30 Facts About Scyther For True Pokémon Buffs

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For me, one of the best Pokémon in the entire ‘dex has to be Scyther.

Although Scyther might not have the best stats or the strongest move set, it just looks like a bad ass. Not to mention it’s one of the best for catching other monsters with the classic False Swipe strategy.

Coupled with its high speed and attack, this is an awesome companion on your Pokémon journey.

But let’s learn more about Scyther with these offbeat facts.

1. Scyther was modeled after a praying mantis

Except for its head which was modeled more after reptiles like dinosaurs or dragons.

2. It had a different name

In the Beta version of Pokémon Red and Blue, Scyther’s original name was “Stryke”.

3. Scyther have a different name in other countries

In Japan they are called Strike, in French they are Insecateur and in German they are Sichlor.

4. Scyther’s first appearance in the anime was episode 42 “Showdown at Dark City”

It’s used in battle with one of the lesser-known “gym leaders” (putting it loosely) named Yas.

5. Scyther’s voice actor is Eric Stuart

He also voiced Brock, James and a couple others.

For actual creatures he has voiced Ash’s Metapod, Charmeleon, and Squirtle, Brock’s Pineco, Forretress and Ludicolo, Misty’s Poliwhirl and Politoed, and many more. This guy is prolific!

6. Scyther is one of the few Pokémon that change types when evolving

They evolve from a bug/flying to a bug/metal Pokémon.

7. These creatures are usually around 1.5 meters tall (4 feet, 11 inches)

But they can grows to 1.8 meters tall (5 feet, 11 inches) when they evolve into a Scizor.

8. Scyther typically weigh around 56 kg (123.5 lbs)

That’s almost as heavy as an average 8 years old child. So I mean, technically you could carry one in your arms.

But would you?

9. Its weight is very close to its actual number

Scyther’s average weight(in lbs) rounded down is the same as its Pokédex number #123.

10. It takes over 6,500 steps to hatch a Scyther from an egg

So get your running shoes on because you’re gonna be treading a lot of gravel!

11. Scyther’s gender ratio is right at 50%

This means you have an equal chance of finding or hatching a male or a female Scyther.

12. Scyther is classified as a Mantis Pokémon

I’m not sure what that means in-game, but yeah pretty easy to see.

Funny enough it changes into a Pincer Pokémon when it evolves into a Scizor.

13. At full health and using an ordinary Poke Ball, Scyther’s catch rate is about 11.9%
14. In Gen I and Gen II you can find Scyther on the Safari Zone

Specifically in Gen I it has a 1% to 4% rarity in the Safari Zone.

If you’re in the National Park playing gen II it has a 5% rarity to appear in the tall grass. In most of the newer generations you can only get Scyther through trading.

15. In Pokémon GO Scyther has a catch rate of 24%
16. You can actually find this guy everywhere in Pokémon GO

Players report finding Scyther on countryside areas, farmland, fields, forests, gardens, large parks and other grassy areas.

Even city parks are fair game!

17. There are two hidden Scyther in Pokémon Snap

You can find Scyther on the beach level twice.

The one only appears by using a Pester Ball to chase it out. The second one is near the end of the beach level so you have to keep your eyes peeled.

18. There is no Scyther evolution in gen 1

Its eventual eveolution, Scizor, was introduced in the generation II games Gold/Silver/Crystal.

But funny enough in the gen VI games its mega evolution was introduced and Scyther was given a third evolution: Mega Scizor.

19. A Scyther is one of the few Pokémon that evolves via trading

You can do this by trading it while holding a Metal Coat. Just make sure to trade it back from your friend so you actually get your Scizor!

20. Some interesting base stats through evolution

Although Scyther and Scizor have different base stats, they both have a total base stats of 500.

This makes Scyther the only non-evolved Pokémon with the same total base as its evolved form.

21. Your Scyther is pretty safe from all on-the-ground moves

Scyther are immune to Ground attacks, resistant to Fighting, Bug and Grass.

Since they’re bugs they are of course weak to Flying, Rock, Fire, and Ice.

22. Pinsir is Scyther’s gen 1 counterpart

You can find Scyther in Pokémon Red, Fire Red and Diamond… while you can find Pinsir in Pokémon Blue, Leaf Green and Pearl. Nifty version exclusives here!

And you can only complete your Pokedex via trading between the two.

23. Although bug types, Scyther and Pinsir learn no damaging bug-type moves in gen 1
24. Scyther do not like seeing red

They become aggressive when they see the color red. But they lose this trait when they evolve into Scizor.

This is ironic because Scyther is exclusive to the original Red version. Go figure!

25. Scyther packs always have a leader

Specifically wild Scyther always congregate into a swarm with the leader chosen by whoever beats the last leader.

It’s a situation that feels a bit like “the king is dead, long live the king”.

26. Scyther is able to fly

But this is not very common and you’ll barely ever see a Scyther soaring in the sky above any city.

Which sucks because I’d really like to fly on mine!

27. Scyther is hella fast

Most Pokedex entries for Scyther boast about its speed.

Like how it’s so fast that it can use agility to create mirages of itself. Or how it moves so fast that most other monsters don’t see it coming.

Plus since most Scyther are naturally green they can hide in tall grass easily.

28. Scyther’s best feature is its scythe-like arms

These scythe arms are said to be so sharp that they can cut through any metal.

All Scyther increase their blade’s sharpness by cutting through hard objects for practice.

29. Male vs. female differences

You can tell apart a female Scyther from a male Scyther by looking at their abdomen.

Female Scyther tend to have a larger abdomen than male Scyther, although I’ll admit they all look pretty similar!

30. A new shiny was added to Pokémon GO

A shiny Scyther was introduced as part of its new Bug Out Event which ran through April 9th in early 2019.

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