Top 15 Best Weapons in Sea of Thieves

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The release of the open world pirate paradise Sea of Thieves came on March 20, 2018 and was anticipated to be quite controversial.

While the game had an enticing concept, lush graphics, and solid game-play, one couldn’t help but feel it was a tad… barren.

There wasn’t much to do other than a couple fetch quests and, of course, charting the Seven Seas.

A year and a half into the game’s lifespan and things are looking much different. If there was ever a time to play Sea of Thieves it’s now.

And to celebrate this wonderful game(and get your pirate groove going) I’m ranking my favorite 15 weapon skins in the game. Read on, ye scurvy sea dogs!

15. Kraken Blunderbuss

Kraken Blunderbuss weapon

Few things can make a pirate’s blood run cold like the mere mention of the Kraken.

It’s a constant fear, in the back of their minds, that at any point their merry travels may take a turn for the tragic once those ominous tentacles come into view.

This weapon counts on harnessing that fear for your own benefit.

Fill those scurvy rats with lead as they stare hopelessly into the Kraken’s beak that adorns the barrel of your Blunderbuss!

You can acquire this blunderbuss at Morrow’s Peak Outpost for a large amount of gold.


14. Ebon Flintlock Pistol

Ebon Flintlock Pistol Sea of Thieves

Some of us prefer the elegant and sleek over the flashy and pompous.

For us, there’s the Ebon Flintlock Pistol. A black gun with silver highlights that’s said to have been Deadly Daley’s preferred pistol.

Something quite special about this weapon is that, although not explicitly stated, it provides a small advantage over other pistols because it actually has iron sights which can help you aim better.

Regrettably this weapon was only given out to those players who watched a certain developer stream shortly after the game’s release. So if you didn’t get it yet there’s little hope that you’ll get your hands on it now.


13. Captain Bones’ Original Pirate Cutlass

Captain Bones cutlass sea of thieves

To reward players who put their trust in them and scoured the Seven Seas during the rocky road that was the game’s first year, the developers made this amazing cutlass skin available during a very short limited time close to the game’s first anniversary.

They always did say Captain Bones had a sharp tongue.

Again it’s not something you can easily acquire now, but keep your eyes peeled…


12. Hunter Eye of Reach

Hunter Eye of Reach sea of thieves

Between the many over-the-top and absurd skins in this list, the Hunter Eye of Reach serves as an option for the conservative among us.

It looks like a sniper rifle a Russian soldier might have used during WW2. Wood and steel, that’s it.

You can get this down-to-earth piece of equipment at the Weaponsmith’s Shop if ye wishes.


11. Bone Crusher Blunderbuss

Bone Crusher Blunderbuss sea of thieves

Do you like renewable resources? Then this is the blunderbuss for you.

You just grab this bony boomstick, shoot some skeletons, and make more weapons with their bones.

This intimidating design is among the most unique in the list and the most intimidating in the game.

Regrettably it was only available for purchase from Duke during the Gunpowder Skeletons event. But maybe a few of them are still floating around somewhere.


10. Legendary Flintlock

Legendary Flintlock Sea of Thieves

This ornate flintlock pistol is coveted by many. But only the most notorious of pirates may get it.

To get this royal-looking pistol you must earn the Legendary Sea Dog commendation from the Sea Dogs by triumphing 100 times in the Arena.

It’s available in Athena’s Fortune Hideout, which you can only access as a Pirate Legend, so you need to become one as well.

This weapon is among those which sort-of have iron sights. In this case the angular shape of the barrel can help you center your shots.


9. Ferryman Cutlass

Ferryman Cutlass Sea of Thieves

This cutlass looks like it came out of a fantasy game like Skyrim or something of the sort… but no, it was sharpened by the Ferryman himself to keep intruders out of his ship.

You can only get this black and gold blade if you buy the Sea of Thieves promotional Xbox controller.

It may be a challenge to find one, but I’m sure resourceful pirates such as yourselves will find a way.


8. Launch Crew Eye of Reach

Launch Crew Eye of Reach Sea of Thieves

This Eye of Reach may not be the coolest-looking. But it is a meaningful one.

As its description explains, the bottle it has for a scope was broken against the hull of the metaphorical ship that is the Sea of Thieves game to celebrate its launch.

This unique weapon could only be acquired by paying a single gold piece at the Weaponsmith’s Shop between May 1st and May 15th of 2018, shortly after release.


7. Sovereign Blunderbuss

Sovereign Blunderbuss in Sea of Thieves

Now this golden shotgun may not have the most intricate design, but it reminds me of the good old times spent pwning noobs in Call of Duty while showing our bling that proved… well, that we had pwned a lot of noobs.

If you want to relive your glory days and make your opponents experience PTSD then you need the Sovereign Blunderbuss.

This weapon can be acquired with gold at the Ancient Spire Outpost and the Plunder Outpost.


6. Parrot Flintlock

Parrot Flintlock Sea of Thieves

Nothing says “Pirate” like a parrot pet. And that’s basically what this flintlock is modeled after.

If you want to increase your pirate cred but don’t have time to tame a parrot and teach it sailor lingo then you can simply acquire this weapon at the Weaponsmith’s Shop.


5. Notorious Sea Dog Cutlass

Notorious Sea Dog Cutlass Sea of Thieves

This Cutlass is sure to make everyone in a 500 mile ratio know you’re in the area, given how flashy it is.

It’s also one of the most detailed designs among the cutlasses.

Its royal colors and golden accents, along with a small feather ornament, really give it a lot of personality.

If you’re hungry for notoriety, you can acquire this weapon from the Sea Dogs for a large sum of gold after you achieve a reputation of 45 and get the Arena Wolf promotion by playing a lot of Arena PvP matches.


4. Forsaken Ashes Eye of Reach

Forsaken Ashes Eye of Reach Sea of Thieves

The point of the Eye of Reach is being able to pick-off your enemies from a long distance while remaining relatively hidden.

However with the Forsaken Ashes Eye of Reach and its flaming hot orange accents on both scope and barrel, you’re liable to be noticed from miles away yourself.

There’s always a price to pay for flaunting your bling around.

It was only possible to obtain this amazing Eye of Reach, our favorite among them all, during the Forsaken Shores event by attaining the Devil’s Cartographer title and then paying 15 doubloons to Duke.


3. Golden Legendary Blunderbuss

Golden Legendary Blunderbuss sea of thieves

My favorite skin for the blunderbuss has to be this flashy and opulent weapon.

Gold, silver, emeralds, you name it. It has it all!

One of the coolest ornaments on this blunderbuss are the chains that surround the barrel, giving the weapon a very solid look.

This, however, comes at a price. As the chains can obstruct your vision a little when aiming down sights.

This weapon was only available until March 2019 with ease.

It could be acquired after achieving a level 50 reputation with three of the different companies you can interact with in the game. Now you’ll have to really go searching for it from another friendly fellow.


2. Glorious Sea Dog Flintlock Pistol

Glorious Sea Dog Flintlock Pistol weapon

This beautiful feathered pistol looks exactly like what sky pirates would use.

It’s really delicate, classy, and very different from the rest of the flintlock pistol skins.

Luckily, unlike some of our other top picks, this one can currently be acquired.

To obtain this fantastic pistol you need to receive the Sharpshooting Sea Dog commendation from the Sea Dog faction for having killed 200 pirates in PvP Arena matches.

Once you’ve achieved this glorious feat, you can acquire it from the Weaponsmith’s Shop like most other weaponry in here.


1. Legendary Cutlass

Legendary Cutlass in Sea of Thieves

My favorite weapon in the whole game belongs, unsurprisingly, to the cutlass family.

Its black blade with golden accents carries with it the mark of a truly legendary pirate, which you’ll have to become if you wish to acquire it.

You can only buy it in Athena’s Fortune Hideout, which only Legendary Pirates who have learned the Shanty of Legends can access.

Before you can do that, however, you must also achieve the Legendary Sea Dog status by placing first in Arena matches at least 240 times.

No small feat, but definitely worth it if you want to carry around this badge of honor.

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