Top 15 Best Outfits in Sea of Thieves

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Most games treat progression as a matter of time. The more hours you pour into the game, the stronger you get, the better your weapons, the further you get into the story.

In Sea of Thieves, Rare’s game of seafaring and plundering, the developers chose to go in a different direction.

Everyone stands on equal ground, with the same weapons, the same ships and the same armor. A controversial choice in a controversial game.

Progression in the game is purely cosmetic. You may unlock skins for your guns, your ships and, of course, outfits for your character. Cosmetics show others what you’re made of. They’re a testament to the adventures you’ve had and the challenges you’ve overcome.

This brave choice allows players to choose their equipment based on looks rather than specific stats, focusing more on creativity and self-expression rather than simply having an advantage over those who don’t have that much time to pour into scouring the Seven Seas for plunder.

To celebrate this wonderful creative climate and inspire you to get into the world of pirate fashion, I’ve picked out my 15 favorite outfits in the game.

Whether you want to show your colors or conceal your true self, this will help you figure out how to do it.

15. The Sailor Set

The Sailor Set default Sea of Thieves outfit

Arr, matey!

That’s what this default outfit will tell anyone you meet in the vast seas.

It really doesn’t get any more “pirate” than this. Everyone has access to this set from the get-go, but some pirates never grow out of it.

They’ll never know whether you’re a landlubber or a master mariner. There’s never a dull moment out at sea.


14. Black Dog Set

Black Dog outfit set

If you’re looking for something more dignified this all-black captain’s outfit may be the one for you.

There’s something about a pirate clad in monochrome black clothes that never seems to get old.

Something really nice about this outfit is that, given how neutral every piece is, you can use them to complete other outfits as needed.

Black goes with everything, making this outfit an asset for anyone interested in pirate fashion.

Regrettably, this set is only available for the select group of people who pre-ordered the game.


13. Imperial Sovereign Set

Imperial Sovereign sea of thieves set

This armor may include a chest plate, but it won’t really protect you from anything.

The Imperial Sovereign set is inspired by the armor worn by conquistadors such as Hernán Cortés, as you can tell from the unmistakable hat.

If conquering new lands and extinguishing ancient civilizations is your thing then this is the outfit you’re looking for.

You can get every piece of this set from the General Clothing store.


12. Wailing Barnacle Set

Wailing Barnacle outfit set

An outfit only for the true barnacle-backs out there!

For those who’ve got to know the depths of the sea and lived to tell the tale.

Nothing says “experienced” like literally having sea-life growing on your clothes. I’m 100% sure it smells of success.

This set is one of the most unique in the list and I love it as much as I love Davy Jones in The Pirates of the Caribbean.

Regrettably it was only available for a limited time during the Sunken Curse event, when you could buy it from Duke in exchange for some doubloons. But maybe you can find this one being traded around if you look hard enough.


11. Executive Admiral Set

Executive Admiral outfit set

It was not an uncommon occurrence during the golden age of piracy to see military crews rebelling against their command and becoming pirates.

The Executive Admiral set looks like what a recently converted captain might wear.

The deep blue outfit with red highlights carries with it the dignity of the military and is sure to inspire order and discipline in your crew.

Of course, there’s no need to go into the Queen’s Navy to get it, as you may buy it from the General Clothing store. Just don’t ask them where they got it.


10. Bone Crusher Set

Bone Crusher outfit set

If your objective is to inspire fear in the hearts of rival crews, this outfit is what you need.

Each bone adorning your jacket and hat tells the story of a triumph and suggests what the fate of all who dare oppose you might be.

It’s a really special and gritty outfit that marks you as a force to be reckoned with.

The Bone Crusher set was only available for purchase from Duke during the Skeleton Thrones event.

If you didn’t get it then, well you’ll have to look for some other way to intimidate your rivals.


9. Kraken Set

Kraken Set sea of thieves

This outfit is dark and ominous, appropriate for the members of a sea-god cult.

It’s one for those who didn’t only defeat, but rather became, the Kraken.

If you want to blend in among the masses without exposing your culty inclinations you’re in luck, as the individual pieces of the set are some of the easiest to match with different outfits.

The Kraken outfit may be acquired from the General Clothing shop.


8. Ceremonial Admiral

Ceremonial Admiral outfits

In any group of people, in any period of history, there’s always someone who’s so fond of the red color they want every piece of their clothes to show it.

If you happen to be this individual then this regal outfit taken straight from a Red-coat captain by undisclosed means is the answer to your prayers.

It’s clean and well-maintained, and you may acquire it for pretty cheap at the General Clothing store.

However, while you don’t need a military career to get it, you do need to reach a reputation level of 49 with the Merchant Alliance for it to become available. Get grinding!


7. Sea Dog Set

Sea Dog Set outfits

If you love red but you want something more discreet and fitting for a salty sea dog then there’s also this option.

It’s designed for bloodstains to blend into the fabric and save you time you’d otherwise use doing the laundry.

It’s the perfect marriage between true pirate style and a good fashion sense, for the daredevils who think nothing is worth doing if you don’t do it in style.

And it’s available for purchase for anyone at the General Clothing store.


6. Rogue Sea Dog Set

Rogue Sea Dog outfits sea of thieves

This is what happens when you take the previous one to the launderer’s and realize that, yes, the red was just dry blood.

Who would’ve known?

But worry not, donning a white outfit doesn’t make you any less intimidating.

There’s something about dangerous white things that makes them specially unsettling, like the White Whale, Moby Dick.

As majestic as you are fearsome, you’ll never be forgotten by those who cross your path.

To acquire this immaculate set of clothes you must first achieve a reputation of 49 with the Order of Souls and then buy it from the General Clothing store.


5. Forsaken Ashes Set

Forsaken Ashes set outfits

Every man and woman is as strong as the fires that forged them.

And you’re the strongest of them all.

This outfit will let others know you don’t fear the heat, but rather bring it with you.

The orange accents on this all-black set give it just the right amount of color. But remember they’ll make you stand out from a mile away so don’t go wearing this for stealth.

To acquire this you need to achieve the Master Devil’s Voyager commendation from the Forsaken Shores update, which will make it available for purchase in the General Clothing shop.


4. Pirate Legend Set

Pirate Legend outfits

While there are some out there who prefer to hide under the guise of a regular sailor to keep the element of surprise, there are others who’d rather let their prey know what’s coming.

This shiny and ornate outfit marks you as a true hero of the Seven Seas.

Not only does it have chains that’d make 50 cent feel inadequate, it also has what’s possibly the coolest eye-patch in the whole game.

Only the most renowned of pirates may wear the Legendary set so you’ll have to achieve a Legendary reputation of 50 with at least three different companies to acquire this opulent garb.


3. The Ghost Set

The Ghost Set outfits

A pirate ship finds itself lost in a fog bank.

Its crew sails slowly, scared of what might lurk around them, unseen.

Finally they see a light. Everyone rejoices as they turn towards it, full speed. It’s already too late when they realize it wasn’t a lighthouse or a friendly ship, but rather you, clad in this phantasmagorical black outfit with neon highlights.

Stories of their fate never reach the shore.

You may only find this outfit for sale at Athena’s Fortune Hideout once you’ve achieved a reputation of 10 with the Athena’s Fortune company.


2. The Parrot Set

Parrot sea of thieves outfit

This colorful set is one of the most creative and fun clothing options, replacing the dark and gritty style of most outfits for something more lighthearted.

Perhaps you could do an impression of a parrot doing an impression of a pirate to confuse your rivals?

This somewhat crazy outfit is available for purchase at the General Clothing shop.


1. Mix and Match

Mixing outfits together

The truth is, the best outfit will always be what you make for yourself.

What kind of pirate are you? What’s your story? What do you want others to think?

These are all questions your clothes can answer for you.

One of the most fun aspects of the game is expressing yourself with your own style, and I recommend you give it a try.

Who knows, you may get hooked on pirate fashion!

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