Best Foods For Healing in Sea Of Thieves: The Ultimate Ranking

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Even the most ferocious Pirates on the seas have to eat.

What you put in your stomach can be the difference between winning a fight, and joining your ship in Davy Jones’ Locker.

Nutrition is important and in Sea Of Thieves. You’re spoiled for a choice of things to munch on – but some food items act like a hearty meal, and some are barely a candy bar.

In this list I’ll be going through every food item in the game, and ranking them to count down the best snacks for when your pirate’s feeling hangry.

And we’ll make sure you don’t go into battle with an empty stomach!


12. Banana

Banana Item / Sea of Thieves

We have to start the list somewhere.

And a big reason this is the worst food in the game is that your Pirate eats them with the skin on!

Bananas are common and should be used as a last resort, because they only replenish 20% of your health.

That’s right, if you’re close to death you’ll need to munch down 5 of them to get back to 100%.

It’s not all bad news, though. You can buy a box of 50 of them from the Merchant Alliance – and they’re great for healing yourself in low-risk situations, or when you fall out of your Crow’s Nest (I won’t tell).

Just don’t go into battle with them if you can avoid it.


11. Coconut

Coconut Item / Sea of Thieves

Your Pirate eats these whole – and that’s probably why they don’t do much for you.

But these are better than bananas, and are worth eating if they’re starting to pile up.

Coconuts heal 30% of your health bar. Which isn’t amazing, but they’ll do in a pinch.

You can’t buy these (or any other food on this list moving forward), so keep an eye out for them in barrels scattered around the world.


10. Pomegranate

Pomegranate Item / Sea of Thieves

If you’re prowling the seas looking for action, Pomegranates are the very least you want to consider when taking on a fight.

Pomegranates heal 40% of your health bar. And this means if you eat 2 of them, you’ll survive any Flintlock or Eye Of Reach shot.

There are still far more viable food options available.

But these are fine in many cases, and are perfect when island hopping and fighting basic enemies.


9. Mango

Mango Item / Sea of Thieves

We’re fast approaching the best healing you can get from any fruit – but this one is important.

Mangoes heal 50% of your health. And this lines up nicely with damage from the Flintlock.

The Flintlock does 55% damage per shot. So if you’re eating mangoes while you’re being shot at, chances are your opponent will run out of bullets before they can kill you.

If you’re trying your luck at some serious combat, this is the very least you want to go in with.


8. Pineapple

Pineapple Item / Sea of Thieves

These are the best fruits in the game.

And there’s definitely an argument for them being the best foods full-stop.

Pineapples heal 100% of your health bar, which is brilliant.

And your Pirate only eats half of one per bite – meaning if you have 5 pineapples, you can heal yourself to 100% a total of ten times!

This is where you can start to see how important food really is in Sea Of Thieves.

5 Bananas will give you 100% health, 5 Pineapples will give you 1000%.

As long as you remember to eat in combat, nothing outside a lucky Blunderbuss shot or cannonball is going to kill you.

If you want to send crews to the Ferry of the Damned single-handedly, this is the food to use.


7. Shark

Shark Meat / Sea of Thieves

What could possibly be better than Pineapples?

Well, if you don’t mind working for your food, meat gives you a powerful boost that you can’t get elsewhere.

Just make sure you cook it properly first!

Sharks start our meat selection off.

Although the food is great, you have to risk life and limb to get it.

Cooked Shark can be eaten twice, and heals 50% of your health bar. It also gives you an additional 25% that’s displayed around the skull on your health bar – this auto replenishes your health bar when it isn’t full.

This effect is huge, especially in combat.

Shark meat is excellent and is worth the effort to cook it. I would just rather not need to go on a date with Jaws to get it.


6. Snake

Snake Food / Sea of Thieves

Sporting the same stats as Shark meat, Snake is awesome – but just flat out annoying to deal with.

If you want Snake meat you’ll need to island-hop for it.

And this is fine, as long as you don’t mind getting bitten and poisoned for your troubles.

Fortunately, these danger noodles aren’t tough, and will fall to a single bullet or Cutlass slash.

Snakes don’t do a ton of damage either. But if you’d prefer your food not to fight back, there are better options available.


5. Fish

Fish Meat / Sea of Thieves

If you fancy yourself as a Legendary Fisherman then you can fish for your crew’s supper.

There are lots of different fish in Sea Of Thieves, and they all restore health and give you that valuable 25% health regeneration.

If you’re a fan of fishing, this is a great way to get some of the best food items in the game.

Just beware that if you want to rank up the Hunter’s Call faction, your fish are probably better spent there instead.

It’s also worth noting that if you’re playing with an Open Crew, your crewmates may not be too pleased if you start chomping on their hard-earned Trophy fish without asking.


4. Chicken

Chicken Meat / Sea of Thieves

Chickens don’t fight back, nor do they run particularly fast, making them easy to farm for a good surplus of food for your crew.

A single slash or bullet will stop them, leaving a single drumstick.

I wonder where the rest of the chicken goes…

Much like Sharks, Chickens can be eaten twice. And this gives the same valuable health regeneration too.


3. Pork

Pork Meat / Sea of Thieves

Pork and Chicken are pretty interchangeable in Sea Of Thieves.

If you and your crew are preparing for a long session then it may be worth tracking some down.

These are also good because if you stop at an island, you’re almost certainly going to find some – unlike the final top entries on this list.


2. Megalodon

Megalodon Meat / Sea of Thieves

Alright, you’re a serious Pirate.

If sharks don’t scare, you how about the Megalodon?

This beastie is a boss battle in its own right.

And if your crew manages to beat it, you’re rewarded with treasure and the best healing item in the game.

Megalodon meat takes 2 full minutes to cook. But it gives you 100% health, can be eaten twice, and gives you a further 50% regenerative health on top.

Beating this thing can take a surprisingly long time though – especially if you’re in a Galleon, as it’ll have more health.

The food is great for sure.

But you need to decide if it’s worth the cannonballs.


1. Kraken

Kraken Meat / Sea of Thieves

Many a crew has fallen to the Kraken.

This mighty terror of the seas only spawns if there are no events currently going on.

So if you don’t spot any markers in the sky, you may want to think twice before setting sail.

If you manage to beat the Kraken you’ll be rewarded with Kraken meat.

And this meat gives the same 100% health with 50% regenerative health, just like Megalodon meat does.

The only thing separating the two is that you can run from a Megalodon and force it to leave you alone by sailing close to islands.

If the Kraken comes for you, more often than not, only one of you is leaving that encounter alive.

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