Top 15 Best Cannon Skins in Sea Of Thieves

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Your cannons are one of the hardest things in Sea Of Thieves to get good with.

Seriously, mastery will take hundreds of hours. And it’s something that separates your average pirate from true legends of the seas.

There are cannons available to suit every crew, whether you want pretty ones, or some that even give you an edge in combat.

Whatever you’re looking for though, you’ll find the best of the best in this list.


15. Sailor Cannons

Sailor Cannons Skin / Sea of Thieves

Every Pirate Legend was once a beginner.

And they all started with these on their ships.

The Sailor Cannons are the ones every new ship starts with. But aside from looking drab and basic, they are actually really great to use.

Sailor Cannons don’t draw any attention to your ship (they make you look like a new player if you want to use that to your advantage!)

And they don’t have any parts getting in your way when you’re aiming with them.

These cannons do exactly what you’d expect, and are perfect to learn the ropes with.


14. Dawn Hunter Cannons

Dawn Hunter Cannons Skin / Sea of Thieves

Pirates can be a ruthless bunch.

And no cannons on the seas say that better than these right here.

Dawn Hunter Cannons may not look like much with their simple understated design.

But these are only purchasable by those who have sold 600 items while flying the Reaper’s Bones Emissary Flag – which gives the Plundered Prizes Level 5 Commendation.

These cannons are low on the list because you could have wrestled your plunder from countless crews – but you could have also just found it on the ground.


13. Nightshine Parrot Cannons

Nightshine Parrot Cannons Skin / Sea of Thieves

The Nightshine Parrot set is very popular, and its trademark pale blue is used by pirates all across the seas.

Nightshine Parrot Cannons are no exception here, sporting the silver, black, and blue that the rest of the set is known for.

They’re also pretty easy to use. And all the feathered detail is down the sides where it won’t affect your aim (you can’t use it as an excuse, sorry!)

But these Cannons aren’t cheap at 110,250 Gold. And if you include the rest of the ship set, you’re looking at closer to a million.

But for one of the best-looking sets in the game, it’s worth the price.


12. Venomous Kraken Cannons

Venomous Kraken Cannons Skin / Sea of Thieves

The Kraken is a terrifying adversary.

And these cannons say you not only fought it, but you lived to tell the tale many times over.

The Venomous Kraken Cannons are only available to crews brave enough to beat the Kraken 10 times – and they stand out with their bright green and yellow base & ink-stained tube.

These probably won’t scare off your average pirate.

But tentacled beasties may think twice!


11. Golden Barnacle Cannons

Golden Barnacle Cannons Skin / Sea of Thieves

The best thing about seasonal content in Sea Of Thieves is that we get awesome new cosmetics like these.

The Golden Barnacle Cannons were a reward for reaching Renown Level 84 in Season 2, and have a beautiful golden fish engraved around the tube.

Sadly, the fin near the base doesn’t help with aiming. But these are a great season reward, and hopefully we see more like this in the future.

If you missed out on snagging your own, hopefully they’ll end up at the Shipwrights eventually.


10. Wild Rose Cannons

Wild Rose Cannons Skin / Sea of Thieves

If you want to bring a bit of class and sophistication to the seas, very few sets do it better than the Wild Rose.

These Wild Rose Cannons come in a beautiful black and gold with a subtle red rose on the top. That rose is also out of the way when you’re aiming, so you can be deadly accurate and look good while doing it!

These Cannons cost 50 Doubloons, which can be a little harder to find than Gold.

But the search is worth it.


9. Cannons Of The Ashen Dragon

Cannons Of The Ashen Dragon Skin / Sea of Thieves

You can set your opponents ablaze with Ashen fire by using this cannon skin…

Well, if you load Firebombs into it you can!

Very few cannons stand out quite like The Cannons Of The Ashen Dragon. So don’t expect to be sneaking up on any ships if you have these on board.

These Cannons have a huge glowing fiery dragon wrapped around them, and cost 69,950 Gold.

And these can actually be quite tricky to get hold of, as they’re only unlocked with a Tome from an Ashen Chest – and those Tomes are random.

If you want a shot at getting these stunning cannons, defeating some Ashen Guardians is a good place to start.


8. Order Of Souls Cannons

Order Of Souls Cannons Skin / Sea of Thieves

I was expecting a name a bit more mysterious from the Order Of Souls.

But the Order Of Souls Cannons look great and are really easy to use as well – so I’ll give the general name a pass.

These cannons have a ridge across the top too, which can really help to land your shots.

It’s not perfect, of course. But you have something to line your targets up with – and that’s something most cannons can’t give you.

If these tickle your fancy then you’ve got some grinding to do: they require you to be level 60 with the Order Of Souls.

Still, a fitting reward for your dedication.


7. Dark Adventurers Cannons

Dark Adventurers Cannons Skin / Sea of Thieves

These cannons won’t do much to help your aim.

But if you can afford them, chances are your aim is just fine.

The Dark Adventurers Cannons definitely aren’t cheap, costing a total of over 4 MILLION Gold!

And even if you have that kind of money lying around, you still need to be a Pirate Legend before you can add these to your ship.

Like the rest of the set, the Dark Adventurers Cannons come in a slick black with beautiful silver trim – and will likely scare off any crew that recognizes them.


6. Ghost Cannons

Ghost Cannons Skin / Sea of Thieves

If the Dark Adventurer set is a little out of your budget, these next cannons are Pirate Legend exclusive – and are a fraction of the price.

Ghost Cannons cost just 500,000 Gold (still pricey, but easier to swallow than 4 million!)

And they have a unique design with parts that emit a subtle blue glow.

There aren’t really any ghostly ship cosmetics, but these cannons look like they were ripped straight off the Ferry of the Damned and come pretty close.


5. Sea Dog Cannons

Sea Dog Cannons Skin / Sea of Thieves

If you’re a PvP veteran and just want a trusty cannon to get the job done, these may be the best in the game for you.

The Sea Dog Cannons require level 40 in the Order Of Souls Faction to obtain, and are as simple and subtle as you can get.

There are no details or color. Just a simple thin tube that’s a joy to aim and shoot.

With these cannons at your disposal, there’s nothing between you and sending your prey to Davy Jones’ Locker.

These are the cannons for the purists.


4. Soulflame Cannons

Soulflame Cannons Skin / Sea of Thieves

If the Ghost Cannons weren’t quite doing it for you, maybe the Soulflame Cannons will.

These are the first cannons on this list that cost Ancient coins, which is Sea Of Thieves’ premium currency.

But these look like the Ghost Cannons would if you turned every dial up to 11.

The Soulflame Cannons emit an eerie green mist from their bases, and look right at home on even the darkest of ships.

Although honestly, these are terrible to aim with – but they might just scare other crews off without you needing to fire a shot.


3. Dark Warsmith Cannons

Dark Warsmith Cannons Skin / Sea of Thieves

The Dark Warsmith Cannons also cost Ancient Coins – but look so menacing that they have to be on this list!

These cannons look intimidating regardless of what kinda ship you put them on, with gold spikes surrounding the barrel.

There’s also a Dark Warsmith Cannon Flare to go with them that wraps every shot with fiery ash.

Even if you’ve just logged on to start your adventures, these will make you look like warlords to be wary of.


2. Glorious Sea Dog Cannons

Glorious Sea Dog Cannons Skin / Sea of Thieves

Oh boy, if you see a crew rocking these on their ship, you’re best off not picking a fight with them – unless you’ve got a death wish.

The privilege of buying the Glorious Sea Dog Cannons is only given to those who have reached level 40 in the Sea Dog faction.

And this means they are true grizzled warriors of the Arena.

These cannons have a beautiful red and gold color scheme. And as you may expect from a PvP faction, they’re thin, and thus are incredibly easy to aim…

Not that any crew using them needs the help.


1. Killer Whale Cannons

Killer Whale Cannons Skin / Sea of Thieves

You’d be unwise to underestimate a crew with Glorious Sea Dog Cannons. But you would be an absolute fool to underestimate a crew with these.

The Killer Whale Cannons cost 3500 Gold, and are only available to those who have hit level 45 with The Hunter’s Call.

That’s right, the fishing faction.

I’m deadly serious here – no other faction is so stingy with reputation.

So pirates that have achieved this level have seen it all, and have probably sunk hundreds of hours into the game.

The best thing about these cannons is that they look incredible, sporting a unique deep blue scheme. And to top it all off they’re a joy to aim with as well.

Any crew rocking this skin will have many a pirate tale to tell. And that’s why these take the top spot on our list.

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