15 Best Shiny Fire-Type Pokémon From All Games

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Owning a shiny Pokémon – no matter which one it is – is a source of pride.

That said, it takes either massive luck or colossal effort (or cheating?) to add one of these alternate color schemes into your party.

And if you’re going to put in the hours needed to hunt yourself a shiny, you may as well choose a cool one.

If you’re partial to Fire-type ‘mons like me, then you have some pretty rad shiny creatures to choose from. Let’s take a look at some of the best out there.


15. Delphox

Shiny Delphox

Despite being called “Fox Pokémon” by the Pokédex, this Fire/Psychic-type looks more like some kind of Shinto priest, or even a shaman, thanks to its robe-looking fur.

Adding to the mystic aesthetic is their fiery “wand”, a stick on fire it uses to channel its powers.

Some say they can even see the future in the flames, like a priest of R’hllor in GoT.

While Delphox’s original bright colors look great, its shiny version sports a gray and purple fur coating with some deep red accents. This gives it a sinister aura more fitting of its overall design.


14. Alolan Marowak

Alolan Marowak Pokémon

Marowak has been very popular among fans ever since its first appearance in Pokémon Red & Blue.

And the recently-introduced Alolan variant made it even more appealing.

Known as the Bone Keeper Pokémon, this boss wears its mother’s skull on its head to feel protected by her. The Alolan variety takes it a step further and seems to practice some sort of spirit magic.

As a Fire/Ghost-type, it’s only fitting.

Alolan Marowak’s original all-black color palette is pretty cool. It goes well with the whole “shamanistic” look! But you can’t deny the appeal of the indigo-colored scales and black tummy of its shiny version.


13. Magcargo

Shiny Magcargo

Originally native to Johto and introduced in Gen II, Magcargo is a magma slug with a shell on its back made of thin volcanic rock – hence the Fire/Rock typing.

Magcargo’s original color is what you’d expect from that description: red-hot magma body with an obsidian shell.

Its shiny version flips the script by making its body a bright purple, and its shell a reddish hue. This has it looking like an amalgamation of molten jewels, and a sight to behold.

Magcargo can also have either the Magma Armor or Flame Body ability. Both great for hatching eggs faster, which can help with farming shiny Pokémon through international breeding.


12. Volcarona

Shiny Volcarona Fire-Type

Volcarona is known as the Sun Pokémon for its ability to light its scales on fire, and burn bright like our beloved star.

It can also scatter these fiery scales by flapping its wings, making it a genuine fire hazard.

This Bug/Fire-type has some fantastic colors in its standard form, for sure.

But I’m partial to its shiny version.

The shiny design has a violet-colored main body with some mustard accents and wings, which creates a nice contrast. It looks like a treasure you could find deep in the Egyptian pyramids – which is quite fitting, considering Volcarona can only be caught at Relic Castle.


11. Centiskorch

Shiny Centiskorch

One of the new cool gen 8 kids on the block is Centiskorch.

Well, it’s more like a “hot” kid on the block.

Known as the Radiator Pokémon, this Fire/Bug-type is famous for the stupidly high temperatures it can reach.

Whereas this Galar Pokémon’s original colors are mostly red all-over, the shiny version adds some contrast by making its back and little legs a steely blue color.


10. Emboar

Shiny Emboar

A Pokémon described by the Pokédex as the “Mega Fire Pig Pokémon”… I mean, it just has to be cool.

Emboar is a Fire/Fighting-type that’s part of Gen V’s starter crew. Or rather, the final evolution of it.

Since it’s one of the better fire starters, it’s pretty solid in combat. Meaning you’d actually get to show it off if you managed to score a shiny one.

Emboar’s primary colors are all pretty warm, as is fitting for a Fire starter – but its shiny couldn’t be more different.

Its actual skin seems to retain the same color. But most of its “clothes” change to an electric blue hue that’s just a pleasure to look at.

This contrasts greatly with its skin’s warm color. His fiery beard also turns purple, which is just bad-ass.


9. Ponyta

Shiny Ponyta

The classic fire horse Pokémon: a pure Fire-type that’s been around since the beginning.

With a light body and powerful legs, this pony can blaze through the fields at insane speeds. Since its shiny form has a blue fire mane, you may feel tempted to nickname your own shiny Ponyta “Sonic”.

You may be wondering why I went with Ponyta instead of Rapidash here, and the reason is simple. I love how Ponyta’s electric blue mane looks, but it changes to lilac once evolved.

That doesn’t look bad, but it’s just not as exciting.

If you’re digging the purple shiny look then this is the article you’d wanna read.


8. Camerupt

Shiny Camerupt

Camerupt may not be the most popular Pokémon of all time. But it’s actually pretty powerful – and if you don’t like its earthy color palette, you can try to get the shiny version.

When this Fire/Ground-type goes shiny it sports a black fur coat with bright yellow accents, much like the ones on Umbreon.

It looks like someone ran them both through the Pokémon Fusion Generator and that’s how we got the shiny sprite.

Am I onto something there?

Well Camerupt has been around since Gen III, but recently got some more love in the form of a Mega Evolution– which looks impressive in its shiny version as well.


7. Salazzle

Shiny Salazzle

Salazzle is one of those Pokémon that really puts the “Freak” in Game Freak.

I mean, a sultry female lizard that lures males in with pheromones and commands a reverse harem of simping Salandits?

It should be called the E-Girl Pokémon.

One way or another, this Poison/Fire-type has a killer design – and it looks just as good in its shiny form, which replaces the all-black scales for white ones. It actually looks a bit like the Light Fury from How to Train Your Dragon.


6. Baile Style Oricorio

Baile Style Oricorio Pokémon

I love Pokémon with multiple forms.

Oricorio is one of the coolest, as each of its forms is inspired by a different culture and their popular dances.

The Baile Style Oricorio mimics Spanish flamenco dancers, with its feathers taking on the look of a traditional frilly flamenco dress. These are usually red, but they can come in all colors – including black, much like Oricorio’s shiny version.

This Fire/Flying-type can shower its opponents in beautiful flames as it dances the night away.


5. Heatmor

Shiny Heatmor

Heatmor is a pretty intimidating critter. Not only can this anteater breathe fire, but it also looks like some steampunk creature with exhausts and piping all over its body.

The only thing that isn’t as menacing about this Fire-type is its color scheme, making it look like it’s wearing a bright-colored jumpsuit.

That is, unless you’re looking at the shiny version.

Shiny Heatmor replaces the bright colors for something much darker and far more dangerous-looking.

The darker colors with the bright red veins are reminiscent of flowing lava, and there’s nothing quite as bad-ass as lava (unless you’re Slugma, who’s simply adorable).


4. Primal Groudon

Shiny Primal Groudon

There’s usually no need to explain why a Legendary Pokémon is cool.

It’s Legendary, after all.

But why do I go for Primal Groudon instead of its standard form for this ranking?

Despite the average Groudon having much the same color palette in its normal and Primal forms, the shiny version changes things up completely.

Where shiny Groudon is a weird olive green, Primal Groudon’s shiny form gives it an all-black coat with golden accents. It looks way too cool to be true.

But you’ll also notice a small remnant of normal shiny Groudon’s olive color in Primal Groudon’s claws.


3. Chandelure

Shiny Chandelure

One of my favorite Pokémon in Gen V has to be Chandelure, a Ghost/Fire-type critter resembling a chandelier.

According to the Pokédex, these creatures were used by humans in olden times to light up their homes during the night. This must have made shiny Chandelure very popular at the time, since the color of their flames is a healthy red/orange like normal fire, rather than the ghostly blue of the common variety.

This Pokémon also has the Flame Body ability, making it ideal for hatching eggs faster when breeding shiny Pokémon through the Masuda Method.

So if you’re looking to hatch a shiny with the help of a shiny, then a shiny Chandelure is a go-to.


2. Ho-Oh

Shiny Ho-Oh

Known by Johto natives as the Guardian of the Skies, Ho-Oh is the patron Legendary of the region and the polar opposite to Lugia.

The Pokédex refers to Ho-Oh as the Rainbow Pokémon thanks to its multi-colored feathers. But this Fire/Flying-type can look dramatically different in its shiny form.

Shiny Ho-Oh has feathers the color of gold and silver – awfully appropriate considering it was introduced during the Pokémon Gold & Silver generation.

A truly incredible red-colored shiny, if you can somehow get your hands on one…


1. Charizard

Shiny Charizard

Charizard is one of the single most popular Pokémon in existence for a bunch of reasons.

Not only was it the coolest starter in the original games, but it plays a significant role in the anime series. And Game Freak has given it a lot of love throughout the years – as shown by its two Mega Evolutions.

Shiny Charizard’s scales are replaced by an all-black coat, while the inside of its wings become a dark red that’s oddly reminiscent of fresh blood.

A black and red dragon is simply every kid’s dream – and the appeal never entirely fades.

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