Best Cribs To Chill In While Playing Saints Row: The Third

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If you played all the original Saints Row games then you probably know SR3 was the first in the series to introduce mansions as “cribs”.

With this kind of property you’re able to truly live it up in penthouses worthy of MTV as you progress through the game and live your virtual life in the city.

From airplane hangars to skyscrapers with swimming pools and rooftop helipads, if you’re looking for the high life you’ll find it in the hottest locations in this game. And in this post I’ll count down my top 10 picks for the absolute best cribs you can own in Saints Row 3.

10. Shaundi’s Loft

Shaundis Loft pad in Saints Row 3

Everyone’s gotta start somewhere, right? And in Saints Row3 that means protagonist Shaundi’s cozy loft.

A second floor apartment of a rather uninspiring building, this loft is meant to get you off your feet as just a place to come back to for weapons and a quick change of clothes. Nothing special before getting back to taking over the city and finding bigger and better cribs.

But it’s at least a roof over your head and it’s reminiscent of humble beginnings so I have to include this in the list.

9. Rondini’s Boat Dock

Rondini’s Boat Dock from Saints Row 3

One of only two cribs in the game requiring money to own, Rondini’s Boat Dock is more of an asset than a base of operations.

Unfortunately, the boat dock won’t reduce your notoriety and act as a safe space to hideout in.

Where the dock shines though is in storing your growing collection of boats.

Giving you 3 boats as soon as you purchase the asset, the boat dock is a good way to traverse the seas and park your new nautical vehicles for overnight storage.

8. Angel’s Gym

Angel’s Gym from Saints Row 3

Like the next two cribs on this list, Angel’s Gym is acquired through completing the mission ‘Return to Steelport’.

While certainly nothing special, the gym is a space with a more unique flavor than Shaundi’s shabby loft apartment.

The gym is no ordinary gym though. With a setting inside a charming old casino, you can walk around the large building and admire the easter eggs & interesting aesthetics as you look around this newfound home of yours.

7. Zimo’s Pad

Zimo’s Pad in Saints Row 3

The crib of the wildly eccentric Zimo, Zimo’s Pad is an eclectic assortment of design style and is decorated with some interesting items to say the least.

From tasteful modern art, to slightly less tasteful ladies of the night, to a giant shark chained to the wall, this crib is certainly worth a quick look around.

If you’re morally bankrupt and don’t mind killing prostitutes for monetary gain in the game then by all means make some profit in this seedy yet stylish crib.

You’ll probably have a lot of fun here if you’re into this kinda stuff.

6. Kinzie’s Warehouse

Kinzie’s Warehouse in Saints Row 3

As you’d expect from the name, this next crib is a warehouse.

The location is by the water which means you can easily travel from this crib by boat if you so desire. As well as all the staples like a place to change, customize weapon load-out and mess with your gang, the warehouse is home to protagonist Kinzie’s ‘inner sanctum’.

Within this sanctum you can find an assortment of interesting Easter eggs planted by the developers. These consist mainly of images and newspaper cutouts with references to things that have happened in the Saints Row series, but still pretty cool nonetheless.

5. Burning Hill Reactors

Burning Hill Reactors in Saints Row 3

The setting for the action-packed mission Stop All The Downloading, the Burning Hill Reactors are made available as soon as you complete the mission and unlock this location.

Previously home to the technologically advanced gang the Deckers, the reactors feature lots of Tron-esque neon lighting. This provides a unique aesthetic to the otherwise uninspiring buildings.

The first crib on this list that can be upgraded to make it not only more visually impressive, but also a few nifty bonuses with lots more floor space as you upgrade.

4. Airplane Hangar

Airplane Hangar in Saints Row 3

The other crib/asset that you have to pay for in the game(like Rondini’s Boat Dock) is the Airplane Hangar.

Costing slightly more at $15,000 and giving you 9% towards city takeover, this asset is worth shelling out some hard-earned cash for.

With your very own hangar you get access to three planes including a private jet and a military plane armed for combat. Seriously, your very own military jet.

Buying the Airplane Hangar is a smart strategic move that will certainly pay dividends the further you progress in the story.

3. 3 Count

3 Count Saints Row Casino

One of the stronghold cribs unlocked after completing the 3 Count Beat Down mission, this one can be upgraded and made into an imposing fortress much like the Burning Hill Reactors (number 5).

Taken from the Luchador gang, the 3 Count location not only gives you the typical stronghold perks including passive income and weapon bonuses, but also 3 of their own vehicles which are all heavily armored.

What’s more, this crib can be upgraded to become the tallest skyscraper in the city! Naturally this makes for a great base jumping spot.

2. Safeword

Safeword Saints Row 3 building

Taken from the Morningstar gang after completing the mission Pimps Up, Hos Down, the Safeword stronghold is essentially a huge mansion.

This location gives you access to the sleek Morningstar vehicles. And right next to the stronghold building you can usually find a couple of Status Quo limos parked outside for when you want to cruise around the city in style.

Once you acquire Safeword you’ll notice it’s just like Zimo’s pad (number 7) but on a much bigger scale. Safeword is full of BDSM and sex-related thing like blow up sex dolls and boobs carved out of grass mounds. So maybe keep young kids out of the room before using this as a base of operations.

1. Saints HQ

Saints HQ exterior building

The ultimate crib in the game for so many reasons, you can’t look any further than the Saints HQ.

This is an amazing place that you’ll actually want to hang out at frequently(unlike some others on here!).

An incredible penthouse, Saints HQ’s biggest attraction is the rooftop swimming pool and helipad which both offer panoramic views over the virtual city.

An underrated feature, but the glass doors leading out to the pool provide plenty of opportunity for silly fun too.

Sonic Boom your friend through the glass or try and get a motorbike up to the suite via the elevator so you can smash through those glass doors and soar through the air. This is what Saints Row is all about.

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