Sea Of Thieves: Best Compass Cosmetic Variants (Our Top Picks)

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If any equipment in Sea of Thieves goes under-appreciated, it’s the humble compass.

Don’t overlook it though – as when you’re solving riddles or doing Athena voyages, you’re going to want your eyes glued to it at all times.

Also, for your crew’s sanity, a compass direction is much better than ‘over here!’ or ‘that way!’

So with that in mind, let’s find you a decent compass to look at!


10. Compass of the Silent Barnacle

Compass of the Silent Barnacle from Sea of Thieves

Cost: 37,800 Gold
Shop Location: Equipment Shop

This tatty compass may not look like much at first.

But to start the list off, let’s go with something that only the most experienced wreck divers can ever hope to unlock.

The Compass of the Silent Barnacle is locked behind the Hoarder of Barnacled Gold Commendation for delivering 300 Shipwrecked chests.

These chests are usually found on shipwrecks – but as you’ll only find a handful at a time, you can see why this compass is rare.

If you go for this cosmetic, expect lots of drowning, getting munched on by sharks, and getting beaten up by mermaids.

Is it worth it? You decide!


9. Legendary Hoarder Compass

Legendary Hoarder Compass from Sea of Thieves

Cost: 3500 Gold
Shop Location: Gold Hoarders Tent

The Gold Hoarders seem to like dishing out compasses as rewards (seriously, there’s a lot) but they definitely saved the best for last.

The Legendary Hoarder Compass is awarded for reaching level 50 with the Gold Hoarders, and is the most decorative of the lot!

One really cool thing with the Gold Hoarders is each time they give you a compass, they get just a little bit fancier.

And if that’s what you’re after then you’ll end up rich in the process.


8. Rogue Sea Dog Compass

Rogue Sea Dog Compass from Sea of Thieves

Cost: 2800 Gold
Shop Location: Equipment Shop

If you’re after something a bit more subtle, you may want to check out the Gold Hoarders’ creepy competition instead.

The Rogue Sea Dog Compass is a slick and tidy tool that’s available for purchase upon reaching level 46 with the Order Of Souls.

It won’t let you down – and we can all be grateful that the Order resisted the temptation of making it out of a skull…


7. Merchant Alliance Compass

Merchant Alliance Compass from Sea of Thieves

Cost: N/A
Shop Location: N/A

It’s fitting that the faction that sends you to every corner of the map, also gives you a fantastic classic style compass.

The Merchant Alliance Compass is a more traditional take on this item, and is awarded for getting the Unrivalled Emissary Of Merchant Commendation.

You’ll get this for reaching Emissary Grade 5 with the Merchant Alliance 20 times.

But just be careful:

Your Emissary Flag is worth a pretty penny at Reapers Hideout, and by the time a Grade 5 flag is trailing off your ship, you’re a juicy target for anyone willing to get their hands dirty.


6. Dawn Hunter Compass

Dawn Hunter Compass from Sea of Thieves

Cost: 37,800 Gold
Shop Location: Equipment Shop

A good Reaper will use every tool at their disposal to track their targets down.

And you’ll need to do just that if you want the next compass on this list.

The Dawn Hunter Compass is awarded with the Plundered Prizes Grade 2 Commendation for handing in 240 items while you’re flying the Reapers Emissary Flag.

Nothing is stopping you from collecting treasure off the ground and just raising the flag when you turn stuff in – but would you want to get on the Reaper Emissaries bad side?

I wouldn’t.


5. Triumphant Sea Dog Compass

Triumphant Sea Dog Compass from Sea of Thieves

Cost: 16,985 Gold
Shop Location: Equipment Shop

In Sea of Thieves, some of the rarest gear is locked behind tasks that’ll take hours to complete.

But some are just hidden behind stuff the average player simply won’t know about.

The Triumphant Sea Dog Compass is a great decorative silver compass with a deep blue front. But if you’re wondering why you’ve never seen one before, here’s why:

To unlock it you’ll need the Sea Dog Seeker Grade 2 Commendation, which is awarded for digging up 10 chests with the Glorious Sea Dog Shovel specifically.

Fortunately, you can just buy that shovel from the Equipment Shop.

And if you want something super unusual that you can show off to your crew, you better get digging!


4. Legendary Compass

Legendary Compass from Sea of Thieves

Cost: 3950 Gold
Shop Location: Athena’s Fortune Shop

This next compass is one for you Pirate Legends out there.

And if you’re not interested, maybe the prospect of mountains of gold will change your mind.

The Legendary Compass is proudly colored in the trademark purple and green that Pirate Legend gear is known for.

But that title alone won’t unlock this cosmetic.

You also need the Legendary Gold Hoarder Commendation for selling 500 chests as a Pirate Legend.

And if the thought of everything you could buy after selling that much doesn’t excite you, maybe you’re playing the wrong game.


3. Forsaken Ashes Compass

Forsaken Ashes Compass from Sea of Thieves

Cost: 3950 Gold
Shop Location: Equipment Shop

Not in the mood for a conventional compass?

Do you want something bright, glowing, and laced with fire instead?

The Forsaken Ashes Compass should scratch that itch quite nicely.

It’s an outstanding compass cosmetic, with glowing shards of metal around the edges which are absolutely stunning at night.

The only downside is that you’ll need to get very acquainted with the Devil Roar if you want one of your own, as you’ll need to do voyages for both the Gold Hoarders AND the Order Of Souls there.

This part of the map is dangerous and filled with perils you won’t find anywhere else…

It’s no wonder you rarely see any other players there.


2. Ghost Compass

Ghost Compass from Sea of Thieves

Cost: 19,880 Gold
Shop Location: Athena’s Fortune Shop

You never need an excuse to rock glowing cosmetics in Sea of Thieves.

But if you’ve played long enough to unlock this one, you might just not need a compass anymore.

The Ghost Compass offers a unique glowing design with sharp spikes that you could definitely catch your fingers on.

But it emits a brilliant ghostly green glow, and looks fantastic during the day and night.

It’s also a late-game unlock, requiring you to be a Pirate Legend and level 11 with Athena’s Fortune – which will take hundreds of hours.

A navigational tool for the captain that’s seen it all.


1. Silver Blade Compass

Silver Blade Compass from Sea of Thieves

Cost: N/A
Shop Location: N/A

If you want the prettiest compass in the game hands-down, then this is the one for you… as long as you have the time to spare.

The Silver Blade Compass is a beautiful piece, with its pristine silver and pale purple color scheme. Not to mention the 8 compass directions built into it.

This compass doesn’t cost gold – but instead costs something far more valuable:


This is a reward for playing on the Insider Build for at least an hour a week, for 33 total weeks. You can sign up for access on the Official website, and it’s a very fitting reward for those who enjoy exploring the unknown.

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