The Best Tuck Outfits in Sea Of Thieves

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Tucking in Sea Of Thieves is the art of hiding on another crew’s ship and not getting caught.

It’s risky, and can be an adventure all by itself!

Let me be real with you: most tucks will end with you getting killed, or at best, making off with a tiny bit of treasure.

But if you’re still interested and the glory is worth more than gold, then we better make sure you look the part!

Here’s our picks for the top tucking outfits that you need to keep an eye out for.


10. Barrel Emote

Barrel Emote Preview / Sea of Thieves
Image source

Is that an emote on a tucking list?

Well, against a crew that doesn’t have every barrel on their ship memorized, the Barrel Emote is very effective.

And if you’re tucking on an Island, almost nobody is going to notice.

The Barrel Emote was a reward on the Season 2 Plunder Pass, and lets you wear your very own barrel.

It’s very convincing too. At least, until the ship you’re on starts to move.

Every barrel on a ship rocks with the waves. But this one stays upright – and it’s very easy to spot.

Still, on a parked ship it works fine.

And you can always find a better hiding place when the coast is clear.


9. Blackcoat Executive Admiral Gloves

Blackcoat Executive Admiral Gloves / Sea of Thieves

If you’re looking to cross your palms with another crew’s silver (or some Athena loot) you’re going to want a smart pair of gloves to do it with.

The Blackcoat Executive Admiral Gloves are amongst the darkest gloves in the game, costing 12,150 Gold.

These combined with basically anything on this list will make your pirate all but vanish in the dark.

Who said pirates couldn’t be stealthy?


8. Grimy Bilge Rat Hat

Grimy Bilge Rat Hat / Sea of Thieves

If your pirate has wonderful golden locks (or something like that) you’re going to need to cover those up if you want to tuck.

The Grimy Bilge Rat Hat is perfect for the job, as it’s almost completely black aside from the trim which is a dull blue.

This tatty hat will set you back a fair bit, costing 61,200 Gold (I know, seriously? What’s this thing made of?!)

But if you don’t have dark hair, this is one of the best tucking hats you can buy.


7. Ruffian Seadog Trousers

Ruffian Seadog Trousers / Sea of Thieves

If your pirate has pale, scrawny legs, then you better keep those covered!

These Ruffian Seadog Trousers are available to all, and they’re affordable to boot, costing only 2700 Gold.

For that price you get a pair of jet black trousers, no decoration, no patterns. And that’s all there is to say about them really.

Are they bland? Sure!

But if you’re tucking you want to draw as little attention to yourself as possible. And no trousers do it better.


6. Midshipman’s Jacket

Midshipman's Jacket / Sea of Thieves

Jackets tend to stand out. And that’s why they usually aren’t amazing for tucking.

But this entry on our list is an exception to that rule.

The Midshipman’s Jacket hugs your character model tightly, and has nothing sticking out.

This jacket looks a little strange on some of the larger pirates, but looks like a spy’s jacket on the thinner ones.

It’s cheap too, at only 13,575 Gold.

And if you’re looking for something that isn’t too fancy but will suit all of your Tucking needs, the Midshipman’s Jacket has you covered.


5. Dark Adventurers Boots

Dark Adventurers Boots / Sea of Thieves

These boots are sleek, stylish, look expensive (in actual fact they ARE expensive!), and they vanish at night.

The Dark Adventurers Boots cost over 500,000 Gold – and you need to be a Pirate Legend to buy them.

But these boots are jet black and easy to hide. And even though they have red details, those parts aren’t shiny.

These are great for tucking – but even outside of that, these are some of the best looking boots you can buy.

Nobody needs to know what shenanigans you got up to the night before.


4. Bare Foot

Bare Foot Preview / Sea of Thieves
Image source

Now, this isn’t really a piece of clothing (although it is still in the ‘shoes’ menu).

But going barefoot is fantastic for tucking.

Especially if you’re making your way onboard during the daytime.

Believe it or not, if you don’t have boots on, you move much quieter in Sea Of Thieves.

In a battle or a storm, you can get away with as much noise as you like. But if the seas are calm and someone hears your boots thumping around, that crew is going to do much worse things to you than making you walk the plank.


3. Majestic Sovereign Dress

Majestic Sovereign Dress / Sea of Thieves

Don’t think you have to wear a shirt or jacket if you want to tuck.

There are some great dresses you can use too – and the Majestic Sovereign Dress is one of the best.

This Dress is available to all for 5400 Gold, and is dark without many noticeable frills, shiny parts, or trim.

There are some lighter cloth belts on the dress, but they blend surprisingly well in poor light.

The in-game description calls this dress ‘gloriously impractical’. But clearly, whoever wrote that never hitched a ride on another crew’s ship.


2. Majestic Sovereign Shirt

Majestic Sovereign Shirt / Sea of Thieves

You can get away with almost any dark clothing when you’re tucking.

But this is the shirt many players associate with ‘Sweaty Tryhards’ and Tuckers.

The Majestic Sovereign Shirt is jet black and hugs your character tight, leaving nothing sticking out.

Its only identifying mark is the frill on the front, which is jet black as well.

It’s also very cheap at just 2700 Gold.

This shirt is infamous and widely associated with PvP.

If you ask me, people can think what they want, because if they can’t find you it doesn’t matter!


1. Sleep Emote

Sleep Emote Preview / Sea of Thieves
Image source

This is what brings your entire outfit together – and what you can use to disappear.

The Sleep Emote does exactly what it says on the tin:

It puts your character on the ground.

If you’re wearing the clothes on this list and it’s dark or stormy, you’re never getting seen, let alone caught!

This emote also lets you move the camera so you can see all around you. And there are a few spots where you can half fall into the scenery, making you all but vanish.

The Barrel Emote is fun, but this is what you use when you need to get the job done and make your tucking adventures a success.

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