Best Mods For Shadowrun Returns (All Free)

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It isn’t often that we see tabletop games make their way to our screens in the form of video games.

Shadowrun Returns keeps the turn-based strategy play style even in video game form, making for a much more authentic tabletop experience.

Though the story isn’t nearly as long as most RPG’s nowadays, the level editor makes it possible to play through loads of different user content, infinitely expanding your playtime.

Here are some of the best mods you can get for Shadowrun Returns.


15. ULO Shadowrun Edition

ULO Shadowrun Edition Shadowrun Returns mod

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When it comes to graphics, Shadowrun Returns isn’t exactly anything to rave about.

The visuals aren’t lackluster either, especially since the completely hand drawn environments really bring the dystopian world to life at times.

Graphics were never really an important consideration with this type of game anyway… but that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to miss out on whatever upgrades we can get.

ULO Shadowrun Edition introduces a host of lighting and post-processing effects to liven up the visuals a bit, making for some more impressive mood and atmosphere overall.


14. Alternate Player Outfits

Alternate Player Outfits for Shadowrun Returns

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If you’re looking for a visual upgrade that’s a bit more noticeable, Alternate Player Outfits can give you exactly that.

Not only does it allow you to give your character a visual makeover, but you’ll get access to a variety of character customizations as well.

Included in the pack are 29 alternate versions of player outfits for you to mess around with.


13. Personalized Player Portraits

Personalized Player Portraits Shadowrun Returns mod

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Personalized Player Portraits is another way to expand on your character creation options, adding a long list of portraits to the game.

This mod packs quite a punch, adding 400 completely new portraits for you to choose from.

What’s even better is that the mod doesn’t remove any of the game’s original portraits. So you’ll still have those as options as well.

The portraits in the pack appear to fit pretty well with the overall theme, and throws in a couple of fun ones as well like Beavis from the MTV animated series.


12. Cybertech

Cybertech Shadowrun Returns mod screenshot

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If in case you’re looking for a more substantial mod pack to expand on the game’s vanilla content, there are a couple of options for that as well.

Muffintruck’s Cybertech mod is the first of those, adding quite a long list of cyberware implant options to what the game already has to offer.

For those who aren’t familiar, cyberware is usually how characters are upgraded in cyberpunk games.

Implanted technology can do anything from making your body stronger to giving you completely new abilities.

This mod covers all types of implants including arm and leg options, dermals, bone, and even vision upgrades.


11. Street Samurai Catalog

Street Samurai Catalog mod for Shadowrun Returns

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Tracker’s Street Samurai Catalog is another great choice, adding another set of 69 cyberware modifications you’ll be able to explore in the game.

What’s even more interesting is his additional content is based from actual upgrades found in the original pen-and-paper version of Shadowrun.

Tracker goes even further by adding in a total of 55 weapons found in the original tabletop version as well.

If you happen to be a fan of the original tabletop game, you’re not going to want to miss this one.


10. The Dead Man’s Switch Custom Version

The Dead Man’s Switch Custom Version mod

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As I mentioned earlier, the game’s built-in level editor makes it possible to play through completely custom user-created content.

This basically means that even after completing the vanilla story, you’ll have loads more to do once you start diving into some of the custom campaigns the community has to offer.

If you’re not quite ready to stray too far from the original, then you’re probably going to want to give this custom Dead Man’s Switch campaign a try.

The mod is essentially a modded version of Act 1 from the vanilla story, introducing a number of gameplay tweaks as well as other mods to make things a bit more interesting and challenging at the same time.


9. The Assault on Cesh Coran Labs

The Assault on Cesh Coran Labs Shadowrun Returns mod

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The Assault on Cesh Coran Labs is the first among the completely new campaigns we’re going to cover, as it’s a great place to start if you’re just about to get into playing mod campaigns.

The modder doesn’t give much away in terms of story.

But he recommends that you play with the same character you finished Dead Man’s Switch with.

What’s great here is that the entire story is already packed into one mod, so you won’t have to go back and forth just to get the complete package.


8. The Copycat Killer

The Copycat Killer in Shadowrun Returns

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This modded campaign follows a father who lost his daughter, and the mysterious return of a serial killer who has supposedly been dead for two years.

While the mod doesn’t introduce many original elements and remains to be linear for the most part, it’s another good option for first timers to get a better idea of what custom campaigns might look like.


7. A Stitch In Time

A Stitch In Time mod for Shadowrun Returns

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A Stitch In Time is one of the more popular custom campaigns for Shadowrun, as many in the community consider it to be one of the best out there.

This mod separates itself from some of the more story-driven campaigns by making gameplay more exciting.

This is achieved by throwing in a lot more fight sequences than you’d typically get in a Shadowrun playthrough. So if that’s something you enjoy then for sure check this out.

The campaign contains over 30 missions, side quests, and even new equipment, spells, and abilities, all adding up to over 12 hours of play time.


6. The Deep One

The Deep One Shadowrun Returns mod

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The Deep One is another custom campaign that has received raving reviews from the community, and has been said to be one of the most polished Shadowrun mods available.

The story begins one year after the events of Dead Man’s Switch. You’ve somehow found your way back to rock bottom and must devise a plan to get back on your feet.

The campaign comes with 34 scenes and even introduces diverging storylines, making for a much more dynamic playthrough than you’d expect from Shadowrun.

Plus the sandbox gameplay allows for much more freedom and exploration.


5. The Price of Conviction

The Price of Conviction Shadowrun Returns mod

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Like The Deep One, The Price of Conviction stays within Shadowrun lore. Except this time it switches the focuses to Sam’s sidekick Coyote to tell a completely different side of the story.

Depending on certain decisions you made in Dead Man’s Switch, The Price of Conviction continues Coyote’s quest to destroy BTL Industries.

The mod is much smaller compared to other custom campaigns.

But what makes this different is that it encourages replayability by allowing you to accomplish your objectives through different play styles.


4. Little Town – Episode 1 – The Avenue

Little Town - Episode 1 - The Avenue mod

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Many of the longer mod campaigns were released episodically, and Little Town is the first one we’re going over on the list.

Little Town completely changes the game’s setting – trading in the gritty Seattle streets for a story based in New York City instead.

The campaign isn’t related to the original Shadowrun lore, so you’ll be introduced to completely new characters as you play through it.

Little Town follows a non-linear play style as well. And with that, the decisions you make throughout the story will have different effects on the outcome.


3. Better Dayz

Better Dayz mod for Shadowrun Returns

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Better Dayz is another great option for those who wish to remain within Shadowrun’s original lore.

The campaign sees you towards the end of your shadowrunner days, which have made the prospect of a comfortable retirement a reality.

Of course, things take a turn for the worse when you’re contacted by a mysterious hacker only known as Mr. Kool.

The campaign comes with a great story with a good balance of seriousness and comedy. So don’t expect too much action with this one.

If you enjoy a more story-driven Shadowrun experience though, this one might be what you’re looking for.


2. KILL-CITY Detroit Non-Steam Rebuild

KILL-CITY Detroit Non-Steam Rebuild in Shadowrun Returns

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KILL-CITY Detroit takes the opposite approach, on the other hand, providing you with a much more action-packed Shadowrun experience.

The events of the campaign are centered around Old Detroit, where we don’t know much else other than that shit is going down tonight – and you are the one causing it.

The mod places a heavy focus on making combat more interesting – including the ability to control up to 8 runners at any given time.


1. From The Shadows

From The Shadows Shadowrun Returns mod

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From The Shadows is one of the most popular custom campaigns for Shadowrun, and the story has since been expanded into three separate acts.

The campaign follows another completely original storyline with new characters, so everything in the mod will feel fresh.

We’re not given much to go by here either, as all we know is that we’ll be uncovering the mystery of something called “Project Omen” throughout our playthrough.

But if you’re looking for an option that will allow you to dump loads of additional hours into Shadowrun, go ahead and try From The Shadows.

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