Best Secret of Mana BGM Songs

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Although the original Secret of Mana released almost thirty years ago in 1993, the music featured on the SNES is still played by so many today.

The song list contained a mix of upbeat, instrumental, and slow songs that nowadays leave us feeling nostalgic and reminiscent of the good times.

IN memory of this incredible game I’ve put together a list of what I feel are the best of the best. I’ve also included where in the game you can hear them, in addition to the type of song you can expect from each one.

10. Still of the Night

Taking this first spot is Still of the Night which first played in the Pureland, covered in clouds.

Some might consider this song to be a bleak track, due to the hollowness and dark theme associated with it. But it is quite beautiful too.

This section of the game could have proved quite tricky unless you’d already visited the Sunken Fortress to meet Neko and obtained the armour.

Also you might like this remixed version of the song which will make you probably wanna play the updated game too.

9. A Bell is Tolling

This is another one where a remake compares closely to the original.

Bell Is Tolling, which is definitely one of the softer variants of songs among our list, is also incredible RPG-sounding.

It has a unique feel to it which is likely down to its setting. This plays within the Ice Palace and makes it feel like a true RPG environment.

A track for those who enjoy a slower song.

8. Leave Time for Love

Swooping its way into #8 is the music that we heard playing while we were in the Mana Fortress, Leave Time for Love.

The song almost possesses a techno feel to it and makes you feel as though you’re ready for a fight scene.

7. Distant Thunder

While playing Secret of Mana you’ll venture around Gaia’s navel.

And as you arrive there you will hear Distant Thunder playing as the backing music whilst exploring the fields.

Specifically this track will be noticeable prior to the battle commencing with Geshstar while you’re on the Sand Ship.

The Meditation temple and the Mandala Village will also see occurrences of this song being played. A brilliant track that’s also quite memorable.

6. Eternal Reoccurrence

Next we’ve got a song that’ll only play once you obtain new magic, following completing a series of Secret of Mana tests.

You won’t hear Eternal Recurrence playing anywhere other than when Luna, Lumina, Shade and Undine are acquired.

It’s a noteworthy little tune that also has an RPG feeling to it.

5. Into The Thick of It

Into the Thick of it doesn’t get much more battl-y for an RPG. It simply gets you in the mod for a new adventure.

While you travel through various destinations such as forest locations, you’ll hear this one playing in the background.

It has to be said that the tone of this one isn’t too exciting. But it sure makes you want to equip a weapon before taking down anyone standing in the way of your adventure.

4. Prophecy

Towards the end of Secret of Mana is where you’ll first hear Prophecy.

You’ve reached this far and it has resulted in you reaching the point where your characters face one last conflict.

You are surrounded by a wealth of thunder and lightning as you hear it in the distance which only adds to the drama that this song has to offer.

You have one final quest to polish off the rest of the game when Flammie arrives.

At this point the song genuinely makes you feel like you’re about to face your worst nightmares and turn the other way. You can’t run at this point though, you’ve got to stand your ground and fight until your last breath.

The vibe of this song is mystical and certainly foreboding. Which makes for an awesome entry on this list(and probably a song you’ll listen to a few times in a row).

3. Fear of the Heavens

Fear of the Heavens is a song I really like since it’s the main title song for the game.

It resonates with many of us right away.

It has to be said that once you hear this song the mood setting for the game hits you instantly.

The Squaresoft logo appears in front of you followed by the sound of whales before the song really starts to kick in.

This is the type of song with a slower beginning before the momentum really start to explode as it progresses.

And this song could be considered as one of the most iconic among our list, as no matter where you are taking on a new quest in the game, this is the sound that you’ll hear playing first.

It’s one that fans of the game will instantly recognize.

2. Whisper and Mantra

A well-deserved spot at #2 is the track Whisper and Mantra, and it’s up there(almost tied) with my favorite Secret of Mana track.

The main instrument used in this song is a piano which absolutely makes this track perfect for RPG music.

The song appears in the Water Palace as the background music which gives it a mystical feel. It’s certainly a song that gets you in the mood for journeying a bit deeper.

1. Phantom and Rose

The final entry and my top pick is the background song that you hear once you reach the Kingdom of Pandora.

You will hear this song in the early stages of Secret of Mana and it has a beautiful tranquil feel to it that stands out among all of the other tracks in the game.

Phantom and a Rose plays and you get the feeling that you want to explore the town you’re in. Not rush around and have a chat with all the folk you find in the town, but really talk. Hang out.

Really get into your character’s role in the environment and just immerse yourself into the game. You might even get the urge to purchase some candy, and if you’ve played Secret of Mana recently you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

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