The Best Dogs in Sea Of Thieves (Ranked)

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The Pirate’s life can be a lonely one if your crew can’t join you on the high seas.

Don’t worry though, as you can bring a four-legged companion along to share in the spoils of your adventures.

There are dozens to choose from – and they would all love a home on your ship.

In this list I’ll be showing off some of the better dog options in the game – but remember, every dog is the best dog!


10. Redback Whippet

Redback Whippet Dog / Sea of Thieves

Sometimes you have days on the seas that just don’t go your way.

The Kraken shows up, you get chased and destroyed by Reapers, a server merge makes your loot vanish… you get the idea.

It’s times like these where you need to see a friendly face.

And no face is friendlier than the Redback Whippet!

I mean it – no matter how disastrous your voyages are going, this pirate pooch has a permanent grin on its face.

And it’s enough to turn any frown upside down.

If only my crew were this enthusiastic when we’re getting peppered with cannonballs.


9. Saddleback Alsatian

Saddleback Alsatian / Sea of Thieves

If you want to enforce some law and order on the seas, well, first of all good luck with that.

And second of all, you’ll need a four-legged friend that looks the part.

The Saddleback Alsatian is as close to a police dog as you’ll get in Sea Of Thieves.

Basically the biggest difference is that this one left the intimidation at the Pirate Emporium.

This dog looks like it can really handle itself on the seas, even if you can’t.

And sometimes appearances are all that matters.


8. Snowy Alsatian

Snowy Alsatian / Sea of Thieves

Most of the pets in Sea of Thieves are cute.

But if you want something a little more grand and majestic, that’s a lot tougher to find.

The closest you can get is the Snowy Alsatian, which looks more like an Arctic Wolf – at least most of the time.

Like all of the Alsatians, the Snowy Alsatian has the trademark derpy smile that it wears on its face whenever you get close.

This dog can do majestic at a distance – but face to face it just wants love and treats!


7. Silverfoot Whippet

Silverfoot Whippet Dog / Sea of Thieves

Did you know that you can get outfits for your dog?

If you ask me, the outfits look a bit out of place on some of the pets.

But one that can pull off any outfit is the Silverfoot Whippet.

The Silverfoot Whippet is the grey and white version of the Redback Whippet from earlier, and still has the ear-to-ear smile no matter what’s going on.

Give him the Pirate Legend outfit and he’ll have more class than your entire crew put together!


6. Cotton Boll Inu

Cotton Boll Inu / Sea of Thieves

This next dog wins the prize of being the most adorable & cuddly dog on the seas.

The Cotton Boll Inu really does look like a cotton ball.

But don’t let appearances fool you.

This fluffy pooch will follow you into battle no matter what or who you’re up against. Just don’t expect any help aside from barking your enemies to death.


5. Reaper’s Heart Dog

Reaper's Heart Dog / Sea of Thieves

If sailing under the Reaper flag just isn’t cutting it and you really want to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies, this is the perfect dog to look for.

The Reaper’s Heart Dog is a little more expensive than your average pet, sitting at 649 Ancient Coins.

But there really isn’t another dog like it.

With glowing eyes and a bright glowing red heart on its chest, this isn’t the companion to bring if you’re trying to be stealthy…

But if stripping ships of their precious Emissary Flags is the order of the day, I don’t think you care too much about being seen.


4. Gold Curse Alsatian

Gold Curse Alsatian / Sea of Thieves

Your earliest days on the seas will always be rough.

But once you learn the ropes you’ll be swimming in loot.

And in Sea Of Thieves, it’s all about the cosmetics. So what could be better to show off with than a dog made of solid gold?

This Gold Curse Alsatian is exactly what you’d need to be that kind of show-off.

But don’t forget, it loves pets just as much as any other dog!

It sounds cruel to curse a dog – but this lovable walking gold bar really doesn’t seem to care.

And if you’re collecting for the Gold Hoarders there’s no better pet to have by your side.


3. Glacial Curse Inu

Glacial Curse Inu / Sea of Thieves

I’m sorry Pirates, this isn’t a hint at us getting an Ice Biome on the map any time soon.

But if you want to bring a chill pet onto your ship, this pup is a great way to do it.

Don’t let the icicles fool you – the Glacial Curse Inu is just as warm-hearted and excitable as every other dog on this list.

This dog is part of the Frozen Horizon Set, so you can even get clothes and dress up like your dog to become one of “those” pet owners (hey, I’m not judging!)

This dog is unique, majestic, and stands out in a way very few other pets can.


2. Coral Inu

Coral Inu Pet / Sea of Thieves

It’s hard to make a name for yourself and become infamous on the Sea of Thieves.

But if that’s something you really want, well, you’re in luck!

Kind of.

The Coral Inu bears a striking resemblance to a Shiba Inu – so you can have the Doge itself wandering around your ship and joining you on your adventures.

Needless to say, the Coral Inu is absolutely adorable and has star power that no other pet has!

Perfect for the Pirate who doesn’t mind being outshined by their dog.


1. Prison Dog

Prison Dog Pet / Sea of Thieves

No other dog fits the pirate’s life better than the Prison Dog.

At the time of this writing, this is the most recent dog added into the game.

Does it look familiar?

This is straight out of The Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

And if you’re a little sad that you can’t get a Jack Sparrow skin for your Pirate, this scruffy pooch is just as good.

It also really does have that ring of keys in its mouth. So if you want to tease crew members that ended up in your brig, nothing’s stopping you here.

At the beginning of this list I mentioned that every dog was the best dog – and we all know that’s true.

But if you want a one-of-a-kind pet that fits perfectly on any ship, you won’t find anything better than the Prison Dog.

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