The 10 Best Flintlock Skins in Sea Of Thieves

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If you want a weapon that can do it all, look no further than the Flintlock.

This weapon may lack the damage of the Eye Of Reach and Blunderbuss – but it beats both of those with versatility.

And if you want to look great and maybe grab a competitive edge, this is the list for you. Let’s dive in.


10. Nightshine Parrot Flintlock

Nightshine Parrot Flintlock render / Sea of Thieves

Let’s start with a rather unique Flintlock that you can theme your Pirate and your entire ship around.

The Nightshine Parrot Flintlock is part of the Nightshine Parrot Set which includes Sails, Instruments, pretty much any cosmetic you can think of!

This Flintlock will set you back a fair bit of Gold costing 85,050 – but can you really put a price on being the best-looking pirate on the seas?

This is also a no-brainer if you have a pet parrot!

And this Flintlock starts our list off because it looks great, but its sights are, well… They forgot to put those on. So good luck hitting anything!


9. Sailor Pistol

Sailor Pistol render / Sea of Thieves

Sometimes the best weapon on the Sea of Thieves is deception.

The Sailor Pistol is the one everyone starts with, costing a whopping 0 gold. It’s plain and drab, but it gets the job done.

And although there’s nothing to help you aim, nothing is getting in the way of your aiming either.

This pistol earns a spot on the list because if you’re running around in your underwear with this in hand, many crews will assume you’re easy pickings. And if you’re not, you can show them that no matter how you look, there’s always a bigger fish in the sea.


8. Inky Kraken Flintlock Pistol

Inky Kraken Flintlock Pistol render / Sea of Thieves

In the same vein as the Nightshine Parrot, The Inky Kraken Flintlock Pistol is one of many Inky Kraken cosmetics.

And if dark and menacing are the order of the day, you can’t go wrong with this set.

There really isn’t another Flintlock quite like this one with a screw on the side that looks like a glowing eye… Maybe don’t think too hard about that.

This one costs 85,050 Gold and although its sights aren’t amazingly clear, they are leagues better than the Nightshine Parrot Flintlock – meaning you can look the part and be a threat in battle as well.


7. Eternal Freedom Pistol

Eternal Freedom Pistol render / Sea of Thieves

This is the only gun on this list that costs Ancient Coins, Sea Of Thieves’ premium currency to purchase.

This Pistol is part of The Pirates Of The Caribbean Crossover content, so it may interest you if you’re a fan of the movies.

The Eternal Freedom Pistol is a great looking gun with a subtle Sparrow engraving on the side.

As it’s rather small, you’re probably the only person who’s going to see it.

But it definitely goes with the theme of the movies.

The sights are a little unwieldy – but that’s a small price to pay for using Captain Jack Sparrows pistol, savvy?


6. Wild Rose Flintlock

Wild Rose Flintlock render / Sea of Thieves

If you want a beautiful Flintlock with a bit of class, look no further than the Wild Rose.

The Wild Rose Set includes some of the best looking cosmetics in the game – and the guns are no exception.

The Wild Rose Flintlock costs 75 Doubloons, which are less common than Gold, so you may have to save up to get your hands on this. But if you like it, then it’s worth it.

This Flintlock looks fantastic – and although the sights are chunky, they’re accurate and useable with practice.

If you love the gun and want the entire set, just remember that a couple of items are locked behind the Wild Rose Tall Tale.


5. Dark Adventurers Pistol

Dark Adventurers Pistol render / Sea of Thieves

This weapon makes you look experienced, menacing, and rich all at the same time.

The Dark Adventurers Pistol is only available to those that have seen all there is to see and have become Pirate Legends.

This Pistol has a jeweled red skull on top, and even has a red jewel as a sight.

How can the weapon-smith afford to give you such a pistol?

This thing costs 2,551,500 Gold – so I think they can splash out!

This weapon looks smart and sleek on its own. And while not being the easiest thing to use, the jewel does serve as a decent sight.

Plenty of players know about the Dark Adventurer gear, so this Pistol will strike fear into the hearts of many.


4. Legendary Flintlock

Legendary Flintlock render / Sea of Thieves

Now this is definitely one of the rarest Flintlocks you’ll ever see – and if you spot a Pirate with it, you might just want to run.

The Legendary Flintlock is only available to Pirate Legends that have the Legendary Sea Dog Commendation.

How do you get that?

Oh, nothing much, just 240 wins in the arena!

If you’ve achieved that, you can probably delete ships by blinking in their direction.

But the Flintlock looks unique with the gold chain underneath and the sights although chunky are very useable.

If you want to have something that barely anyone else does, this is for you.


3. Rogue Sea Dog Pistol

Rogue Sea Dog Pistol weapon render / Sea of Thieves

Why is this ugly thing so far up the list?

Well, one of the best things about Sea Of Thieves is how no cosmetic gives you an advantage.

This Pistol kinda goes against that.

The Rogue Sea Dog Pistol isn’t a million miles off the Sailor Pistol for looks. But the big difference is its barrel isn’t rounded, and it has a ridge across the top.

That ridge just so happens to line up with your shots perfectly – which makes you deadly accurate. And since there’s nothing in the way, you can track your targets easily.

If you’re serious about PvP in this game, Give a Sea Dog Pistol a shot.


2. Mercenary Pistol

Mercenary Pistol render / Sea of Thieves

If you want to go from pistol user to pistol specialist, this is one that you have to try.

The Mercenary Pistol is available for 9450 Gold, and has the closest thing in the game to conventional sights, having a small post at the end of the barrel.

It’s pinpoint accurate.

If your target is just above that post, you’re going to hit it.

The gun looks great too, it’s not garish but it’s not plain and boring either.

The Mercenary Pistol looks sleek and sophisticated – just like your Pirate, I’m sure!

If there was anything to nitpick, the post is a little tricky to see in the dark. Which is something the next gun on this list fixes.


1. Cultured Aristocrat Pistol

Cultured Aristocrat Pistol render / Sea of Thieves

As I mentioned before, the Mercenary Pistol is so close to being perfect – and this weapon fixes its main flaw.

The Cultured Aristocrat Pistol is far more expensive, though, costing 127,575 Gold.

But for that extra cash you get a glorious silver and gold weapon with fantastic sights, and the post at the end of the barrel is much easier to see since it’s shiny gold.

There is definitely an argument to be made that this gun stands out and can get you spotted.

But that’s a small price to pay for perfect aim even in the dark.

And that’s why this gun takes the number one spot in my list.

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