with how crazy things are in Saints Row 4, it does seem quite fitting.


6. Daddy’s Lil’ Monster Shirt

Daddy’s Lil’ Monster Shirt SaintsRow 4

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If you’re a fan of Suicide Squad the you’re probably a bit off in the head. In a good way, might I add.

And it’s safe to say that the best thing to come out of that movie was Margot Robbie’s performance as Harley Quinn (which shamefully ended up with DC making another terrible film about it).

In any case, having the option to wear her kickass shirt in Saints Row doesn’t only fit the theme of the game.

It also looks really cool.

With this mod you’ll be able to wear the shirt if your character is female as it replaces one of the basic shirt models in the game. So why not go the femme route and dominate Saints Row IV? Sounds like fun!


5. Just Get in the Damn Car

Just Get in the Damn Car SaintsRow4

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Have you ever been as annoyed as myself when you try to get one of your homies to access the car but the damn idiot just staggers because he gets shot, and then you can’t take off quickly?

This mod is as representative of its name as possible, as it makes your companions simply get in the damn car so you can kick that pedal to the max and blast away from your enemies.

When it comes to utility mods, this is by far the most useful one that I’ve found.

Now it’s not compatible in online, but then again – why would you need it there?


4. The Cabinet – White House Outfits for Homies

The Cabinet mod for SaintsRow4

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Yes, dude! The outfits that show up in the beginning of the game are back!

With The Cabinet you’ll get instant access to suits that will make all of your homies dress up in the fanciest way possible.

Imagine that your crew is actually the Secret Service and watch them kick asses in suits that you never thought were possible to be obtained in the game.

Every Homie is compatible with the suits – including women.

You can even put the suits on your space homies if you want, since they are all fully selectable in the game.


3. New Homies

New Homies mod for SaintsRow4

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Oh man, if you’ve been playing Saints Row ever since the first game came out you need to give this mod a try.

It adds all of the characters from the previous games to Saints Row IV, and all of them are added as homies.

Get the crew back together and reminisce about the good old days with all of the characters that you used to roll with in the 360 days.

Mods that make old characters come back onto the scene are always going to be loved by the community (myself included).

So I’m giving it quite a good place on my list. New Homies is a must-have for veteran fans.


2. COD Ghosts Mask Replacer

COD Ghosts Mask Replacer mod

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This mod replaces one of the masks in the game for the beautiful mask that we got in COD Ghosts.

It seems like a simple retexture, but it’s a fantastic addition to the Saints Row Universe that I think everyone can be very pleased with.

It’s also a non-NSFW mod which are rare these days.

If you happen to love skull masks then you really need to try this one out.

The main character looks pretty great using the mask as well, which is a fantastic plus.

COD fans rejoice!


1. Rick and Morty Baseball Bat

Rick and Morty Baseball Bat mod for SaintsRow4

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Ranking in #1 is a retexture for the All American bat, which replaces it with the texture from the bat you see in Rick and Morty.

I mean, this mod might not be better than some of the others on this list.

But it’s a Rick and Morty mod, and this is the Internet that absolutely loves crossovers.

It wouldn’t be wise for me to drop this lower as it would show my truly low IQ. Nobody wants that right?

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