Best Fishing Rod Skins in Sea Of Thieves

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Fishing is both addictive and rewarding in Sea of Thieves.

And catching every fish will take you on adventures across the entire map, putting yourself and your ship against untold dangers in the hopes of the perfect catch.

It’s time-consuming, sure.

But as you’re going to be staring at your fishing rod a lot, you may as well have an awesome rod in your hands to look at.

So here’s our picks for the best Fishing Rod skins in Sea of Thieves.


10. Killer Whale Fishing Rod

Sea of Thieves Killer Whale Fishing Rod skin

There’s no better way to start this list than with a reward from the fishing masters themselves, the Hunter’s Call.

This rod has a small blue and green handle, and is a reward for reaching Level 5 with the Hunter’s Call (The fishing faction at Sea Ports).

It would be nice if the rod was a later reward, as maybe it wouldn’t look like they just found bits of it on the ground…

But it’s fitting for the faction that made it, and is a great rod to start your fishing adventures.


9. Sovereign Fishing Rod

Sea of Thieves Sovereign Fishing Rod skin

In contrast to the Killer Whale Fishing Rod, this next rod looks classy, expensive, and probably hasn’t seen a day of use!

The Sovereign Fishing Rod is a beautiful piece of equipment.

It comes with a spotless white grip and a chunk of gold on top.

But before you rush to the shop to buy one, you’ll need ‘The Hunter of Ancientscales’ Title first. And this is only awarded to those who have caught every Ancientscale fish in the game.

You’ll need to use leeches as bait, and those are gross. But hey, do you want the rod or not?


8. Ruby Splashtail Fishing Rod

Sea of Thieves Ruby Splashtail Fishing Rod skin

Here we’ve got a fishing rod that honors the first Splashtail a pirate catches.

And for many, that’s all it takes to get them hooked!

The Ruby Splashtail Fishing Rod is a truly unique rod, with none other than a common Ruby Splashtail engraved into the handle.

Any angler worth their salt will end up catching hundreds of these on their journeys. So you may as well just embrace it!

This rod is only available in the Pirate Emporium, and costs Ancient Coins, which is Sea of Thieves’ premium currency.


7. Kraken Fishing Rod

Sea of Thieves Kraken Fishing Rod skin

You’ll have some crazy stories to tell if you manage to unlock this rod – I guarantee it.

The Kraken Fishing Rod is only available to those with ‘The Hunter of Stormfishes’ commendation, which means you need to fish in storms.

And you’ll need to do it A LOT!

The design on this piece is also brilliant. The rod has a spine across the top that looks like it came from a Kraken – but don’t try and catch the actual Kraken with it.

You don’t catch the Kraken, the Kraken catches you.


6. Gold Hoarders Fishing Rod

Sea of Thieves Gold Hoarders Fishing Rod skin

Out of the 3 main factions, the Gold Hoarders Fishing Rod arguably looks the best.

But they’re going to make you work for it!

Before you can get your hands on this beaut, you’ll need the Hunter of Wreckers Commendation. Which means you’ll be doing a ton of fishing around Shipwrecks – which are pretty dangerous, especially with the new Siren enemies patrolling the water.

If you manage it though, you’re awarded this rod complete with red wrapping around the handles, gold details, and a large gold key on the reel.


5. Frostbite Fishing Rod

Frostbite Fishing Rod skin in Sea of Thieves

If you manage to catch every Stormfish in the game, then you unlock the Kraken Fishing Rod (number 7 on this list) along with this cute & fluffy Frostbite Fishing Rod!

Well, maybe it’s not cute.

But it’s got fluff around the reel to keep your hands warm. That’s cute right?

And the pale blue details give this piece of equipment a fresh arctic look.

The Hunter Of Stormfishes commendation really is a tough one to get, so it’s a fantastic reward to get 2 sweet-looking rods for your trouble.


4. Legendary Fishing Rod

Legendary Fishing Rod skin in Sea of Thieves

This rod is yet another fitting reward for those that have survived the Sea of Thieves long enough to become legends.

This Legendary Fishing Rod is available to purchase when you reach the rank of Pirate Legend.

And it has the trademark deep purple across the grip that the rest of the set is known for.

Complete with gold around the reel and a menacing green skull on the top, other crews should think twice before they harass you when you’re out fishing.

At the very least you can tell yourself that when they launch a cannonball at your face!


3. Ghost Fishing Rod

Sea of Thieves Ghost Fishing Rod skin

Delivering 50 fish to the Hunter’s Call when you’re a Pirate Legend unlocks this spooky glowing fishing rod.

But are you brave/foolish enough to use it at night?

This is a really interesting rod with a definite theme – coming with a handle made of twisted metal and a reel with sharp spikes to catch your fingers on.

This equipment emits a bright glow too. So be careful using it after the sun sets.

You may be a Pirate Legend, but you’re still vulnerable when you’re fishing.

And if you’re not careful you may attract players intent on turning you into a ghost yourself!


2. Silver Blade Fishing Rod

Sea of Thieves Silver Blade Fishing Rod skin

If you want a rod that I can almost guarantee you’ll never see another soul using, this is for you…

If you have a year to spare.

The Silver Blade Fishing Rod is an exquisite silver rod skin with pale purple details and glowing aqua gems.

The catch is that you need to play on the Insider build of the game for an hour a week, for a total of 51 weeks, just to get it.

And there’s no way to speed that up.

This is a strong contender for the best-looking rod in the game.

But it has such a brutal unlock requirement, so most will never see it.


1. Forsaken Ashes Fishing Rod

Sea of Thieves Forsaken Ashes Fishing Rod skin

Now if you want a Fishing Rod that stands out against the rest, and has an unlock requirement that’ll give you a few stories to tell, this piece of equipment has it all.

The Forsaken Ashes Fishing Rod may not look like much at first glance.

I mean, it’s sitting there with its plain grip and reel…

But it has a couple of fiery metal parts in that design, and most importantly, the line on this rod glows as well!

A sensible pirate can see that as drawing unwanted attention to your ship.

I see it as a way to make all other pirates and anglers jealous!

How do you get it then?

Well, you need to catch every Devilfish in the game. And you can only find those in the Devil’s Roar alongside all the volcanoes, lava, boiling water, geysers and falling molten rocks…

Have fun!

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