Sasuke’s Best Outfits In Naruto (Ranked)

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If there’s one thing that holds true (as much as people seem to really hate on Sasuke) the dude knew how to dress.

It doesn’t matter if you like edgy clothing, or if you simply appreciate a good shinobi robe – the dude has a wardrobe that we could all be envious of.

I was always a fan of the way his character was drawn, but it never really hit me that he used so many outfits across the series until I played Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. Man, that game has as many Sasukes and Narutos as FighterZ has Gokus, right?

Well the point is, every single version of Sasuke has a kickass outfit that’d be what I would wear if I were a shinobi with a thirst for vendetta.

So I decided to write a list of the best outfits that Sasuke has worn across the series. This list takes into account all parts of the Naruto anime, ranging from the first chapter to the latest Boruto release.


9. Sasuke’s Last Shippuden Outfit

Sasuke’s Last Shippuden Outfit in Naruto anime

I think one of the main reasons why I love this outfit so much is because of its color theme.

It just seems to fit so well with the series ending, and it’s one that truly looked epic when Sasuke took on all of his demons at the end of the series.

From fighting Naruto to his fight with Itachi, this is one of the dude’s most iconic choices of wardrobe. And, as much as the weird purple lacings undermine his look a bit, they do wonders for the color scheme.


8. Sasuke “The Last”

Sasuke “The Last” outfit from Naruto anime

Now I’d say this outfit wasn’t as cool as seeing Sasuke with the Sharingan and Rinnegan at the same time… but it’s still a different look that deserves a shout out on my list.

Besides, watching Sasuke wear that weird hat was something else, wasn’t it?


7. Sasuke’s First Shippuden Outfit

Sasuke’s First Shippuden Outfit in Naruto anime

Weren’t we all shocked to see Sasuke dress differently than usual when we first watched Shippuden?

However, the impact after seeing such a unique outfit on Sasuke back when Shippuden was just starting has to put it up there with one of his best looks in the show.

It’s a classic.


6. Sasuke’s Second Shippuden Outfit

Sasuke’s Second Shippuden Outfit anime screenshot

You all remember back when Sasuke decided to ditch his sleeves to wear an open shirt and murder fools with his Chidori?

If you do, then you know how badass he looked.

This was his best outfit in Shippuden: the one where he had the grey open shirt and rage-induced by his thirst for revenge.


5. Sasuke with the Fake Sleeves

Sasuke with the Fake Sleeves from Naruto anime

Do any of you remember the outfit that Sasuke wore before he went full black with his look?

You know, that outfit that had him wear those weird fake sleeves? Anyone?

Well I know that this isn’t one of his most popular outfits, but I do have to say that it’s a look that turned him into a bit of a badass. And marked the transition between his childhood and his teenage years.

A truly iconic look. And one of his best outfits, in my opinion!


4. Sasuke ‘Taka’

 Sasuke ‘Taka’ outfit

Alright, I know many people say that the best Sasuke was when he rocked the Taka look.

But let’s be real: most people who say this are just low-key Itachi fans who are pissed at the fact that he didn’t get more screen time in the series, and look for comfort in Sasuke wearing similar clothes.

Yet that doesn’t take away from the fact that Sasuke did know how to rock that cool Taka “murder them all” look… but it’s not the best outfit that he’s ever worn! We’re getting closer though…


3. Kid Sasuke (Black and Grey)

Kid Sasuke (Black and Grey) in Naruto anime

Here’s a memorable one. The outfit we see Sasuke wear in those eerie flashbacks somehow seems so cool, even though he wasn’t even a ninja back then.

There’s just something about the way he dressed as a kid that makes me love the outfit. But it’s probably more the fact that I truly enjoyed those dark flashbacks, when one could see Sasuke with his entire family before Itachi did what we all know.

In any case, this kid Sasuke outfit is a classic of the series. And one of his most emblematic outfits.

As much as it isn’t one of the most popular ones in the mainstream fandom, it’s a popular one in my book.


2. Sasuke Classic Outfit – Blue and White

Sasuke Classic Outfit – Blue and White Naruto anime

Let’s face it:

Even though this is the first outfit we see Sasuke wearing in the series, it still stands out as one of the best out there.

It might not be the one with the most swagger out of the bunch (the Taka one might take that title, if you ask me).

But this is such an iconic dress choice that it’s hard for it not to be one of my favorites.

It just takes me back to the days when everything was simpler – both in Naruto, and in real life. And still, even leaving feelings aside, this thing looks cool as hell!


1. Black Suit from the Original Series

Black Suit from the Original Series Naruto anime

If there’s one set of attire that’s better than Sasuke’s classic blue and white outfit, it has to be the alternate fully black suit that he wears shortly after that, as soon as he got to participate in the Chunin exams.

This suit’s color represents the conflict within Sasuke, I believe, and watching him do the Chidori with this thing on will always be engraved in my mind as one of my all-time favorite anime moments.

I know some people will say that his Shippuden outfits were better, but I have to strongly disagree. This suit is a classic!

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