Best Spyglass Skins in Sea Of Thieves (Ranked)

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If you don’t want to get caught off guard in Sea of Thieves, then the Spyglass is your best friend.

A lot of new players underestimate just how useful this thing is – and making a habit of going into your crow’s nest to gaze across the horizon can be the difference between becoming the hunter or the hunted.

Needless to say, you should be using the Spyglass a lot and you’ll definitely want one that looks the part!


10. Ruffian Sea Dog Spyglass

Ruffian Sea Dog Spyglass skin in Sea of Thieves

For as weird, wacky, and wonderful as Sea of Thieves cosmetics can be, there is always a selection for the purists.

The Ruffian Sea Dog Spyglass looks well used with its tattered leather wrap and cover, and is available to all for 3800 Gold.

If you’re a veteran pirate then you know how rough the seas can get – and how quickly they can get that way.

If you seek substance over style this is the Spyglass to scope out.


9. Ancient Spyglass

Sea of Thieves Ancient Spyglass skin

It makes sense that the Tall Tale about stargazing rewards you with an awesome Spyglass.

You’re given The Ancient Spyglass for completing every commendation in ‘The Stars of a Thief’ Tall Tale.

This will take most crews a while, as you’ll need to clear the Tall Tale at least 5 times. And this can be a little tricky, since the Tall Tales change a little when you repeat them.

The reward is a one of a kind Spyglass carved from stone – and now you can observe the Seas through a square instead of a circle!


8. Rum Bottle Spyglass

Sea of Thieves Rum Bottle Spyglass skin

I know many of you probably can’t handle your drinks, but with the next Spyglass on this list, you can at least pretend.

The Rum Bottle Spyglass looks exactly like it sounds:

It’s a rum bottle crudely shaped and hastily wrapped up at the end, so it doesn’t just look like something you ‘borrowed’ from the Tavern.

If you want to look like the ultimate sea drunk with this in hand, then you’ll need the Art of the Trickster commendation from beating the sixth Tall Tale.


7. Reaper’s Heart Spyglass

Reaper’s Heart Spyglass skin in Sea of Thieves

By all means, think what you like about Reapers – but you can’t deny their cosmetics are awesome.

The Reaper’s Heart Spyglass is only available from the Pirate Emporium.

And it sports a gold wrap, glowing shards of red, and a menacing crimson lens.

I wish the lens let out a red glint instead of the usual white – but this Spyglass still looks great up close, and is a perfect match for when you’re sailing under the Reapers Bones flag.


6. Notorious Merchant Spyglass

Sea of Thieves Notorious Merchant Spyglass skin

You need to have your head on a swivel when doing voyages for the Merchant Alliance, as they have you travelling all over the map, putting your ship in harm’s way over and over.

It’s fitting, then, that you unlock the Notorious Merchant Spyglass for reaching Level 50 with them.

This spyglass has the unique blue, white, and gold color scheme that the Merchant Alliance is known for.

And it’s a nice change from the dark and drab colors of many other cosmetics in Sea of Thieves.

When you’re working for the Merchant Alliance you’ll be looking over your shoulder a lot – so why not do it in style?


5. Parrot Spyglass

Sea of Thieves Parrot Spyglass skin

If you have a parrot and really want to be “that kind” of pet owner… well, you’re in luck.

You can already cover your ship in parrot themed cosmetics – and with the Parrot Spyglass, you can even do the same with your equipment.

There’s nothing subtle about this Spyglass, with its feather engravings and enormous parrot head decal on the lens cover.

But with how loud parrots can be I don’t think we’re going for subtlety!

This is a must-have to go alongside your feathered friend.


4. Triumphant Sea Dog Spyglass

Sea of Thieves Triumphant Sea Dog Spyglass

This Spyglass deserves a spot on the list for its bizarre unlock requirement – but it’s also a fantastic looking piece of equipment to boot.

The Triumphant Sea Dog Spyglass is bright, colorful, and classy.

To unlock this Spyglass for purchase you’ll need to dig up 30 treasure chests. But the bizarre part is that you need to specifically use the Glorious Sea Dog Shovel to do it.

This Shovel is available to all for 2600 Gold – but if you want a Spyglass that many players simply don’t know about, this is a great one to try and get.


3. Dark Adventurers Spyglass

Dark Adventurers Spyglass skin in Sea of Thieves

For many, the Dark Adventurers set is a long term goal, locked behind becoming a Pirate Legend and mountains of Gold.

The Spyglass is no exception.

So this Dark Adventurers Spyglass is available to Pirate Legends for just over a million Gold – and for your hard-earned money you get a smart black Spyglass encrusted in red jewels, complete with a red skull on the cover.

Much like with the Reaper’s Heart Spyglass, the red lens here is just for show.

But it still looks great in any pirate’s hands.

If it’s all about the Gold for you, then the Dark Adventurers Spyglass has your name on it – being easily the most expensive Spyglass in the game!


2. Dawn Hunter Spyglass

Sea of Thieves Dawn Hunter Spyglass skin

Don’t let this beautiful Spyglass fool you.

If you see a pirate holding this, just know they’ve probably spilt a lot of blood to get it!

The Dawn Hunter Spyglass is coated in a wonderful deep purple, and there really isn’t another Spyglass quite like it.

If you want a shot at getting one yourself then you’ll need quite the mean streak – as it requires 240 items to be sold while you’re flying the Reapers Bones Flag.

You could be a peaceful Reaper, of course.

But where’s the fun in that?


1. Silver Blade Spyglass

Sea of Thieves Silver Blade Spyglass skin

This final Spyglass on the list is one of the prettiest and most striking pieces of equipment in the entire game.

But unlocking it will take a very long time.

The Silver Blade Spyglass is a gorgeous piece of kit with a unique white, silver, and blue color scheme that you simply won’t find in any other set.

What’s the catch?

Well, it takes almost an entire year to unlock!

This is only available to Pirates that play on the Insider build of the game (you can sign up for it on the official Sea of Thieves website from that link).

And this spyglass is earned by playing for at least an hour a week for 48 weeks!

This is something only the most committed players should attempt to unlock – but it is an incredible reward for those that put the time in.

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